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Skillshare Roku Stream

How to Stream Skillshare on Roku: A Step-by-Step Guide

Roku is a streaming platform that completely transforms streaming on your TV.

You can download different apps so you can watch thousands of shows and programs all through your TV.

All you need is your Roku device (either a box, stick, or a Roku TV itself) and an internet connection! 

However, there are limitations when it comes to apps on Roku – so what about Skillshare?

Can you download a Skillshare app and stream your classes on your Roku Stream?

Check out the information about Skillshare Roku stream below to find out! 

What Is Skillshare? 

Skillshare is one of the most popular online learning platforms with thousands of different Skillshare courses. (See ‘What Is Skillshare?‘)

If you want to learn new practical skills or become an expert in a certain topic, then you can sign up for the online learning platform and engage with the online courses and classes at your own pace.

This online education platform has helped make learning more accessible to more people. And with the free trial, you can watch free courses from professional instructors. 

Each ‘class’ comes in the form of a short video.

A class can last from under a minute to around ten minutes long, depending on the course materials, subject, and Skillshare teachers.

Multiple classes then make up a course.

This means that all online learning on Skillshare is done through videos.

Most people watch their classes on their laptops or computers, but Skillshare also offers cross-platform compatibility with iOS devices, Android phones, and Smart TVs.

This makes it easier for students to have unlimited access to their lessons no matter where they are.

Some people learn while on their morning commute, while others watch paid courses on their phones so they can follow along with their projects beside them.

So – does this mean you can download the Skillshare app on your Roku device and stream your classes on your TV at home? 

Can You Stream Skillshare Through Roku?

Unfortunately, the Skillshare app is unavailable on any of Roku’s streaming devices.

This means that you cannot watch any of your Skillshare lessons through Roku (see also ‘How To Watch Masterclass On Roku‘).

It’s unavailable on the Roku box, Roku stick, and Roku TV. 

This is really disappointing because it means students are more limited when it comes to how they want to engage with their lessons. 

Watching your Skillshare lessons on TV has a lot of benefits.

It’s easier to see, you don’t have to strain your eyes, and you can follow along more easily if you are working on a separate project like sewing or art.

It’s also easy to pause and rewind to double-check anything you may have missed. 

As a result, a lot of people like to watch their Skillshare lessons through their TVs – but how can you do it if you use a Roku streaming device or TV?

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How To Watch Skillshare On Your TV

If you want to watch your Skillshare lessons on your TV,  then here are some methods you can try.

Use Google Chromecast

If you also own a Google Chromecast, then it’s very easy to stream from your Android device to your TV.

However, if you don’t have a Google Chromecast, then you are out of luck. 

If you do, then plug it in and set it up. 

Unfortunately, Chromecast does not allow you to download the Skillshare app directly.

This means that, like with Roku, you cannot use the Chromecast itself to stream Skillshare – but you can use it to cast from your phone. 

To do this, you will need to grab your phone or tablet and download the Google Home app.

On the home screen, select your TV and link it to your app.

Tap settings, then ‘Home’ from the list of options – and then select ‘Home’ again and press ‘Next’.

Then, select the room you will be streaming to and select ‘Next’.

Then you can start streaming content from your phone to your TV screen. 

You can then open up your Skillshare app and start watching your lessons.

In the top right corner, you should see the ‘casting’ icon appear – it looks like a rectangular box with a Wi-Fi signal image in one corner.

Select it, and select your TV from the device options.

Once this is done, your Skillshare lesson should appear on your TV screen with no issue thanks to your Chromecast! 

You can then use your app to pause and play your Skillshare lessons, then navigate to another one when you are finished with no interruptions for a seamless online learning experience! 

While the setup process is a bit fiddly, you can save the settings and quickly cast your videos with ease the next time you are ready to learn through Skillshare via your TV.

Use A HDMI Cable 

This method involves the good ol’ HDMI cable and your laptop/computer. 

It’s super easy to access Skillshare on your desktop so login into your Skillshare account online and bring up the lessons you want to watch.

When your screen is ready, you need to link your laptop/computer to your TV using an HDMI cable. 

HDMI cables are very common and nearly all laptops/computers come with an HDMI port.

You can easily buy an HDMI cable online and use it to connect your TV to your laptop/computer.

Switch your TV’s source to the correct one, and your desktop should appear on your TV screen – along with your Skillshare videos and Skillshare instructors. 

This method can be a bit annoying because you need the right kind of cable, make sure it’s long enough to reach your TV and your computer/laptop, and it can take a few minutes to set up to watch your own courses.

You can also come across issues such as faulty HDMI cables, split-screening errors, or sound errors. 

However, the HDMI method is a very common one and is used by a lot of people so they can display their desktops on their TV screens.

Just make sure your laptop/computer has an HDMI port and that you have the right kind of cable – then give it a try yourself! 

Final Thoughts

So, unfortunately, Roku does not allow Skillshare to be streamed through any of its devices. However, you can still watch Skillshare lessons on your TV by either using a Chromecast or an HDMI cable if you have one!

So, try it out!

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