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What Is A Nanodegree

What Is A Nanodegree? Types, Costs & How Long

Nanodegrees are fairly new and up-and-coming courses that have been generating a whole lot of buzz in the computer-science scene. But many people are really unsure about what they actually are – enter me.

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss exactly what a Nanodegree is, how long it takes to complete the course, how much you’ll be expected to pay for the course, and much more.

So if you’re a little on the confused side, don’t go anywhere. All the answers to your questions will be revealed here.

What Is A Nanodegree?

A nanodegree is an online certification program offered by various tech companies, such as Udacity, Google, and Coursera, that focuses on teaching specific skills related to a particular field, such as programming, data science, and digital marketing.

To study one of these courses you’ll be expected to already have a general understanding of related topics. These are to further develop pre-existing skills and to push the individual to their maximum potential.

These degrees are online only so you won’t find this option in campus perspectives or course catalogs.

The intention of these courses is to allow potential students to advance their skills in their own time at their own pace.

The term “nanodegree” is used to indicate that the program is designed to be completed in a short period of time, typically a few months,

They are a great option for accomplished professionals who do not have the time to study and work at the same time.

What’s great about these courses is that they take a new, innovative, and fresh approach to learning.

Long lectures and boring seminars are a thing of the past, and instead, you’ll be gaining your knowledge through test cases, experiments, case studies, and projects.

Types Of Nanodegrees

While there are many different types of nanodegrees, these are by far the most popular and common subdisciplines of Computer Science studies:

  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Andriod or iOS Development
  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Udacity Nanodegree Review

How Long Are Nanodegree Courses?

You’ll have a few factors to take into consideration for how long it will take you to complete the course.

The subject you choose, the platform of the course, and at what pace you learn will all impact how quickly you finish the course.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Udacity Nanodegree?

However, as a general rule, it tends to take between six months to a year to complete a nanodegree.

This is significantly less than most Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees which can take as long as three to six years to complete.

How Much Does A Nanodegree Cost?

Again, there isn’t one correct answer to this question. It will depend on which course you choose to participate in, as well as how long the program is, and the organization of the course.

Usually, though, these nanodegrees are somewhere between $200-$400 per month. So for a 6-month course, you’ll be looking at between $1200 – $2400. While for a year-long course it could be anywhere between $2400 – $4800.

However, it is important to note that there is a rise in popularity currently for these courses and so there is potential for these prices to increase.

Udacity Nanodegree Cost

Before you actually enroll in a course, make sure you have all the details of the degree including the total cost.

What Is A Nanodegree

Why Should You Enroll On The Course?

Now that you know what the degree is, how long you’d be studying, and how much you’d have to pay for the privilege, let’s take a look at how the course is actually beneficial to you.

1. Learn Relevant Skills With Real-World Applications

These courses aren’t just a case of sitting and listening to long lectures and seminars. You’ll be learning important and relevant skills to your profession.

They are geared towards how these skills will be used within the real world and you’ll develop demonstrative skills that will essential. It’s more than just a certification.

2. Learn From Top Minds In The Tech Industry

There’s nothing more irritating than learning about a subject from someone that actually has no experience in the actual field. There’s more than just learning the subject itself.

If you choose to sign up for one of these nanodegrees you’ll be taught by the top minds of the industry that have quantifiable accomplishments and previous experiences.

These people are aware of the struggles you’ll face and truly know the subject inside and out.

3. Change Your Career With Ease

If you already work in technology but are interested in moving on to new and exciting areas that will involve a career change, this is a really easy way to go about it.

These degrees mean that you don’t have to put your career on hold as you can work and learn at the same time. And makes the switch much easier once you have obtained the degree.

4. The Degrees Are Highly Valued

Sometimes when you partake in an online course, you have to fight against skepticism and misconceptions. But that’s not the case with these degrees.

In fact, they are actually really highly appreciated by even the largest tech corporations. A nanodegree on your resume will really stand you apart from other candidates.

Final Thoughts

Nanodegrees are really increasing in popularity, and hopefully, now, you have more of an understanding as to why.

They can be really beneficial and a great addition to any resume and the fact that even big tech companies see them as advantageous is a really good sign for the online learning community.

However, you don’t want to just dive straight into enrolling for a course without doing the relevant research.

You’ll want to ensure that you are enrolling in an official nanodegree and that you will come out with an official certificate at the end of your study.

Learn more about nanodegree course.

You’ll want to take the cost of the course into consideration, and carefully evaluate the course curriculum to ensure that it is beneficial to you and your career.

Overall, I think that they can be a really great way to learn and develop new skills. If it sounds like something you’d enjoy, definitely give it a go – a lot of people find them a lot of fun!

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