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Martin Barrett
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What Is XP In DataCamp

What Is XP In DataCamp?

When taking a course made by a team of experts through DataCamp, or any other learning platform, it’s important to be able to track your progress.

After all, knowing how well you are progressing can tell you whether you need to revise a certain topic, or simply spend more time overall on your coursework. 

As you may have heard, DataCamp does not provide students with grades, unlike the traditional school system. Instead, as you progress through your chosen data science courses in DataCamp, you will receive something called XP. How does XP help in DataCamp course learning?

Here is everything you need to know about XP points in DataCamp, including what it is and how it works!

DataCamp XP: What Is It? 

XP stands for ‘Experience Points’. You receive XP for completing exercises on your course. 

Because DataCamp does not have a grading system, XP will be your main reward for progressing on your course.

You won’t receive a higher amount of XP for completing a course, but you will receive other prizes, like a Statement of Accomplishment, which is downloadable and shareable to sites such as LinkedIn. 

XP will help you to keep track of how much you’ve been working on the course. Gaining more XP is a great way to ensure you participate more and complete your target course.

However, don’t worry if you struggle to translate your XP into productivity with exactitude – you’ll get an email every week from DataCamp with your accurate productivity percentile, which measures your work productivity compared to other DataCamp users. 

How To View Your XP In DataCamp

If you would like to see how many total XP you have earned on DataCamp, you can view your XP in My Learning Progress.

First, log in and access your DataCamp account. From here, you should be able to see your total XP in the top right-hand corner of your account homepage. Click on it, and a drop-down menu will open. (Check out our ‘DataCamp Review: Is It Right For You?‘)

You should see ‘My Learning Progress’ in this menu, and if you click on it, you’ll be able to see how many total XP you have earned per course topic, plus all of your completed projects and courses further down.

Alternatively, if you’re not interested in viewing your XP specifically, but would like to see how many courses you have completed and measure your progress that way, you need to go to your Account Homepage.

To get to this page, you’ll first need to log into your DataCamp account and scroll down the page until you reach ‘Courses in Progress’.

In this section, you should click on the tab labeled ‘Completed’, which shows you all the courses you have completed on DataCamp. 

The DataCamp XP Leaderboard 

Not only can you view your own XP on DataCamp, but it’s also possible to see how your XP compares to other participants’ XP on the DataCamp leaderboard. (See also ‘How To Get The Best Out Of Datacamp: 10 Tips‘)

As mentioned earlier, you will get an email each week with your productivity percentile, but this is not based solely on XP. The leaderboard, however, ranks the top users purely based on XP. 

The XP leaderboard on DataCamp shows 30 days’ worth of XP, and this information is updated approximately every 6 hours.

how does XP help in DataCamp

If you want to see the leaderboard over a larger time frame, you can adjust it to 60 days, for example, but it automatically ranks based on the past 30 days of activity. 

Bear in mind that the XP you can see on your account homepage may be different from what shows up on the leaderboard.

This could be because some of your XP is from practice sessions or projects, and this is not factored into your Export, although it does count on the leaderboard. 

Final Thoughts 

DataCamp uses XP to help users monitor their own progress and compare it to the productivity of other DataCamp students. 

You can view your total XP on your account homepage, and you can see your XP over the past 30 days displayed on the leaderboard. 

The rules say you can’t exchange XP for course content or subscriptions, nor can you disable XP or share XP between two accounts, but you can reset course progress and earn XP for a course again if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Disable XP In DataCamp? 

DataCamp doesn’t have the option to disable your XP. However, if you would like the opportunity to start a course again and earn XP for your progress, you can choose to reset your course progress.
This will reset your XP for that specific course. 

To do this, you can access the course you want to take again and click ‘View Chapter Details’. Next, choose any lesson and click on it before clicking ‘Course Outline’.This should give you the option to ‘Reset Course Progress’. 

Can You Lose XP On DataCamp? 

DataCamp XP can’t be lost once it’s been earned. However, there is one thing that will prevent you from earning XP on an exercise. Each exercise on DataCamp should come with a hint, which is basically a prompt to help you complete the exercise if you get stuck. 

These prompts don’t give you the answer entirely, but they give you some of the tools you need. The catch is that by clicking on the hint, you are sacrificing your ability to earn XP from completing that exercise. So, if you want to earn XP, you should try not to use the hints on course exercises unless you’re really stuck. 

Can I Transfer DataCamp XP Between 2 Accounts?

No, unfortunately, if you need to make a new account for whatever reason, you won’t be able to transfer your XP from one to the other or link the accounts to show the same XP. 

If you have created a new account accidentally (for example, by making an account with a new email address rather than resubscribing), you can fix this by changing the account email on the account with your XP and deleting the new account. 

In case you have already finished some courses on your new account, you can always download your certification before deleting it so that you still have proof of completion. 

What Is the DataCamp XP Learner Challenge?

The XP Learner Challenge is a chance to receive cash rewards in exchange for earning daily XP. 

This XP challenge opportunity only runs for 2 weeks out of the year, and you need to have a DataCamp account in order to take part, and you’ll also need to opt into promotional activity on DataCamp. 

Daily winners are announced every day during the Learner Challenge, and these winners are the users that earn the most XP that day.

The reward is a $500 prize. Note that you can only be a Daily Winner once, but you can still be eligible to be the Ultimate Winner at the end of the period if you are a Daily Winner. 

If you are the Ultimate Winner, which means you have had the highest XP in a single day during the competition period, you will win $1000

Can XP Be Used To Redeem Content On DataCamp?

XP in DataCamp is purely a measure of your progress, both individually and compared to other students on the platform. 

XP is a convenient way of calculating how much course content you have successfully completed, but there is no other way to use XP.

This means that you can’t exchange XP for any kind of content on DataCamp, including course content or subscriptions