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Martin Barrett
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How To Cancel A Datacamp Subscription

How To Cancel A Datacamp Subscription?

Online education is a commonplace and important tool in modern times, allowing those with other commitments and business interests to learn at their own pace, and improve the skills they have with concise and useful courses. 

One such example is Datacamp, one of the leaders of business-focused online education in the marketplace. But what happens if the system is not for you, and how easy is it to cancel your subscription? Find out how to cancel Datacamp subscription below!

What Is Datacamp? 

Datacamp is an online education platform with a specific focus on data reading, data analysis, and data management – with the specific intention of turning that understanding of business data into improved business performance down the line. 

This is mainly aimed at up-and-coming businesses, or individuals who are embarking on a self-employment venture, and who might need more training and knowledge relating to business. 

Why Is Data Important?

Especially when it comes to online business activities, data is incredibly important for many reasons. 

Firstly, understanding your data means understanding how your business is doing, not to mention how people perceive and interact with your business.

This could relate to views, sales, interactions of some kind, or even just general traffic, and all of these are really important statistics to gauge which areas are doing well, and which ones need more work. 

Once you know this, you can then make necessary changes and adjustments, monitor further data, and then await any improvements there might be. 

Knowing this information really is the name of the game when it comes to online business, and failure to take heed of what is happening could translate to the failure of your business down the line. 

How Much Is A Datacamp Subscription? 

When it comes to Datacamp, there are several packages that interested parties can choose from. 


Like many online education programs, Datacamp runs a free, basic package that comes with minimal features, and allows potential monthly subscribers to dip their toes in the water and see whether the program will be for them. (Check out ‘How To Get The Best Out Of Datacamp: 10 Tips‘)

The package includes every first chapter free of charge, a free professional profile and job access board, as well as an upgrade to earn certificates. 


The next tier in the pricing plan is premium, which generally costs $25 as a monthly subscription – but is subject to regular price drops for first-time customers. (See also ‘How Long Does Datacamp Take To Complete?‘)

With this package, users get access to premium content like the full content library, all certificates and projects, the full experience, the company’s top programs (Python, SQL, Tableau, Power BI, and R), and numerous ways to learn code. 


A similar package, albeit one aimed at teams of users, is the ‘teams’ package, which costs the same price of $25 dollars. 

This includes the premium plus features, which allow you to manage your team, view learning activities, track progress, and grant access to licensing management tools. 


Finally, we have the ‘Enterprise’ package.

This has no fixed price, and depends on the needs of the specific company that wants to use it, and includes everything in Teams Plus, as well as personalized and adaptive learning paths for employees, advanced analytics and reporting integrations, and LMS/LXP integrations. 

Those companies who are interested are encouraged to contact the Datacamp sales team for a price centered on their specific company needs. 

Can You Cancel A Subscription? 

What’s more, if you have signed up for Datacamp, but find that the service isn’t right for you, then you are able to cancel your active subscription and cease using the package at your earliest convenience. 

How To Cancel Datacamp Subscription? 

If you do indeed want to cancel your Datacamp subscription, then the process couldn’t be easier. 

The first thing you need to do is to go to Datacamp’s landing page, select your account page on the top right corner, and then click on ‘account settings’. 

Once you have accessed account settings, you then need to select ‘subscriptions’, followed by ‘manage subscription’. This will give you the option to pause your subscription payment (for monthly plans), or will give you the option to ‘continue to cancel’. 

To cancel your account, select ‘continue to cancel’, and then you are all done.

Note: While you will still have access to all the features you have paid for during the current subscription period – the month you have paid for – these features will no longer be available once the remaining month has elapsed, and as such it is important to ensure you have gotten everything you need from Datacamp before doing so. 

Can You Subscribe Again?

The good thing is that, just because you have canceled your subscription, you still have access to your account, as well as the information you have got on there. 

How to cancel Datacamp subscription

This means that you are more than able to subscribe again in the future should you ever need the services again. 

Do You Lose Course Information? 

One of the good things about Datacamp is that, even when you have canceled your subscription, you do not lose any of your progress on your paid courses, meaning you are more than able to continue should you ever wish to subscribe once more. 

Why Might People Cancel Their Subscriptions? 

Of course, there are many reasons why people might choose to cancel their subscription plan and automatic billing with Datacamp, and very much depend on the needs of the individual. 

Lack Of Funds

Firstly, as any new business owner will know, starting a new endeavor can be financially draining, which means that money could become tight during this initial period. 

This means that you could potentially need to cancel your Datacamp monthly or yearly subscription to focus your remaining money on your living costs and the business. 

Lack Of Interest

You might also have a lack of interest in the course content, and as a result, decide that it is no longer for you. 

Alternatively, your business idea could be shelved due to financial reasons, ill health, or other conflicts, and as such the expense of the course might no longer be viable or necessary. 

Not Useful

One of the main things to remember about Datacamp is that it is more closely suited to beginners within the data industry, and as such those who’re more skilled might not get the same degree of usefulness from it. 

This is enough for them to cancel their subscriptions and look elsewhere to get training in the skills they need – after all,  why would they waste their money on something that isn’t benefiting them and their business? 

Luckily, there are numerous online learning platforms to choose from!

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Datacamp, what they offer, and the best ways to get out of a subscription if you find that it isn’t for you. 

It’s true that Datacamp can certainly be useful in the right hands, providing a much-needed helping hand for those looking to get to grips with data management and improve their business (or indeed get it off the ground). 

However, if you are not finding it useful, then be sure to save your hard-earned money, and follow this handy guide!