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How to Unblur Course Hero

Guide About How To Unblur Course Hero (Updated)

Course Hero is a fantastic resource used by students all around the world to assist with their studies.

Whether it’s out-of-class access to the course to upload documents or quizzes to test knowledge at the end of a module, Course Hero has everything students need to facilitate their learning from home.

With that being said, Course Hero isn’t a free resource, which means that students wishing to use the service must pay a subscription fee of anywhere between $10 and $40, depending on what features they want access to.

You should have a Course Hero premier subscription, a lot of the content on Course Hero remains inaccessible and is blurred out on the screen, which is frustrating for students who can’t necessarily afford to pay for a subscription.

Luckily, there are some tricks of the trade for unblurring Course Hero content, unlocking the door to essential course materials without the prohibitive cost.

If you want to learn how to free unlock blurred content on Course Hero, keep reading! We’re going to be sharing some of the best methods to unblur Course Hero resources and keep your studies on track!

Unblurring Course Hero With A Free Account

Later on in this guide, we’ll be sharing ways to use apps and browser tools for unblurring Course Hero answers and resources in Course Hero.

However, before you go ahead and download any apps, it’s worth seeing whether you can make do with the free Course Hero unblurring strategies available with a free account.

To start with, simply create a free account on Course Hero. This takes moments and just requires you to input your email address and create a password.

Once you have entered Course Hero using your free account, you’ll notice that a lot of resources appear blurred.

This is because they aren’t included with the free account. However, don’t panic and pay for a subscription straight away because there are a few ways of free unlocks these resources without paying.

Share 10 Documents

The first thing you might want to try if you want to unlock blurred resources on Course Hero is sharing some documents of your own.

Remember, Course Hero is a platform for sharing course resources, which means that in addition to benefiting from other students’ materials, you can contribute your own.

In fact, Course Hero encourages site users to share their own resources with others, hence this useful unblurring trick: every 10 documents you upload and share on Course Hero will get you access to 5 previously blurred resources.

To use this function on Course Hero, the easiest method is simply clicking on the blurred resource you want to unblur (you’ll need to be logged into your account).

You should see a pink button with the words ‘get access’. Once you click on that button, a page should open with another, larger pink button reading ‘view full document’.

Of course, at this point, you won’t have uploaded your own resources, so this won’t unblock the one Course Hero document just yet. Instead, you will need to click on the pink button on the next pop-up, which reads ‘continue to access’.

You’ll then be presented with the annual, quarterly, and monthly subscription options, and underneath those, you’ll see the words ‘or, upload your study documents to get access’.

Select this, open ‘desktop’ and find the 10 documents you would like to share. Once you’ve uploaded these, you should get access to your chosen resource as well as 4 other resources.

Bear in mind that the document processing period for Course Hero can take up to 24 hours.

Your uploaded documents must be original (they can’t have been uploaded by someone else already). If your documents are duplicates, they will be declined.

Design Revision Resources

The main resources for active (as opposed to passive) revision you’ll find on Course Hero are quizzes.

You can take quizzes yourself on Course Hero to consolidate knowledge from your studies and find areas where you need to improve.

However, you can also design quizzes yourself for other people to take, and when you do so, you’ll be able to unblur content that wouldn’t usually be included with your free Course Hero account.

Making a quiz on Course Hero is something you’ll have to do after you have already unlocked some resources by uploading your own documents.

That’s because you can’t start creating quizzes on Course Hero until you have unblurred a minimum of 3 documents.

If you don’t want to upload your own material to Course Hero yet, though, there is one more hack you can try using your free account to get access to more resources.

Rate Others’ Materials

Although many documents on Course Hero are restricted for those who only have free accounts, some documents will be unblurred from the start. If you review or rate enough of these documents, you can unlock more resources.

User reviews of documents and resources are really important for Course Hero because they help students to prioritize accurate and effective study materials.

Without reviews, students might not be able to identify potentially incorrect information and might rely on inaccurate resources for their revision, which could impact their grades.

When you review materials on Course Hero, you’ll be helping other students to get the most out of their study time, and you’ll be rewarded for doing so.

For every 5 documents you assess, you can unblur a resource. If you rate 10 different documents, you can unblur 2 resources, and so on.

If you don’t have any of your own resources to share, this Course Hero unblurring method is a great alternative.

Using Course Hero++ To Unblur Content

How to Unblur Course Hero

Assuming that you don’t have any more documents to share on Course Hero and you don’t have time to sit and rate dozens of study materials to access the resources you need, there’s another way to unblur Course Hero content without paying for it.

There are several apps online that claim to allow Course Hero users to unblur restricted content without a subscription.

However, we haven’t personally tested and reviewed all of the app options out there, and we don’t recommend downloading any apps without first doing thorough research into the creators and technology.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam apps out there that can install malware onto your device or use your data improperly.

One app we have tried out, through is Course Hero++, and we can confirm that it works some of the time, although it doesn’t work for every single user.

If you’re using an iPhone, disengage low power mode through ‘battery’ in the settings menu before opening the ‘general’ settings menu and click on ‘background app refresh’.

Once you’ve entered this menu, you should be faced with 3 options: ‘off’, ‘Wi-Fi’, and ‘Wifi & Mobile Data’. The last option is the one you should select.

Once you’ve done this, open your browser of choice and type ‘’ into the search bar. This page should have its own search bar, and the quickest way to find Course Hero++ is to search for it there.

At this point, all you need to do is press ‘get’ and choose the option to add the app to your homescreen.

You can also download Course Hero++ onto an IOS or Android device, and the process is largely the same except that you can skip the ‘background app refresh stage’ and go straight into your browser after making sure that power saving mode is off.

Having downloaded the app, you may find that you are able to unblur restricted content in Course Hero, although, again, some users find that it doesn’t work for them.

If you only use Course Hero on your phone (for instance, if you don’t have a PC) then your only options are either the free account unlocking methods or this app.

However, if you are able to access Course Hero on your PC, there is one last thing you can try to unblur resources on the platform.

Chrome’s ‘Inspect’ Tool For Course Hero

Assuming that you use Google Chrome as your browser on your PC, there is a way of unblurring restricted materials on Course Hero without doing the hard work of uploading, creating, or reviewing resources.

This method is also more reliable than Course Hero++ assuming that you have access to a PC.

Google Chrome has a tool called ‘Inspect’ that you can use to unblur blurred Course Hero documents on Course Hero site and other websites where some content isn’t visible.

To use the ‘inspect’ tool on Chrome to view restricted Course Hero resources, start by opening Google Chrome and going to the Course Hero website.

Find a blurred document that you’d like to access and hover over it with the cursor. Then, right-click on the document and look down the options until you find ‘inspect’.

When you click on ‘inspect’, you should get some more options, out of which you’ll want to choose ‘sources’. This should open a list of files. The correct one is ‘doc-asset’. Clicking on this file should open up a new page.

Find the url at the top of the new page. Towards the end, you should see a section that reads ‘-html-bg-jpg’. Select only the ‘-html-bg’ part, leaving the ‘-jpg’ unhighlighted, and click backspace to delete it.

You can now press the enter key on your keyboard, which will open up a new page with half of the document now unblurred.

However, the bottom half of the document will still be blurred, so you’ll need to take a few extra steps to unblur it.

Look through the ul a second time. This time, you’re looking for a section of text that sas ‘split-0’. Delete the 0 and put a ‘1’ in its place.

Once you hit enter, the second half of the document should be unblurred, although the first half will be blurred again, so note down anything you need from the first half of the resource first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth Paying For Course Hero?

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to unblur restricted content from a free account in Course Hero.

However, if this all sounds like a lot of effort, you might be wondering whether it’s worth simply paying for a Course Hero subscription.

Course Hero is a valuable online resource for students, so if you’re looking for a place to easily find millions of resources to support your studies, we think it’s worth paying under $20 per month (under $10 if you choose the annual subscription) for this service.

However, we recommend sticking to Course Hero resources that have lots of positive reviews since not all Course Hero documents uploaded by students will contain accurate information.

Is Using Course Hero Considered Cheating?

No, using Course Hero to find resources to support your learning is not generally considered cheating.

Using Course Hero would only be cheating if you submitted someone else’s work as your own or relied on Course Hero documents during a closed-book assessment.

As long as your use of Course Hero doesn’t constitute an unfair advantage per your institution’s policies, it’s fair game.

Does Course Hero Provide Unlimited Free Unlocks?

Course Hero free unlocks are limited, which is why some students prefer to use an app or Chrome’s ‘inspect’ tool to unlock resources rather than the usual methods.

Unblurred Course Hero documents obtained by uploading resources, for example, expire after 30 days, and you can only unblur 30 resources every month.

Final Thoughts

Course Hero is a great resource for students of all subjects and all education levels, but unless you’re willing to pay for a subscription, you’ll need to be smart about unblurring some restricted resources with your free Course Hero account.

You can get access to blurred resources on Course Hero by uploading your own material, making quizzes for others to test themselves, or rating documents uploaded by other users.

Alternatively, you can try downloading an app like Course Hero++ or simply using the ‘inspect’ function in Google Chrome.

When using the standard unlocking methods with a Course Hero free account, you’ll be limited to 30 unlocks per month, lasting for 30 days. See also “Can You Cancel Course Hero?” for more.

We hope that you liked our guide about How to unblur course hero and now you will know how to do this!

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