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How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium?

When unemployment levels are moderate to high throughout the world, job seekers look for any means to support their quest to find employment.

Likewise, employers search for the best candidates to fill work positions.

LinkedIn Premium offers help to job seekers and employers, but what does this platform offer, and what are its pros and cons?

Similarly, when does LinkedIn Premium lose its appeal for those seeking assistance, and how do you cancel LinkedIn Premium?

The answers to many basic questions can be found in this three-minute read.

What does LinkedIn premium offer?

Premium Linkedin

Before looking at how to cancel LinkedIn Premium, find out what this service can offer job hunters and recruiters.

LinkedIn Premium is a massive social media platform that caters to finding work, identifying appropriate new employees, and attracting new business clients.

The platform is free to register an account, open a profile and capture your resume for potential employers to view as needed.

Beyond the free use of this social media career-focused platform are the paid subscriptions.

Subscribers can choose between four plans to promote their interests. Paid subscriptions include:

  • Premium Career
  • Premium Business
  • Sales Navigator
  • Recruiter Lite

1. Premium Career

This subscription option costs around $29.99 monthly and is ideal for job seekers who want exposure to recruiters.

The features of this basic plan include:

  • Three InMail message credits.
  • Comparing your profile against those of other job applicants when applying for the same job.
  • Free resources to aid with interview and recruitment processes.

2. Premium Business

A Premium Business subscription will cost you around $47.99 every month.

The site recommends this plan for business owners and those in development roles who want to identify possible partners to grow their brands.

The features of this plan include:

  • Fifteen InMail message credits.
  • Resources that provide information about existing business pages on the platform.
  • A feature that allows you to see people profiles in unlimited numbers when exploring opportunities.

3. Sales Navigator

Anyone in the business of selling should try the Sales Navigator plan, which costs in the region of $64.99 monthly.

The Sales Navigator plan supports lead generation and sales, making it a valuable technique for business growth.

What you get in the plan:

  • Twenty InMail message credits.
  • Information and leads about potentially beneficial accounts to help build your sales.
  • A list-building feature on the platform to develop leads by following site recommendations.

4. Recruiter Lite

Recruiter Lite is the costliest plan on the site at approximately $99.95 for a monthly subscription.

This plan is ideal for recruiters wanting to source new talent and includes the following features:

  • Thirty InMail message credits.
  • Advanced search features with filters to narrow potential recruits that are limitless.
  • The best candidate recommendations for job roles.

All LinkedIn members can source a free trial period to Linked Premium.

All subscription members have access to the platform’s extensive library of resources through LinkedIn Learning certificates, and subscribers get to see how many views their profiles attract, rather than being limited to viewing the minimum number on free accounts.

The next step is to consider the pros and cons of this platform before deciding to cancel LinkedIn Premium (see also ‘Are LinkedIn Certifications Worth It?‘) (see also ‘Are LinkedIn Certifications Worth It?‘).

LinkedIn Premium pros and cons

Pros Cons

LinkedIn Premium comes with its own collection of pros and cons.

Read through this list to check whether you really want to cancel LinkedIn Premium or if you can still derive benefits from your subscription.


  • Millions of LinkedIn Premium users are confident in the value that this platform delivers.
  • The subscription options are versatile, catering to a broad range of user needs.
  • You are not locked into this service and can cancel LinkedIn Premium whenever it suits your requirements.
  • Paid subscriptions come with various features to benefit job seekers, recruiters, and those seeking business leads or partners.


  • Several other platforms offer the opportunity to follow up with employers, business connections, and career-related resources. It is worth exploring your options regarding similar media to boost careers.
  • LinkedIn Premium doesn’t work for everyone and is essentially only beneficial when searching for new employment, employees, leads, and partners. Beyond these factors, you can probably live without LinkedIn’s extras.
  • If you don’t want or use the LinkedIn Premium features, then it is pointless to burden yourself with the cost of a monthly subscription that doesn’t add value to your life or company.

If you’ve been paying for LinkedIn Premium for a while without tangible results, it may be time to consider canceling your subscription.

When is LinkedIn Premium not for me anymore?


If you have a LinkedIn Premium subscription just because someone said it was beneficial, it might be time to cancel.

When you only spend a few minutes using the subscription resources every month, you probably no longer need this account.

Unless you actively use your account and update your details, this subscription wastes money. Also, if you aren’t building a professional network that can boost your LinkedIn career, a subscription is useless.

Some professionals claim that the LinkedIn platform supports superficial bluster. When your contact list is extensive but yields few to zero results, paying a monthly subscription is simply enriching someone else at your expense.

It’s the right time to cancel LinkedIn Premium when its resources are of no use.

Canceling LinkedIn Premium

Canceling Linkedin Premium

You can cancel LinkedIn Premium in two ways, depending on how you pay for your subscriptions.

Either use your web browser or iPhone to cancel your subscription by following these straightforward steps.

Browser cancellation process

  • Go to your LinkedIn account using your browser.
  • Select ‘Me’ toward the right, top side of the screen to access ‘My Premium’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Navigate to the settings and select ‘cancel subscription’ in the ‘Manage Premium account’ section.
  • Select “Continue to cancel.”

Cancel LinkedIn Premium on your iPhone.

It is impossible to cancel your LinkedIn Premium account (see also ‘How To Unsubscribe From Linkedin Premium‘) from an app on your phone unless you made your subscription purchase through iTunes.

  • Activate the settings app and choose your name at the top of the phone screen.
  • Select the ‘iTunes and App Store.’
  • Go to settings and select the iTunes section.
  • Choose your Apple ID, which is at the top of the screen to ‘View Apple ID,’ and type in your login details.
  • Select ‘subscriptions.’
  • Choose LinkedIn Premium and ‘cancel subscription’ followed by confirmation of your choice.

You have successfully canceled your LinkedIn Premium.



LinkedIn Premium offers excellent features and benefits for anyone in the job market or business who wants help growing their interests.

If your subscription doesn’t deliver results for whatever reason, it is probably time to cancel LinkedIn Premium.

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