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Martin Barrett
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Skillshare Student Discount

Skillshare Student Discount For 2023

There are many online learning platforms available nowadays on the internet, with Skillshare being the one with the most competitive pricing packages.

With low prices for its users and both a monthly and annual subscription fee, you might be wondering whether there’s any Skillshare student discount available too.

In this article, we will look into the Skillshare offers for students and see if and how you can get a free Skillshare membership or watch online classes for free.

So, keep reading to find out more about the skillshare discount code!

Can Students Get Skillshare For Free?

Yes, students can get Skillshare for free for the first month of use by using the 7-day free trial that the platform offers to all its users. (Check out ‘Skillshare Vs YouTube‘.)

Once that first month of using Skillshare ends, students have to pay for their monthly or annual subscription annual skillshare premium membership.

However, Skillshare also has the ‘Refer a friend’ option, which offers you an extra free month of unpaid premium subscription for every friend who uses your personal referral code (sent to you via email) to sign up to the platform.

In addition to that, there are some special offers aimed specifically at students which do not apply to other users that are not attending an accredited college or university.

Does Skillshare Offer Any Skillshare Student Discount?

Yes, some discounts are available on Skillshare for students. The platform offers them from time to time in collaboration with other companies such as MailChimp and VSCO.

Aside from those, however, there seem to be two types of discount scholarships available on Skillshare:

  • Student discounts, in the form of ‘scholarships,’ offer 50% off the subscription fee for students attending an accredited university or college with a edu email address which they need to provide when signing up.

However, this Skillshare discount is only available to people one and only time, that is the first time they sign up to the platform and only people over 16 are eligible.

  • Premium scholarship: this is a fee exemption offered to lucky Skillshare users who apply for an annual scholarship.

On a monthly basis, Skillshare offers this 100% discount to 10 people that are chosen from thousands who apply for it. The decision is made based on one’s application, and the criteria are:

  1. You need to be a student with an active .edu address
  2. You are unable to afford to pay for your scholarship
  3. You can use the knowledge you’ll get from Skillshare to make a creative impact on the world.

Do Third-Party Services Offer Skillshare Discounts?

There are many third-party services and websites that offer discounts for annual or monthly memberships to university students.

For example, you can find a 40% discount for the annual membership or a 3-month free trial through UNIDAYS.

Alternatively, you can find the 50% discount offered on the Skillshare memberships page on websites like Studentbeans too.

Does Skillshare Offer A Student Free Trial?

Does Skillshare Offer A Student Free Trial

As we previously mentioned, students can get a 7-day free trial on Skillshare once they sign up for the platform.

Even though this isn’t an offer exclusive to students but rather one all members get, it does still count as one.

How Do I Get A Free Year Of Skillshare?

To get a free year of Skillshare you can apply for their annual membership that is awarded monthly to 10 lucky recipients.

We did mention earlier the criteria on which the decision of who these lucky recipients will be is based, so if you meet those there are chances you can get it.

Alternatively, since the referral program offers a month of free membership whenever a friend of yours uses your referral code to sign up to the platform, this means you can get 12 months for free simply by having 12 of your friends sign up this way!

While this might sound a bit challenging to some, it is, in fact, very easy. (See our other article ‘Creativelive Vs Skillshare‘.)

Even if you don’t have 12 close friends to ask, you can ask your family members or anyone else who’d be interested in joining the platform.

Skillshare is a fantastic online learning platform, so there’s little for you to do in terms of persuading people to try it for the first time!

Does Skillshare Offer A Certificate After The Completion Of Each Course?

Skillshare does not issue a certificate of completion for any of its courses.

While having one on your CV can be beneficial, they are typically only acknowledged when they come from a recognized program in universities

This might make you choose other online learning platforms over Skillshare, but we should let you know that even those offering these certificates are not accredited.

As a result, even receiving a certificate from them after completing one of their courses does not carry much weight.

In other words, whether you add a business management course you attended and completed on Skillshare or one you completed on.

For example, with Coursera, there’s a slight chance of the certificate you’ll get from the latter being a decisive factor for the job position you applied for.

Are There Any Free Classes On Skillshare?

There are many classes on Skillshare you can join and attend for free.

These Skillshare classes are available to users regardless of whether or not they have an active membership on the platform.

Moreover, during the first 7-day free trial, all the online courses on the platform are free courses, so if you want to try as many as you can in a week, you can easily do so when you have that extra time.

In addition to that, there are many classes that are paid but do offer a preview or overview of what they cover for free.

Other classes might also offer some of their courses for free, but you’d still need to have a subscription to access the rest of it.

The Bottom Line

Skillshare does offer students discounts, but you need to prove your student identity in order to access those.

However, even if you don’t, you can always use our tips to get free unlimited access to the platform by referring friends to the platform!