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Martin Barrett
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Can You Cast SkillShare To Your Television?

Can You Cast SkillShare To Your Television?

Skillshare is a learning platform that has so many fantastic features, from a large choice of creative courses to a big learning community where you can share your knowledge.

While you can learn anywhere you like with Skillshare, you can only access it through the app on your phone.

Learning on a small screen is not just tough on your eyes but it can also be difficult to see all the details.

So, we wondered if you can also cast your Skillshare classes on your television for a successful creative journey. This article answers “How do I cast Skillshare to my TV?” and explains how you link up your Skillshare app on your phone with your smart TV.

Can You Stream Skillshare Courses On Your Smart TV?

Yes, it’s possible to stream your Skillshare courses on your TV through Chromecast or Airplay.

This feature has been introduced by Skillshare after several user requests. It allows you to watch classes on a large screen, and practice your new skills at the same time. (You can also check out ‘Skillshare Roku Stream.’)

It’s ideal for everyone who loves multi-tasking or just prefers to watch video lessons on a big screen.

How Do I Cast Skillshare To My TV

Smart television has slowly found its way into many homes across the country and the world.

They are not only perfect for watching a film on a large screen but you can also use them for other activities, such as fun games or online learning.

The best way to connect your phone to your smart TV is via an adapter, such as Google Chromecast.

This allows you to play video content, such as a Skillshare video, on your large screen. 

Here are some of the basic steps of how to use Chromecast with your Skillshare app to stream your new courses on a smart television.

1. Install The Latest Skillshare App Version

First, you’ll need to make sure that you have the most recent version of your Skillshare app on both either your Android or iOS phone.

2. Install The Google Home App

Next, plug your Chromecast adapter into the television where you want to cast content. Then download the Google Home application to the device.

It will give you a few steps that you need to follow to set up your Chromecast properly.

3. Select Your Class

Now, just open the class on your Skillshare mobile app that you want to cast to your television.

4. Start Casting

Next, you need to click on the casting icon in the top right-hand corner of your Skillshare video.

You should be able to select the device that is connected to your Chromecast. Tap on your preferred device and you should see the video playing on your television.

5. Control The Video With Your App

You can control the Skillshare class video through the app. You have the option to play, pause or fast-forward your video. (If you have issues, check out ‘Skillshare Videos Not Playing.’)

You don’t have to worry about interrupting your video, as you can simply navigate to other parts of the Skillshare app without stopping your video.

6. Stop Casting Your Skillshare Videos

If you are done with learning, you can simply tap the casting icon on your video again and this will disconnect your phone from your television.

Why Use Your TV For Skillshare Learning?

There are a lot of great benefits to casting your Skillshare learning videos on your TV.

Larger Screen

how do i cast skillshare to my tv

One of the biggest advantages of making your videos show on your television is that you can see a lot more detail.

Watching Skillshare videos or other free classes on a small screen means you may miss some essential information or you might struggle to read any text.

In addition, we also hold a phone screen very close to our faces. This could damage our eyes over long periods of time.

When you cast your Skillshare video learning on your television, then the screen is further away. 

This allows your eyes to focus better and you may even find it more comfortable to see the video.

Easier Collaboration

A big screen can be a great advantage for students. It doesn’t just allow them to follow a presentation or video much easier, but they can also collaborate with other students.

Just connect a webcam or use the integrated webcam in your smart TV to chat with other students or connect to other platforms to help you learn more.

More Interactive

Our world is becoming more and more interactive. We naturally use different devices and switch between phones, tablets, computers, and televisions.

This means that students can learn on any device that they feel comfortable with or that they have available at a certain time.

Beneficial For Visual Learners

We all have different learning styles. Some people prefer to listen to an audio version to retain information better, while others can learn easier when looking at a large screen.

With the option to cast your videos on your smart television, visual learners can make the most of their learning preferences.

While Skillshare also offers other materials with its online courses, the different videos are the key elements of each course.

This helps students who prefer to learn with visuals and audio.

Convenience And Greater Flexibility

Whether you are learning a new hobby or you want to further your skills for your career, online learning is one of the easiest ways to improve your skills.

You can access the course videos from the convenience of your home as long as you have an internet connection.

This does not just save you time as you don’t need to travel anywhere, where you can also save money on transport costs.

In addition, casting your online learning videos on different devices even allows you to learn in different areas of your home.

From your mobile device on the sofa to the large television in your lounge, you can have unlimited access to the Skillshare video files on different devices.

This is one of the biggest advantages of Skillshare and other online learning platforms.

Final Thoughts

It is quick and straightforward to cast your Skillshare course videos on your television. 

You just need to connect a Chromecast adapter to your TV, and then link up your phone with the Chromecast-connected device.