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What Screen Recorder Do YouTubers Use

What Screen Recorder Do YouTubers Use in 2023

If you are an aspiring YouTuber, there are many things that you will need to consider when preparing to record and post videos.

While this is not something all YouTubers need, for some YouTubers, having a high-quality video screen recorder is one of the most important things to have.

This is because recording footage on a desktop or gaming footage is one of the most central parts to getting good video footage. If you do not have this video footage, a lot of your content will be dry and will not have a focus.

So, you are probably wondering what screen recorder do YouTubers use.

Well, unfortunately, there is not one clear answer for this, and finding the best screen recorder for you will depend on what you are looking to record for your YouTube channel.

For example, just recording simple programs or browsing the internet will need a very different program than one which is needed for recording gameplay from video games played on a PC.

It is also worth noting that if you are looking to record footage from a gaming console, a lot of these consoles actually have screen recording built-in, however, the quality of this screen recording can vary so make sure to check what type of screen recording will work best for the console which you are working with.

For some consoles, you will be fine just using the built-in screen recorder or a monitor recorder, but for others, you will need to buy dedicated technology.

So, with this in mind, we are going to go over the best screen recorders which are used for YouTube by YouTubers, and luckily for you, all of the choices we have included are completely free!

This is because we wanted to make this list accessible to beginner YouTubers who do not have the budget for spending a lot on dedicated video recording software.

However, some of our choices do have paid versions, so these are sometimes worth investing in.

So, if you are a YouTuber who needs to record screen footage, but you do not know which program will work best for you, we have compiled a list of the best screen recorders available for your needs!

The Best Screen Recorders For YouTube

All of these screen recorders or video editor software have their own pros and cons which are worth considering, and a lot of them are good at doing one type of recording, but not as good at another, so if you know what kind of content you will be recording, this will be best for choosing the best screen recorder for what you need!

OBS Studio

Screen Recorder Overview

If you want screen recording software that is free and will be perfect for recording gameplay, then OBS Studio will be the best choice for you!

This choice stands out from other popular choices like FRAPS which can be severely limiting if you are not paying for a premium version, instead, OBS uses open-source software which means it is fully free without having to deal with any annoying restrictions.

OBS is a great multi-functional tool that is great for streaming as well as recording content in high definition which is perfect for making content for YouTube.

There are no restrictions placed on the length of your recording or how many screen recordings you are doing.

This is a great choice if you are planning to stream using a platform like YouTube or Twitch and you will also be able to save your work or encode it to the FLV format if you instead want it to be saved locally to the screen capture software.

OBS Studio is able to record straight from the graphics card you are working with, this means it can record gameplay which is in its full-screen mode which is not something most other screen recorders are capable of doing.

You are also able to customize the hotkeys for the recording so you can control different aspects to make streaming especially simple. OBS is also able to record 60FPS which is incredibly impressive for free video editing software.

The main drawback to all these amazing features which are offered by OBS is that there is quite a steep learning curve with learning to use the software being quite a challenge.

The interface of the program is by no means welcoming and there are often glitches that can make the program quite frustrating for newer users.

This is something you can overcome, and since this is such a popular choice there are plenty of resources on how to use it. 

In spite of this, OBS Studio is one of the best screen recorders and stands out for how powerful and unlimited it is for a free piece of software that is easy to download.

Why We Like This Screen Recorder

  • Great quality HD recording and streaming options
  • No restrictions on the number or length of videos being recorded
  • Ad free open source software

Why We Do Not Like This Screen Recorder

  • Setting up the program takes some time
  • Learning what software YouTubers use can be challenging

Who Is This Screen Recorder Perfect For?

If you are looking to record videos of gameplay specifically and do not mind learning how to use a program that can be challenging, OBS will be the top choice and you will likely want to stick to using this.

Debut Video Capture

Screen Recorder Overview

Debut Video Capture published by NCH Software is another great choice for a Youtube screen recorder and is a great free option as well for at-home users.

If you are looking for a commercial license on the other hand, you will need to pay for a subscription, which luckily is much cheaper than other similar options.

Debut is a great multi-platform option for screen recording and will record your computer screen as well as any devices which are compatible and connected to the computer.

For this, it delivers an amazing service. The software works well to record content like audio and youtube videos from different sources and doing so is much easier than it is than using OBS.

The interface does leave a little to be desired, however, there are plenty of customization options to help with this, and the app helps with capturing all of your devices separately which will make editing footage after significantly easier.

However, the only editing software included in Debut is trimming, other than this, you will need other editing software.

One of the main downsides of using Debut is prevalent on using a Mac where you are unable to directly record audio from the Mac which can be a major issue for users of this device.

The only way to record audio from this device is using a microphone which will of course lead to much worse quality.

The paid versions of this software are not too expensive for a lifetime license, so if you have a limited budget, Debut is a good choice.

Why We Like This Screen Recorder

  • Much easier to use than other options
  • Has some great features
  • Lets you record multiple devices like a webcam

Why We Do Not Like This Screen Recorder

  • Very dated layout
  • Currently struggles to record audio on Macs

Who Is This Screen Recorder Perfect For?

If you are not using a Mac and want something simple and easy to use, this is one of the best choices available.


Screen Recorder Overview

This is another open-source app for screen recording and it also does not leave a watermark which is an issue with a lot of free screen recorders.

What Screen Recorder Do YouTubers Use (1)

There are also no time limits that hold you back either. Unfortunately, the interface is not the easiest to use and you will end up having to rely on shortcuts on the keyboard more often than it is desirable.

You will also be able to use this tool to save captures in different formats, for example, you can natively save your youtube videos in GIF format.

This is an impressive free screen recorder, it is a great option for capturing web content, like a scrolling page, and you are also able to capture screens on a certain schedule too.

You are also capable of sharing your screen recording videos directly to any social media site with built-in video sharing which makes sharing content a lot more simple.

This option is held back by not being the best choice when it comes to gaming, especially if you are playing on a full-screen device recording mode.

Why We Like This Screen Recorder

  • Lets you export video in unique formats
  • Plenty of different options for capturing video
  • Good for getting a static screen capture as well

Why We Do Not Like This Screen Recorder

  • Not suitable for gaming footage

Who Is This Screen Recorder Perfect For?

If you are looking for a free screen recorder without a watermark to record footage that is not of gaming, this is the best option available.

EaseUS RecExperts

Screen Recorder Overview

This is one of our favorite entire screen recorders which is available on both Mac and Windows it is super easy to use and has loads of different features to play with.

RecExperts is perfect for recording from multiple sources like your screen, sound systems, or webcam, as well as USB devices. You can also select which devices you want to use very easily in the settings.

While the features for grabbing footage are great and good quality, the options available for editing are severely lacking, and what you are able to do after recording is limited.

On the subject of limitations, the free version only lets you record a minute at a time, and the more complex features are hidden behind the paywall.

Why We Like This Screen Recorder

  • Very simple to use
  • Automatically detects devices
  • 4K and 60FPS

Why We Do Not Like This Screen Recorder

  • The very limited free version
  • Not many tools for editing

How To Choose The Best Screen Recorder For YouTube?

When it comes to choosing the best screen recorder, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind to ensure that you will get the best results possible.

How Easy Is It To Use

While a screen recorder can have all the features which you will want, these are of no use if the screen recorder is not user-friendly and very difficult to work with.

You want to make sure, especially if you are not that great with technology, to use a screen recorder with a simple interface that will be easy to understand as you do not have to worry about getting confused.

What Resolution Will You Get

You want to make sure that the quality of the video which you are screen recording will be of a high enough resolution to look good so you do not have to worry about your final product is a bad quality which will reflect poorly on the YouTube channels.

The Format

You want to ensure that the screen recorder is formatted correctly for the type of videos you will want to be recording.

For example, the screen recorder which is best for recording gameplay, will not be the same screen recorder that is best for use in a Zoom meeting.

The Output

You want to make sure that the screen recorder you are using has an output to the media file type which you want.

While most screen recorders will be able to export to common file types like MP4, for something more niche, you will likely have to use a specialist service.


Hopefully, this guide has given you all the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right screen recorder for your needs.

The best thing to do to help you make the decision of which screen recorder is best for you is to consider what type of content you are hoping to record, and how you want to do this.

Once you know this information, choosing the right screen recorder for you will be easy!

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