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Layla Acharya
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How To Add Resume To LinkedIn

How To Add Resume To LinkedIn?

Your resume is your business calling card to tell people what you can offer before getting that interview.

How to add resume to LinkedIn is the second essential element in marketing yourself and why you can add value to a work role.

As your career path changes, you need to include these updates in your LinkedIn resume.

This guideline describes what you must do to present a positive front to recruiters before anyone can appoint you to a prime role in the employment arena.

The Importance Of A Good Resume

Resume Importance

Your resume is vital to ‘putting your best foot forward,’ but how do you create a memorable first impression with a resume, and how do you add a resume file to LinkedIn?

The answer involves the inclusion of elements that tell recruiters who you are as a person. Other resume elements showcase your qualifications and experience, whether you’re a team player or prefer to work autonomously.

What should you include in your resume?

  • Your ability to communicate
  • Openness and adaptability
  • Creativity and cognitive ability
  • Diversity experience
  • Attitude
  • Work ethic
  • Willingness to grow
  • Integrity
  • Team spirit
  • Community values

You can reflect your ability to communicate effectively with simple statements such as public speaking, team leadership roles, joining Toastmasters, and the like.

Openness and adaptability mean providing evidence of innovative ideas and changes that you have suggested or applied in the workspace or elsewhere.

Creativity and cognitive ability refer to new approaches to problem-solving and adding examples to your resume.

Diversity experience involves working with diverse cultures and including a statement in your resume that proves this.

Attitude requires a positive ‘can do’ attitude, which you can claim in resume statements that use language like ‘my experience in this team has been enlightening.’

Another language usage that reinforces a positive attitude can state, ‘Working on this customer account was my best growth opportunity in my career to date.’

Work ethic involves a commitment to your company, colleagues, and duties. This commitment can be expressed in the form of ‘I have copied and posted the company values on the wall in my office to remind myself daily why I do this work.’

You can demonstrate a willingness to grow by including all qualifications, certificates, and other personal and career growth proof on your resume, including hobbies.

Integrity reflects personal values, which you can express as being top of the list for a temporary acting manager role when the boss is out of the office for lengthy periods.

Team spirit shows a willingness to collaborate alongside colleagues. You can show your team spirit with a readiness to organize office events or arrange meetings outside your role in the absence of a colleague’s duties.

Community values reflect a charitable spirit that involves sacrificing your time.

Do you volunteer for work at a local shelter, retirement home, or for animals in need?

If you have ever organized fundraising for charities, you should add this to your resume.

Now that you have the basis of vital elements, it is time to move to how to add a resume to LinkedIn.

How To Add Resume To LinkedIn

How To

LinkedIn is the premium social media platform for professionals and job seekers who want to build their network and land a new job.

You need to upload your resume directly to your account to create visibility for yourself in the labor market.

You should also consider this tactic for future job applications which always want to know that prospective candidate profiles are available on this platform.

Loading your resume on LinkedIn essentially improves your credibility, which is a big plus point for potential recruiters.

Assuming you have a LinkedIn profile page and haven’t yet captured a resume, you can follow these steps for how to add resume to LinkedIn:

Step 1

Navigate to your name on the left of the screen and click on this.

Step 2

Select ‘More’ below your name and click on ‘Build a resume’ from the dropdown list.

Step 3

Upload your resume from where you store it and use this resume to apply for a job opening when you find a job description you like. Alternatively, you can use the same resume you create on your profile to apply for a job.

Step 4

Select ‘Next’ to apply for a job after completing the ‘Job title’ section, which you add from the dropdown list provided.

When exploring how to add resume to LinkedIn, be sure that your document is in one of the following formats:

  • pdf
  • doc
  • docx
  • odt
  • rtf
  • txt

Another option on how to add a resume to LinkedIn is to go to your name on the left of the screen after logging into your LinkedIn account. Click on your name to get to the ‘About’ section.

Use the pencil editing icon to the right of the ‘About’ section and tell potential recruiters more about yourself.

Once you’ve added pertinent keywords in this description, navigate below to the ‘Experience’ section, followed by ‘Education.’

Fill in the next section entitled ‘Skills and Endorsements,’ and then complete your online resume by filling in the ‘Recommendations,’ ‘Accomplishments,’ and ‘Interests.’

You can use the second option to present your resume to the world but remember to customize the first upload option for each job application process.

Also, remember to include vital keywords in each resume change to ensure you target the proper attention of potential hiring managers.

The second option on how to add a resume to LinkedIn is a more permanent solution than the first, which is the one that you should alter for each job application.

Making changes to your LinkedIn resume is as simple as uploading it to this platform.

Making Changes To Your Resume

Linkedin Resume

You can follow the process above (the first option is to add a resume to LinkedIn) and make changes to the original resume for every job posting that you wish to apply for or change the ‘permanent’ option on your profile.

Option 1 Editing

Navigate to your profile, select the link under your image on the left of the screen, or choose ‘Me’ at the top right of the screen and click on ‘View profile.’

Select ‘More’ under your image and ‘Build a resume.’

Click on the three full stops (ellipsis) to the right of the resume uploaded on the site. Choose ‘edit’ from the dropdown list to make changes to the existing resume.

Alternatively, make changes to the resume stored on your PC and upload a new document to LinkedIn.

Option 2 Editing

Apply the steps in the earlier section on how to upload a custom resume to LinkedIn by selecting the pencil icon in each area to make changes to your online resume. 



How to upload resume to LinkedIn is simple when you have help.

Sharing your resume with potential employers is slightly more difficult if you want to customize it for each application.

If not, then use your existing resume for each application in your job search, and always remember to pepper it with keywords that appeal to the right people.