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Martin Barrett
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How Much Is Udemy Certificate

How Much Is Udemy Certificate Cost | Complete Pricing Details

Taking an online course is a great way to upskill yourself at your own pace. We lead such busy lives in modern society that it can be difficult to find the time to take the necessary steps to reach our goals. 

Udemy offers an online learning marketplace that has thousands of different free courses which can help you learn any number of new things and which means Udemy is an accredited institution.

When you check out some of the course pages on Udemy, some indicate that they come with Udemy certificates and some don’t.

This article will discuss how much is Udemy certificate and the cost of obtaining a Udemy certificate of completion and how to get one. 

How Does Udemy Work?

The online learning platform is simple and easy to use, to access the courses students need to make an account and log in before enrolling.

It is completely free to sign-up and once someone has an account they can access it for life. 

Each course is created by an instructor that applies to have their materials available on the platform. This means that Udemy instructors will determine how the course is run, the cost, and the content. 

As all the courses differ, so will the requirements for completing the course. For example, some will require students to take quizzes whereas others only require watching video lectures.

The course pages detail the features and learning expectations that are set by the instructors. 

Do All Udemy Courses Come With Certificates?

Unfortunately, no. Not all Udemy courses come with a certificate of completion.

These are reserved for paid courses and will receive a completion certificate once the student has completed all the prerequisites of the course. 

Once a student has completed their paid course with Udemy, they will receive a downloadable Udemy certificate page stating they have passed the course.

This is often used on CVs and LinkedIn pages to demonstrate relevant skills to potential employers. 

Which Udemy Courses Do You Have To Pay For?

The majority of courses on the website must be paid for as it is after all a marketplace. When paying for a course, students can expect to receive a wide range of features and help from instructors. 

Figures vary, but it is thought that there are around 2000 free Udemy courses currently available on the site. The free resource center on the site is a great way to navigate through the course catalog.

When browsing through the extensive list, the price will be made apparent under the course title. 


Those that are planning on taking many courses using the platform may benefit from using their subscription service.

When students sign up for a monthly or annual Udemy subscription, they gain access to thousands of different courses which they can complete in their own time. 

A personal plan is created when opting for the subscription route relating to the areas of interest the student has chosen. Only one subscription plan can be purchased at a time. 

When students purchase a single course, they only gain access to that specific course.

Although they will have lifetime access to the videos and materials, it does not give them the freedom to try other things. 

How Much Do Paid Courses Cost?

How Much Is Udemy Certificate Cost

Answering the question of how much does a Udemy certificate costs isn’t as straightforward as one may think. There is no one right answer as the paid Udemy courses all come with different price tags

Generally, the courses range in price anywhere between $12.99 to $199.99. The more in-depth or lengthy the course, the chances are it is more expensive.

If students have a subscription, they may receive multiple certificates for the same cost as one course. 

Cost-Cutting Tips

There are a few easy ways to reduce the costs of the courses. Udemy app often has a number of promotional sales on their website which can reduce the price by up to 50% of the original.

If customers are unhappy with their course, they can easily claim a refund with the 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Sometimes a one-month free trial is offered to new students in which they can try courses at their leisure, but will be automatically charged after this period. 

Promotional offers are usually random and there is no way of knowing when they will happen, so it’s best to keep an eye on the website or sign up for mailing lists. 

Finding The Right Udemy Course For You

The Udemy website is clearly mapped out making it easy to find any course a student is looking for as well as navigate areas they may not have considered. There is something for everyone with over 200,000 Udemy’s courses. 

Using the left-hand menu bar, users can pick from the most popular categories such as ‘Web Development Course’ or ‘Digital Marketing Course’.

These are further split into subcategories which may open up the user’s mind to routes they had not considered. 

The bright colors and busy site page can be overwhelming at first, but it is actually very easy to find what you’re looking for.

Scrolling down the page a little, there is a filter tool that allows students to get rid of the dead weight so to speak. 

Price, language, level, topics, and features can all be tailored to suit the individual and find the course landing page perfect for them.

As the free courses do not come with a certificate, it’s best to filter these out via the ‘price’ category 

Things To Consider

When choosing a course with Udemy, notice the star ratings and reviews on each course page. These are also displayed on the results page of the course catalog.

The higher the star rating, generally the better the course is thought to be from the perspective of the previous students.

The Bottom Line

When taking online courses, extra features such as completion certificates are mostly associated with an added cost.

Free courses can contain exactly the same material, but there is no way of proving that a student has completed the learning.

Always thoroughly research the course before enrolling to avoid disappointment.