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Skillshare Gift Card

Skillshare Gift Card

There’s nothing better than a Skillshare gift card that can give you access to explore thousands of courses that suit just about any creative or digital pursuit, whether this is for career progression, a new skill you can hone for a project, or as a means to get more income.

However, you might notice that these gift cards are hard to find, and this is because Skillshare currently doesn’t offer individual gift cards, but you may have other options that still mean you get to gift someone a Skillshare membership. 

Below we look into more detail about the ways in which you could procure something like a Skillshare gift card or membership and gift it to someone else. 

Skillshare Gift Cards As A Gift 

We’ve established that you won’t be able to find individual gift cards, but you can check out this link –, where you can find digital gifts for a variety of recipients, whether this is for a friend or a team member in your business. 

As this card is only good for the first six months, you might want something more substantial, so you could make an account using their details, and if you want to be generous, you can pay for the first year, which is $168.

This might sound a bit pricey, so instead, you could look for some coupons which can offer 50% off a yearly Skillshare subscription or 14 days of Skillshare premium membership for free because of the trial period, and here you can find significant savings of $84, which is a price point that is a little more approachable. 

Skillshare Gift Cards For Corporate

Suppose you have a team who uses Skillshare for training or development.

In that case, you could take advantage of their corporate gift cards, so to get this, you have to purchase a minimum of 25 memberships, and here you can contact them to get the right deal for your organization.

This, in the long run, could end up saving you money and effort instead of the teams’ package, all of which you need to sign up for and may not give you the coverage you’re looking for, so you can contact support who can show you what options are available. 

If you need to learn more about what packages are available and how they can be helpful to your team, you can email, or you can submit a ticket or start a live chat if you’re looking for a quick resolution. 

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When Do These Gift Cards Expire? 

Whether you get a 3 or 6-month membership, when you receive your Skillshare gift card, you will have a year to redeem them from when the links are sent out to you or other people, and from these links, you can create a free Skillshare account which will unlock the membership.

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to give any card information when you sign up, and it’s perfect for those who only need unlimited access to the library of courses for 3 or 6 months, as if you find value during this time, you can top it up again. 

It can also be better than using the teams’ membership as each member will have access to their own dashboard and be able to find classes that suit them.

But, of course, you will be able to recommend courses and have reports on team engagement if you go with a group plan, so bear in mind how much you want to oversee your team as they use their Skillshare memberships. 

Why Can These Gift Cards Be A Good Thing?

These cards are perfect for people who already have some grasp of what Skillshare is and what it offers and can work wonders if you are in a creative industry and want more hands-on teaching that can come from experts who are experienced in their respective fields.

If you contact the team at Skillshare, you may even be able to have the chance to promote their services to your customers via feedback forms or reviews of your organization.

From this, you may get a discount on future packages.

This will all depend on the type of package you go for and whether you think your customers or team would be interested in using the service for their own purposes, as these courses may not be to everyone’s liking, which is something you may want to weigh up. 

Where These Gift Cards Are Lacking

As they have removed the option for individual gift cards, this can be frustrating for those who want to try the platform for more than 3 free months, which you can get on a free trial if you get a referral code, so it might make more sense for you to refer people and save money that way. 

This all depends on if you find the Skillshare courses useful in the first place.

As we know, there may not be courses that are made for your industry, so if you work in one that isn’t creative-based, you may struggle to find a relevant course for your use.

This can be the same for teams, as even though you can look at your team’s engagement on the platform, you might find it difficult to incentivize them to use their office or free time to use the platform, which can be demoralizing and feel like a waste of effort. 

Final Thoughts

The only practical way to gauge if a gift card is something worth your money is by signing up for a free account, preferably with a free trial, and looking around to see if you or a team could benefit from these courses, some of which will be better than others. (Check out ‘Is SkillShare Worth It? Review in 2023.‘)

For individuals, though, you may be able to get something more personalized if you know what your gift recipient likes and what new skills they want to learn.  

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