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Best Teachable Company Courses

Best Teachable Company Courses You Can Try Today

Teachable course sites are very different depending on the way in which you set them up.

Depending on what you are hoping to teach, the features that you want to include, and who your target audience is, your teachable site will be set up in a different way.

When you are creating your online school, whether you are looking for courses to improve your company or other examples, you will not need to reinvent the way that the courses look. It’s easy to convert knowledge into a profitable online course.

Instead, you will just need to choose from one of the Teachable best selling courses available.

This list explores the Teachable best selling courses for your company that will help to inspire you! Read on for more information.

What Is Teachable?

Teachable is an online learning platform that allows you to upload and create online courses for students to access.

This program benefits both the students who are participating in the courses and those who are creating the courses.

The courses on this site all need to be very well structured and organized, and they will need to have a lot of information in them in order to be sold to students.

Once they have paid for the first course, students will have access to all of the classes and resources that the course comes with. (Check out ‘Is Teachable Worth It? – Teachable Coupon Review.‘)

These classes will often be accessible from different devices and they will have the chance to attend the classes whenever they want to.

Best Company Courses On Teachable

Excel Exposure

teachable best selling courses

Excel exposure is a great site that is filled with resources that will teach you a lot about Excel. It sells a paid course that was hosted by the teachable site.

This site contains a free course that is hosted on the main website. This is delivered through WordPress and through using Youtube videos.

The premium course on this site contains five different modules, and the first of these 5 modules is available for free.

Ben Currier is the creator of this site. He has done a great job to make the site accessible and easy to use.

There are lots of different types of content in one lesson and you will find that these lessons are available in text, images, and videos.

In Currier’s lessons on this course, you are able to ask live questions and give lots of feedback.

The course builder that is provided by Teachable supports cloud importing and bulk importing.

Michael Hyatt

Courses by Michael Hyatt are great for the company. This is because they focus on goal-setting and productivity. These courses are by an American author named Michael Hyatt.

The full focus academy by Hyatt was built on the teachable site and it hosts multiple courses.

Michael Hyatt is known for his self-help books that are based on productivity and setting goals.

He has multiple courses on Teachable and they are great for setting goals and encouraging you to become more productive in your work.

The most expensive course that he offers is one that costs $2700 and it is usually paid for through Teachable.


StationX is a program that will likely help your company courses. It is a cyber security training provider. It uses Teachable to run the schools online.

StationX offers different bundles which means that you can make the most of courses to suit you.

You can opt to use subscriptions for your membership with StationX. You can even opt for lifetime access to these courses if this is what suits you best.

StationX is a great model and on the site you will find dozens of courses from lots of different instructors.

They are able to offer a great array of courses on their platform which are all great and Teachable has allowed them to have an array of different instructors on their site. It is easy to share revenue in this way.

This site has all of the different reporting tools that allow you to calculate the revenue share. As well as this, it will pay them out automatically. Station X’s own course website is customized to suit them too.



Editage is another great course on Teachable for you to try out. It is a service provider that will help those who want to get their papers published to do so in reputed journals.

It helps with research papers for scholars who want their work published.

The site provides editing, publication support and they will also help to promote your research.

The courses and the online school were built on Teachable. On this, 30 instructors teach over 100 courses online.

There are unlimited students and courses on all of these courses which is a great advantage as it allows word to spread quickly.

This site also uses Teachables checkout options. You can use PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and cards to pay for the courses. Teachable will also take care of all tax collections during checkout.

This is something that is great about Teachable. It is great for building online schools rather than just selling one off courses.

Every Tuesday

Every Tuesday is a great set of courses for you to try today. It is a resource library for graphic designers. They sell courses on Teachable, but they also sell digital products through the main site.

There is a page that you will find on WordPress that explores all of the different courses that are built on Teachable.

On this site on Teachable, when a learner clicks on a course they will then be directed to an individual Teachable sales page where they can purchase the courses on Teachable.

There are multiple uses of this example on different platforms, and they have the same courses available on the similar site SkillShare.

Every Tuesday still owns the content and so you are able to put the courses and information on Udemy and Skillshare as well as on the site that uses Teachable.

Email List Academy

This is a great online course that will help companies to improve their engagement and grow their email list.

It is a very extensive program with courses that are fairly high-priced. The prices start at $497 and they include several different bonuses.

The course is hosted on Teachable but you will find the site for Email List Academy on WordPress. When you purchase the course, you will find the checkout information on a separate site.

When you have successfully purchased the course you will be added to it and the course will be hosted through Teachable.

This course will teach you lots of tools that are needed for sales and marketing of your company. For this site, you will only see Teachable pop up when it comes to hosting and delivery.

Admiral Markets


Admiral Markets is a great trading platform that uses Teachable to host their courses. They provide a course on trading that lasts 21 days.

This example is slightly different from the others on the list as the course content won’t be available immediately when you sign up for the site. Instead, you will take one module each day for 21 days.

Most of the other courses are just all given to you at once, allowing you to take the course at your own pace.

Another unique thing about this course is that it is free, meaning that if you create an account, anyone can access it.

You are able to create free courses on Teachable, and all you will need to do is ensure that you have signed up and created the course.

It is great if you want to create some free courses for your company, or you want to support your products or services.

If you’re looking to create free courses, have a look on the site to find out how to do this.

Buyers Guide


It is important that when you are signing up for an online course, you ensure that there is good communication between the student and the teacher.

It is important that when you are taking courses like this online, you are able to discuss any questions and queries with your teacher.

This is essential for good courses and it means that you will have open communication with those taking the course and with Teachable you will have this level of communication with your teachers.

They will provide you with great communication which supports you when you need it and ensures that you are on the right track with your learning.

Between the teacher and the student, it is important that there is communication to allow you to make the most of the courses.

Variation Of Courses

Teachable provides a large number of courses in lots of different areas.

These are great for any company to use, whether they are looking to provide courses for people to take part in on their company site, or training for their company. These courses range a lot, including the following:

Photography Courses

Teachable work with a lot of different photography companies. There are lots of courses on photoshop and some other interesting courses to take.

The variation here is where Teachable sets itself aside from lots of other online courses.

You can take part in Youtube Prenuer, Real Estate Video Pro, and many other courses. These courses give you lots of information on the world of Youtube.


There are plenty of great art courses on Teachable. They will bring you plenty of new skills and allow you to enjoy learning how to develop any skills you have.

This is great for certain businesses as they are great at promoting certain things.

There are companies that offer calligraphy courses that use Teachable to create these courses, so if this is something your company does it is great to use Teachable for this.

Business Courses

There are lots of different online business courses available. They can help you to run your business and encourage you to develop your skills in order to start earning more money.


You will find that you have to pay for some of the courses that you find on Teachable, as well as paying to create these courses. You are likely to get a lot of great results from Teachable so it will definitely be worth the small cost.

You will have the chance as a business to choose from three different types of plans on Teachable.

These are a basic plan, a professional plan, and a business plan. You are able to find out if this is beneficial to you by taking part in the 14-day trial which will determine whether it is worth the cost for you.

During this time you will not need to pay anything toward the cost. You can then decide after the 14 days whether you want to go ahead with the plan.

Customer Service

Good customer service is essential for sites like this whether you are using the courses or designing the courses.

The system behind Teachable in terms of customer service is excellent. If you have any questions throughout or any complaints you will be able to reach them very easily.

You have the chance to log a ticket or participate in a live chat. You will hear back within one day if you log a ticket.

Teachers are always happy to help and they are keen to ensure that the system runs smoothly.

There are excellent question-and-answer pages available on the site to encourage you to look into the details and you will often find that your questions will be answered on this site.

This means you won’t feel the need to contact them in a lot of cases.

Pros Of Using Teachable

There are lots of positives to using Teachable. The site is very useful for lots of companies and there are lots of courses on the site for you to try out.

One pro of using Teachable is that it is very easy to teach your existing audience using the site. It is easy to control the students on the site and you will have access to the progress of each student.

This will help you to guide your students if they need help, too. You will have the chance to ensure that they are getting the most from their courses.

As well as this, Teachable is very easy to use and is beginner friendly.

If you don’t have a lot of experience, you will be able to learn how to create courses very easily with Teachable. This is because they are able to help you with the technical side of this.

Most of the features on this site will make it very simple, meaning that you can focus on the content of the courses rather than worrying about the technical side.

Teachable also allows you to upsell products that are related to the courses. You will have the chance to promote these products to products that are related to the courses.

If you want to promote other courses, you are also able to do this. As you are promoting to those who are already interested in that area, you will benefit from this.

You are also able to sign up to start these courses for free. This is one of the best things about Teachable as you are able to sell products that are related to the courses.

You won’t even have to add a credit card to the courses in this case.

There are a lot of different courses that are available on the site and Teachable is very popular when it comes to online classes.

Teachable doesn’t charge per head on the course, just charging for the specific features that you opted for.

Cons Of Using Teachable

Teachable is great and there are not many negatives when it comes to the courses there.

With Teachable, you are able to choose your plan for free. You will only need to ensure that you pay the fee for the video host.

This is one downside as there are a few different payments that are required of you. You may need to pay for any processing or transaction fees that are involved.

For students, it is slightly confusing that there are so many different options to pay for and set up your courses. Some of these may look fairly similar, so you should consider this when signing up.

Alternatives To Teachable

Best Teachable Company Courses You Can Try Today

There are lots of different alternatives when it comes to teachable courses. These include:


Thinkific is a web-based option that is similar to Teachable. On this site you are able to build courses. You can construct these courses very quickly and easily and you won’t have to know how to code these courses into the system as this is all done for you.

When you sign up to Thinkific, you will have the opportunity to tweak the site to suit you. You will have the chance to change every component in order to make sure that it matches your image. This is a good alternative to using Teachable.


Podia is another site that does a similar thing to Teachable. It is used to sell courses and allows you to make these courses too. This site focuses on attaching no extra costs to the courses in order to ensure that it is not tricking you and it is easy to understand.

iSpring Market

This is intended for setting up courses online. It mostly corresponds with instructional courses.

On this site, you can host and sell online courses, as well as create them. You will have the opportunity to offer these courses to clients and change the interface to suit your needs and the needs of your clients.

Learn Dash

This is an online course site that allows those who have their own WordPress sites to distribute their courses.

Usually, in this case, the courses have already been created and they will just use Learn Dash to distribute these courses. It is great because it allows to set up modules that will work in all situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Teachable?

Teachable is an online course creator that will contain different types of courses for businesses. The platform is host to lots of different things including:

  • Online courses that are sold by creators.
  • Online schools that have multiple different instructions and numerous courses.
  • They act as training centers for different companies and organizations.
  • They offer subscription-based membership sites.

Teachable courses are in lots of different niches and no matter what niche you are looking at courses in, you will find a great course on the platform.

If you want to know about Teachable in more detail or to see some of the courses they provide, visit their site. You can check out a free plan or have a look at a free trial for the paid plan.

Why Should You Use Teachable?

Teachable is a very popular site for both learning and teaching. You can teach and learn on one page and, through the course, you will be able to gain fantastic knowledge and skills. You will have the chance to do this in the comfort of your own home.

Teachable believes that change and knowledge are two very important things to get, and all types of people can use teachable ways to gain these gifts.

These courses will improve your CV, helping you to get good jobs because you will have improved your knowledge and experience through the courses.

What Are The Payment Options With Teachable?

Payment processing with teachable is fairly straightforward. It comes with its own refundable payment process and you will not need to get a third-party payment. You may also choose your payment currency in whatever way you want to.

Teachable will deal with the payouts, so you will not need to do much here. You should consider which you want to choose. You can pick from Stripe, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of different company courses for you to try today that are provided by Teachable. These courses are all great, so you should have a read-through and give them a try.

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