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How Much is Skillshare Premium

How Much is Skillshare Premium?

Skillshare can be an excellent service for you to learn a new hobby and craft, and with curated courses and lesson structures that aren’t too long-winded and are relevant to you, there is a chance you could get a lot of value out of it. 

So, how much is Skillshare premium?

How Much Is Skillshare Premium?

The answer to ‘how much does Skillshare cost’ is – it depends. You can choose a Skillshare monthly membership for $32 a month or an annual premium membership for $168, which could be eye-watering for some.

So to decide whether you’re ready to invest your efforts and money into the service, it’s a good idea to look at what you can get for a subscription. (Check out ‘Is SkillShare Worth It? Review in 2023.’)

Skillshare’s Pricing Explained 

As we’ve mentioned, the Skillshare pricing structures, either of these automatically gives you access to around 30,000 courses in more than 12,000 topics, but with the Skillshare premium membership, you have five times the additional sets of courses which includes sub-categories courses as well. (See also ‘How To Get Skillshare For Free?’)

With a free Skillshare account or trial, you won’t get as much unlimited access to additional features as a paid subscription, such as live lessons, workshops, PDF workbooks, and the online learning community tab, where you can find discussions and meet new people. 

You could very well use the accessible version of Skillshare, but there are some courses that will only give you a course preview, so you may be able to find a few lessons, but the rest will be behind a subscription wall.

Is There A Breakdown Of Subscription Plans?

If you go to the site and look at premium plans, you will see three tiers that can serve a wider amount of people, so a starter is ideal for teams of around 2-19 people, enterprise for 20 plus people, and revive for 50 people or more. 

Every Skillshare premium plan has its own features, so for the bigger teams, you can get a customer success manager, custom reporting, and curated class lists, and you can even get analytics to see how your team is doing and whether you need to make changes or not.

Skillshare Teams is useful for those who want an easier way to train people on niche topics that could be relevant to a workforce, so it’s good to have some idea of what you hope to achieve before taking the next step with Skillshare.  

Is It Worth Getting A Subscription?

This will depend on how you intend to use the online learning platform, as many people have praised how simple these courses are to find and follow, with instructors that are qualified to a degree in their subjects, so if you want to download classes that get to the point, you won’t find a platform better than this.

Lessons are broken down into sub-categories, so you know exactly what the contents of each class will be and what you can learn from it, and with most courses taking less than an hour to complete, you can fit these into your schedule more manageable. 

The worth comes from the topics you will find, as many would say that some of these are niche topics, from organizing a workspace or fridge to how to spruce up your wardrobe, so there is something here that is bound to pique your interest.

What Kind Of Courses Are There?

What Kind Of Courses Are There

As we can’t describe each course in full detail, there is a selection of categories that each class niche falls under, and you’ll find that some of these courses could help you in your career or fulfill a passion project you want to get started on. 

These categories are:

  • Design
  • Business, especially online
  • Fashion
  • Food and drink 
  • Photography 
  • Writing 
  • Music
  • Film and video 
  • Technology
  • Advertising

Are There Any Downsides To Skillshare?

While you can find a lot of worth in these courses, there is the problem where you need specialist knowledge of something like software or a strategy that might not have the comprehensive coverage you’re looking for.

One of the big problems is that even if you find the course, you’re looking for, the quality of these can vary, and even though this is subject to opinion, there will be users out there who may prefer a different kind of teaching method that they can engage with more.

This is relevant when you consider that when you finish the course, you don’t get any accreditation or certificate on completion, so it can be difficult to list it on a resume or a profile on a site like LinkedIn, for example. 

Even with this, some of these courses may use specific programs or methods that may get outdated as a lot of things can change in the field you’re trying to improve on, so these kinds of courses only work on a surface level and may not offer you the insights you’re looking for.

Is It Worth Trying For Free?

You’ll see a lot of influencers advertising Skillshare, who usually offer Skillshare free trial codes you can apply for up to 2-3 months free.

If you decide to cancel Skillshare before this trial ends, you might be provided an additional month, so it’s worth looking around for Skillshare offers and coupons. 

With 2-3 months to try out the service, you’ll get a good idea of what it’s all about and whether a monthly or annual subscription is worth your time.

You can search through the online courses and see which ones you like, and if you find these free courses interesting, you can subscribe and access more Skillshare classes that are especially useful for those who want project-based courses, so you have something to show for it in the end.   

In Summary

There is something that most people will find of value here, so to succeed, an open mindset and the willingness to try unconventional methods of learning are things you can bear in mind for the best results.

After using the service for some time, many have remarked on how courses can be deeply enriching and rewarding if you know what you’re looking for.

There’s nothing better than a Skillshare gift card that can give you access to explore thousands of courses that suit...