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Creativelive Vs Skillshare

Creativelive Vs Skillshare

Over the past few years, online learning has really seen a big boost in popularity.

Spurred on by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people have taken to online learning to learn new skills either out of boredom or to improve their employability.

As a result, more and more online learning platforms have been popping up – but which ones should you consider signing up for, and which ones should you avoid?

Here we are going to be comparing the learning platforms: Creativelive Vs Skillshare, so you can find out which one is worth your time and money.

This way, you can find the right online courses for you, get the most out of your money, and get the skills and knowledge you seek.

Check out our comparison below to find out which is better – Creativelive Vs Skillshare

About The Platforms

First, let’s talk a little about each learning platform to understand what they offer. 

About Skillshare

Skillshare began in 2010 and has grown substantially in terms of courses and students since then.

It now has over 30,000 classes with 11,000 teachers and has taught over 800,000 students online! 

These classes range drastically in topic and subject.

A lot of them are focused on creative subjects such as illustration, creative writing, and photography, but some courses are focused on business, lifestyle, and marketing.

This is so those who want to turn their creative skills into a business can access the courses to help them set up their own business through Skillshare

The goal of Skillshare is to help its students explore and find their own creative expression through learning and application.

Skillshare not only wants to help its students to learn new skills and make impactful changes to their lives but also wants to help its teachers earn from their skills and share their knowledge. 

As a result, Skillshare cares about turning creative skills into creative businesses so more people can profit from their talents and ideas. 

About Creativelive

Creativelive is another great online learning platform. Greativelive solely focuses on creative topics such as photography courses and music production, however, there are Creativelive courses available that cover finances and wellness.

There are over 1500 different lessons stretched across various topics, with 700 different instructors who are each creative professionals in their own respective fields. (Check out ‘CreativeLive Review: Feature, Pricing, And Many More’.)

The online learning platform was first started in 2010 by professional photographer Chase Jarvis and tech consultant Craig Swanson.

Over the years, Creativelive has grown to accommodate over 10 million students worldwide! 

According to their website, Creativelive wants to help make quality education more accessible to all.

As one of their co-founders is a professional photographer with a strong passion for his work, they wanted to provide support and inspiration for those in creative industries. 

Creativelive Vs Skillshare

Creativelive Vs Skillshare

Range Of Subjects

When it comes to the sheer number of video classes and creative courses available, Skillshare wins hands down.

It has roughly 20 times more courses on offer than Creativelive, which means that it’s much easier to find a niche course more tailored to your needs. 

However, quantity is not always better than quality.

Our investigation found that many found Creativelive courses to be more finely tailored.

This means that Creativelive courses are generally more in-depth, their instructors are not only experienced but passionate about their work, and finely hand-picked by the learning platform. 

This is because anyone can upload courses to Skillshare – but Creativelive only allows talented experts who pass their instructor criteria.

So, although Skillshare has more different courses, Creativelive wins when it comes to the quality of individual courses.

Ease Of Use 

Both Creativelive and Skillshare are incredibly easy to access and use.

Both learning platforms want to make their services accessible to all kinds of people around the world, so you can access the most popular courses from your mobile devices, smart TVs, as well as traditional computers or laptops. 

As for signing up, both Creativelive and Skillshare have quick sign-up processes in which you can get underway with your courses within no time at all. 

There is one area where the two differ – PDFs.

Creativelive offers PDF resources for Creativelive classes so if you don’t like to learn through videos, you can follow the PDF instead. However, Skillshare only offers video lessons and no transcripts.

This can make it tricky to use Skillshare if you have hearing or visual impairments.

On the other hand, Creativelive accommodates those who are hard of hearing by offering a PDF transcript as a resource. 

So, this means that Creativelive just nudges out Skillshare as the easiest-to-use platform! 


A big make-or-break factor for a lot of people is price.

Affordability is a big concern for a lot of people as not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on online learning alone – especially when there’s no accreditation or certification at the end. 

Creativelive offers you a range of options when it comes to price.

You can either buy each course individually or subscribe to access any course at any time at your own pace.

If you choose to subscribe, you can either pay one lump sum for a discounted price, pay a certain amount per month for one year, or pay a rolling monthly subscription for however long you want.

The most affordable annual bill is $149 and with that Creativelive Creator Pass cost you get to take advantage of all the Creativelive classes. 

Skillshare offers free trials ranging from one month to three months so you can watch free classes, depending on the code or affiliate link you use.

After that, their premium subscription costs $32 a month, or $168 for annual subscription plans.

However, Skillshare does offer a lot of deals that can cut that price down by 50% – but it’s all about finding the best deal. 

So, if you find the right deal, Skillshare is the more affordable option of the two! 

Final Thoughts

So, Creativelive and Skillshare are very similar online learning platforms but they do have some key differences.

While Skillshare has a lot more to offer in terms of Skillshare courses and topics, Creativelive is the better option when it comes to quality and ease of use.

However, Skillshare does have a lot of great deals which makes it more affordable and thus, more accessible to a lot of people. (See ‘Is SkillShare Worth It? SkillShare Coupon And Course Review‘.)

Check out the above information, and work out which platform works best for you!

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