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Martin Barrett
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Skillsoft Vs Linkedin Learning

Skillsoft vs LinkedIn Learning 2023: Detailed Comparison

If you’re considering taking some online educational platform to help bulk up your resume, then it can be difficult to know where to find some of these great courses that so many people seem to be talking about.

Well, there’s no need to worry, as today we’re going to compare two of the best online learning and popular online training platforms you can use!

There’s a good chance that you might have already encountered Linkedin Learning in your search for good online learning, especially if you already have a Linkedin account.

On the other hand, you might not be aware of Skillsoft, but they’re one of the many online learning companies out there that are looking to help develop people’s skill sets to help maximize their potential!

So if you’re considering either of these two platforms to begin your virtual training, then keep reading onwards, as we provide you with an in-depth and comprehensive comparison between these two Skillsoft vs LinkedIn Learning, so that you can make the most informed decision!


Linkedin Learning

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LinkedIn Learning
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Linkedin Learning is of the popular online training platforms created by Linkedin, on which you can browse and enroll in various different online learning, these courses span incredibly topic areas, including business, technology, as well as creative skills too.

At the time of writing, there are currently over 13,000 different courses available for you to enroll yourself in, and once you’ve got yourself registered, the algorithm will put forward a series of personalized recommendations that have been taken from information on your Linkedin account!

Whether you decide to access this active educational content through your mobile or web device is entirely up to you, so you can either choose to learn from home or if you’re traveling for business, you can keep up to date with your courses on the move. 

Each of these courses is fronted by experts in the industry that have real-world experience, and the courses are separated into smaller chapters in order to help make your learning experience more flexible and much easier. 

Users are also able to share what courses they’ve undertaken with their organization, view their progress in each course building, and keep a track of the history of their learning journey. 

Overall then, Linkedin Learning seems to make for an excellent and collaborative learning platform if you’re looking for a great way of developing your skills!


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Skillsoft is a cloud-based platform that provides global organizations around the world with science management and learning solutions for their members.

There are over 10,000 courses in a large variety of different areas, including information technology, business, train customers service, sales, and many more!

This means that users are able to improve institutional efficiency their skills and progress within their careers thanks to the development of their professional skills.

There are such a wide variety of training resources that will help their new members integrate smoothly into their workplace whilst furthering their expertise. 

Skillsoft’s learning platform is known as Percipio, which allows the members of an organization to be provided with professional and high-quality training.

The recommendations provided are created by AI, before being given to members in order to help them engage with the content no matter where they are.

There are a whole load of different methods that Pericipio helps its users to learn, including videos, audio files, and plenty of reading too.

Organizations have full control over the learning materials and courses provided and are also provided with full in-depth reports of each trainee’s progress. 

Skillsoft also uses Sumtotal in order to provide human capital management (HCM) that is also combined alongside a learning management system too, which aims to help develop employees with skills that will later help to positively impact the company’s growth.

Overall, Skillsoft helps a company’s learning and development teams to develop the talent in their existing workforce and analyze their performance. 



Linkedin Learning

There are various features available on Linkedin Learning that allow its users to develop both their knowledge and their business skills at the same time. These features include: 

Course Viewing

Users are able to navigate and browse through the various forms of learning material available that have been developed and curated to each user personally, these courses can then be shared on Linkedin amongst their professional network, and they can even use more advanced filters to find more specific courses to help develop their skills even further. 

Learning Paths

Linkedin Learning also has a great feature named Learning Paths, which allows its users to learn new skills and information incredibly efficiently.

This feature also includes playlists brimming with videos on a course that will help users to learn specific topics or skills.

These playlists are always structured in a way that helps their users to learn all of the information that is considered relevant to this topic, all in the exact learning order.


Testing is one of the most effective tools to help learners reaffirm their knowledge and test what they’ve learned throughout the duration of the course, and Linkedin Learning platform offers multiple forms of testing available to help those undergoing a course to put their knowledge to work.

These include “Exercise Files”, which are used by the instructors in order to teach the course, “Notes”, which will help to add clarity to the information and make things much easier to understand, and finally “Assessments”, which come at the end of each chapter of the course, and will help to quiz the learners to evaluate how well they’ve understood the course. 


Linkedin Learning also has a question-and-answer feature that allows its users to ask specific questions about things that they’ve been taught directly to their course instructors, and other members can also weigh in with their own answers too to help each other peer-to-peer. 


Skillsoft also has a wide variety of features available which make it one of the most trusted virtual training platforms on the market, take a look at some of them below: 


Skillsoft provides its users with a wide range of collaborative tools to the companies and organizations that make use of it in order to help develop their employees, including the training that is provided to them, how this training is conducted, as well as how training and learning goals are received too.

Also included within their learning management system are training record management, talent, and recruitment management, learning and performance management, as well as auditing and assignment science management too.

This tool ultimately places the company in charge of the virtual training provided and makes overseeing their training and development incredibly easy. 


Skillsoft has a huge variety of methods for learning and training in order to provide its users, which ensures that it can cater to the various different learning types of each user, allowing them to flourish and progress.

Some of these methods include synchronous learning and asynchronous learning, mobile learning, blended learning, social learning, and self-learning too!


Skillsoft also has features that allow the overseeing companies to estimate the results of all of the virtual training, which can include assessment to help evaluate the performance of the trainees, including in-depth performance analytics, as well as comprehensive reports. 



Whether you’re a company or an individual, the pricing of each