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Setting Up And Logging Into Your Teachable Account (Full Guide)

In modern times, resources such as Teachable have made it that much easier for individuals to establish and run their own courses to a paying student base – ensuring that people can make a living from teaching while managing to stay on their own terms and work to their own hours. 

But what exactly is Teachable, and how can a prospective teacher get started after the Teachable login? 

What Is ‘Teachable’?

Teachable is an online course-hosting programme – wherein prospective teachers and students can come together with the help of online resources, and a paid subscription service. 

Created in 2013 by Ankur Nagpal, Teachable initially started life as Fedora, before changing its name as it developed.

As a self-taught instructor himself, Nagpal developed the software with himself and his colleagues in mind, and as such, it is expertly crafted to make the lives of tutors more simple. 

Within two years it expanded, going from a staff of one to fifteen, changing its name to Teachable, and expanding its outlook to focusing on managing coaching services as well as tutoring. 

How Much Is ‘Teachable’? 

Teachable aims to be widely available to instructors and students from all walks of life, which is why they have a multi-tiered plan in place to allow people to choose what works for them. 

Free Plan

First and foremost, there is a free plan that allows new users to get to grips with the software, and see if it is for them.

Of course, this is limited in terms of duration and capability, but it gives a greater taster session for what Teachable has to offer paying members. 

Basic Plan

The basic plan comes under a yearly subscription, and costs around $29 per month once broken down over 12 months.

This includes all of the fundamental features that you could need to create your course and is perfect for those getting started.

For those looking to pay on a monthly basis, the cost increases to $39 a month – meaning that a yearly subscription actually works out more cost-effective. 

Pro Plan

Next, there is the pro plan. This includes all the features in the basic plan, plus several that are unique to the pro. If users pick the yearly subscription option, then this will cost $99 a year, whereas choosing the monthly plan will result in a final sum of $119 separated across 12 months. 

Business Plan

This has the most features overall, and as you can probably imagine from the name, is designed primarily for businesses to use.

It can however be used by course creators, but would only be suitable for those looking to run multiple courses, and really make the most of their subscription fees. 

This will cost users $249 a year on the annual subscription, and $299 a year for those wanting to make monthly payments. 

Is It Better To Pay Monthly Or Annually? 

This is entirely down to the needs of the individual, but each method of paying does have its advantages. 

For those looking to pay annually, then the cost will be notably lower than the monthly rate, especially if you choose the higher packages.

Alternatively, this also comes with a distinct commitment, whereas the monthly payment plan allows users to switch and change between plans as they please.

Setting Up And Logging Into Your Teachable Account (Full Guide)

What Does ‘Teachable’ Offer? 

As part of the Teachable package, there are several services that people can take advantage of. 

Course Delivery

Of course, their main function is to deliver courses to prospective students, who can pay a subscription fee to get themselves onto the course and take advantage of the resources available. 

Based on numerous different subjects, these courses allow the student to pick and choose what they want to study, and be paired with an instructor who runs a corresponding course through the website.

For each subscription paid, the student can choose from unlimited courses, and create a syllabus that meets their time and commitment requirements. 

Teachable also allows every enrolled person to earn certifications through the website, decide on their progress within the course, and the work they have produced. 

Data Tracking

For instructors, Teachable also offers data tracking – a resource that allows teachers to keep tabs on the traffic their courses get, the attendance records, and the overall success rates of their students. 

This is an important and much sought-after resource and means that instructors have a clear and concise understanding of just how well their content is doing through Teachable, allowing them to also see how they could potentially improve their services going forward. 

You can also manage sales, keeping track of the money made through teaching, as well as any potential student insights or suggestions that have been submitted.

This level of transparency and communication can help to make it a more effective business model for the teacher, and a more enriching experience for the students – ensuring everyone wins. 


One of the facets of Teachable is the scope it gives instructors to customize their course, meaning that it is more in keeping with their chosen field of study, or indeed their own personality and approach to teaching. 

Not only can you fully edit the appearance of all of your courses, but you can also offer multimedia presentations, integrated content, videos, images, and all manner of other fantastic features that will make your courses more engaging and interactive. 


However, you are not trapped and confined to just using Teachables resources, and there are numerous scheduling apps, analytical software, email service providers, and community platforms that can be combined to work in tandem – thus making the whole system more user-friendly and accessible, both for the instructors and the students themselves. 

Payment Management

Through Teachable, you can also create an intuitive sales management page, where you can establish mobile payments, PayPal links, and set specific limitations on currency types – should they be necessary. 

You can also use Teachable to set up affiliate payments – wherein you can share your earnings with any teaching assistants or staff that you may choose to take on during the course.

The payment management system also gives you tips and advice on how to improve sales, reach a wider audience, and make the most out of your course. This can lead to greater profits down the line, and a more accessible and effective course outcome all around.

How Can Instructors Get Started? 

If you are looking to create a teachable account, the process to do so really couldn’t be more simple.

With this guide, the whole process of signing up and creating a course should take only five minutes or so – a fact that highlights the accessibility of Teachable. 

Teachable login

To sign up for an account on Teachable, the first thing you need to do is enter your email address. Once you have done this, you will then need to create a name and password that you want to use for your account going forward. 

Create Your Course 

Once you have created an account, the next step is to select and click on ‘Create New School’. This will take you to the page where you can establish your new course, and can be found on the account dashboard. (Check out ‘Teachable Prices: How Much Does It Cost To Publish A Course Online?‘)

Think of a name for your Teachable school, and then click ‘Create New School’ to create. Alternatively, you can skip this point and decide on the name for your schools later – these can be important, after all. 

How To Log On To ‘Teachable’? 

When it comes to logging into your account each time, this also couldn’t be simpler. This requires you to choose the ‘log in’ section of the home page, and then input the email address and password that you previously assigned for your account page. 

Once you have input these correctly, you should then be able to easily access your account and make any further changes you need to. 

Setting Up And Logging Into Your Teachable Account (Full Guide)

What Are The Benefits Of ‘Teachable’? 

As you can imagine, there are many benefits to using Teachable – both for the teachers and the students themselves. 

Free Plans

Firstly, one benefit is that users can try it for free to see if it works for them and their course. 

This is great and means that after clicking ‘enroll user’ no real commitment is made without understanding it first – something that can be invaluable to those on limited budgets. (See also ‘Can You Create A Course On Teachable For Free?‘)

Easy To Use

The whole process is also very clean, easy, and concise, making it one of the best pieces of software of this type. 

This means that instructors of all technical capabilities can access and use the software without any real difficulty.

It also means that people can more easily learn as they go along, making it the best piece of software to improve on the job. 

On-Site Coaching

They also offer on-site coaching to help those who’re struggling to get to grips with the software and the process in general.

This is a great resource for those who are unsure or finding the process difficult, and it speaks volumes about Teachable and their mantra towards instructing. 

Good Page Building Software

The web page builder is also very effective and helps the web design process to be more accessible and easy – regardless of skill level. 

This means that people of all abilities can create professional-looking content for their students to consume – something that is important when running a course. 

What Are Some Handy Tips? 

There are of course many handy tips that have been proven to make the whole process easier – and can be handy whether you are an established instructor, or even if you are just starting out. 

Use Webcam Or Phone To Record

Firstly, one of the best solutions to make your content as accessible as possible to students from all walks of life is to record the course on your phone or webcam.

These are the most accessible pieces of equipment, and there are numerous high-quality models that can be useful for this type of training. 

For example, you might be tempted to go all out and buy high-tech equipment, but this really isn’t necessary, and in many ways the consumer market has caught up with the high-tech level, offering affordable, effective equipment that is simple to use. 

Use Google Docs

While you can indeed use any word processing software to create your scripts, Google Docs is a free and easy service that not only allows sharing and interconnectivity but also makes it easier when it comes to uploading. 

All you need is an internet connection and a Google account – something that is also free and easy to set up. 

Writing a script is the best way to plan out your spiel in advance, and will ensure that you go into the course as prepared and ‘on the ball’ as possible. 

Edit Videos

It is also important to edit the videos you create, in order to give a sense of professionalism and to ensure that your students are exposed to as much vital content as possible. 

One programme commonly used is Camtasia, which allows instructors to edit film and MP4 files in a format that is ready for direct uploading onto Teachable. 

This is just a handy programme to use, and is far more suitable than having to pay money for more advanced programmes – many of which will not be necessary for the uses you will require them for. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Teachable, and the best ways to set up an account, log in, and get started!

It’s true that Teachable has become the perfect outlet for those wanting to establish and run their own courses, and there are no other resources on the Internet that offer such a comprehensive all-around package. 

So if you are intending to start your own course, then why not give Teachable a try? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

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