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Membervault vs Thinkific

Membervault vs Thinkific: Ultimate Comparison 2023

These are the tools you’ll need if you want to create and sell courses, or if you want to launch a membership site. You’ll need a platform to host your content.

You can accomplish this on your own website, but it is far easier to have a custom platform with features suited to courses and memberships.

In this guide, we will be comparing two of these platforms, Membervualt and Thinkific. Both are big competitors in the market, but which one is better Membervault vs Thinkific? Let’s see!


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Membervault Overview

Membervault is an excellent platform. It is really light on the inside and a fantastic learning experience on the exterior.

Mike, Erin, and the Membervault team are devoted to helping their members, and within Membervault you will discover an engaged community of other users whose opinions are heard, problems are fixed, and recommendations for future roadmap items are considered seriously.

Membervault includes everything you need to interact with your course members, including the ability to simply add gamification aspects to your courses to help keep members on track and have a wonderful learning experience.

However, there are few possibilities for hosting your media. Membervault may hold PDFs, movies, and audio files, but only with restrictions.

These media kinds should ideally be hosted elsewhere and incorporated in the course content.

This is a minor disadvantage in my opinion, but if your budget is restricted, you will need to figure in additional charges for hosting your video and audio material elsewhere.

Thinkific Overview

Thinkific is a popular platform for creating, marketing, and selling your own online courses or membership sites.

The platform has transformed how people earn and study online by creating an all-in-one platform for both course developers and their viewers.

The method of adding material to Thinkific is simple and can accommodate a wide range of media.

Because audios, videos, and PDFs can be uploaded directly to Thinkific, there is no need to host your media assets elsewhere, which is a significant benefit.

Thinkific creators are entrepreneurs and small enterprises with a solid reputation and a growing client or following base. You may want to diversify your current business or expand it up to the next level.

Membervault vs Thinkific

Usability Features

Membervault’s user interface and dashboard are traditional. Of course, it isn’t the most visually appealing or user-friendly platform on the market right now, but it performs the job well.

The customization option is not as robust or effective as premium platforms. However, you will discover the necessary elements to assist you in carrying out and publishing the fundamental courses.

Students and consumers may purchase courses using Stripe, PayPal, and credit cards thanks to the monetization tool.

That is routine procedure, therefore you have nothing to be concerned about. You may also suggest other payment ways to your pupils using the site.

You have the option of making a one-time payment, payment plans, trial periods, coupon savings, and regular monthly payments.

Platforms like this one would be incomplete without marketing features. You may use this capability to integrate nine third-party apps and tools. Activecampaign, Drip, and Mailchimp are a handful of these programs.

This one’s usability is outstanding. It is without a doubt one of the simplest platforms for creating and selling online courses right now.

It is user-friendly for beginners, which means you don’t need to be a tech whiz to navigate its features.

The User Interface, in conjunction with the drag and drop capability, makes it simple to create and advertise your sales page and online courses.

Choose a layout, change, add, or take from the template to make it your own using your own design talents.

You will have access to the 12 content forms, which will distinguish your teaching. One limitation is that there are only 12 items to choose from.

However, the investment is still worthwhile. When it comes to customisation, you may include text, videos, PDFs, downloadable information, multimedia files, exams, presentations, and assignments, to mention a few options.

Learning Experience

The course material hosting and learner experience assist course designers in running effective courses utilizing course development Platforms.

The finest alternatives for student connection and learning are provided by MemberVault versus Thinkific.

Thinikific employs live lessons, random quizzes, a drip schedule, and on-demand coaching sessions. Certificates of completion for assignments and courses can boost learners’ reactions.

For improved interactions, Thinkific app stores provide note-taking, survey, debate, and test applications.

Gamification of tests and quizzes in MemberVault improves student engagement. This platform’s leader board aid in course tracking using a drip schedule.

The learner’s area includes a file-sharing library where students may access course materials. It also gives automated incentives for quiz replies, which improves student enthusiasm throughout the course.

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing is essential for online course success, and promotional approaches are provided in course building platforms. By reaching a broader audience, content providers earn more money.

Thinkific offers email services as well as funnel marketing to promote online courses and lessons. The page editor’s customisations aid in the creation of lead capture pages for course marketing.

Thinkific also offers promotional incentives to boost purchases. On checkout pages, it offers product upsell alternatives.

MemberVault is a marketplace where you can sell online courses, membership sites, and lesson packages.

To advertise the courses, you can build up email marketing campaigns. Website pages assist in the creation of lead pages for the sales funnel configuration.

As a result, it replaces numerous course advertising methods, such as email marketing, funnel sites, and customer relationship tools. The MemberVault store promotes courses by tracking sales.


Membervault, according to sources, offers nine interfaces to these top-tier course-sharing systems.

Mailchimp is one among them, as are many more services available through the Membervault membership plan and menu.

As a result, if you want to join certain affiliate programs, you’ll find one or more integrations that will help you. Thinkific is well-known for being ahead of Kajabi and Teachable in terms of integrations.

Thinkific allows you to sell online, via email marketing, and through growth connectors. Their add-ons are unquestionably worthwhile.

They are obviously on a different page when it comes to giving tools to aid clients in filling up their shopping baskets.

Thinkific will undoubtedly improve your Integrations and Add-ons game. They provide services that have been evaluated for compatibility.


Membervault has an unusual pricing mechanism. You will not have to pay anything for the first 100 users. In other words, you can use the service for free until your 101st pupil. Furthermore, there are no commission costs.

When that level is achieved, the service is charged on a monthly basis. From 101 to 1000 pupils, the monthly cost is $19.

From 1001 to 10,000 students, you must subscribe to the Pro subscription, which starts at $49 per month. You may then upgrade further if you have more pupils by contacting a sales representative.

Thinkific does not take a share of every sale you make. This is useful, especially for those that aim to scale.

Once your sales funnel is set up and automated, you’ll simply have to worry about budgeting for monthly membership payments.

Thinkific integrates Stripe and PayPal into your site for payment (see also ‘Can You Link Thinkific To Your PayPal?‘) (see also ‘Can You Link Thinkific To Your PayPal?‘). With these third-party payment processors, you might get your money in as little as 1-2 days.

This is in sharp contrast to other online course sites that pay out after 30 days. You can easily pay out using Thinkific.

Your students can also choose between paying a one-time payment and enrolling in an installment subscription plan.

In addition to the payment method chosen by the consumer, you may provide bundles, discounts, and coupons.

Simply bear in mind that when you use the one-time payment option, your subscribers will be charged a one-time transaction fee.

The installment subscription plan is similar, except that transaction expenses are spread out throughout the payment period.

Thinkific offers four monthly subscription tiers in terms of pricing. The more you spend, the more things you receive (mainly marketing and the quantity of material you can publish).

Overall, while Thinkific has more capabilities and allows for greater customisation, Membervault is clearly the cheaper option. Both services have a free plan, however Membervault’s subscription plans are more affordable.

Reasons to Choose Membervault Over Thinkific

Reasons to Choose Membervault Over Thinkific

Membervault is simple to install. In comparison to marketing platforms like Kartra, Teachable, and Kajabi, creating an account with Membervault is simple.

Uploading movies to sites like YouTube and Vimeo, as well as creating quizzes and modules, are simple chores you may complete on the platform.

Furthermore, you may make your whole content progressive or dripping while simultaneously include a module as a bonus.

You’ll be able to use the Facebook community. Pricing is also reasonably priced. You will not have to pay anything for the first 100 people that sign up for or purchase your course.

This implies that the service provided to users on this platform is free to use until your student count reaches 100. So, once you get to the 101, you’ll have to start paying.

Reasons to Choose Thinkific Over Membervualt

Thinkific is more concerned with the students’ perspective. That demonstrates how it is created with assignment help and great quizzing capabilities that your students will like.

Aside from customization, one of the other things you’ll like is the marketing options.

The platform focuses on assisting users in creating and selling online courses to prospective students.

But that’s not all; the marketing capabilities include form analytics, which provide a precise assessment of your visitors’ metrics owing to a JavaScript tracking tool built into its system.

Another component that is often overlooked is the pricing strategy. It does not take a cut of every sale you make through their platform.

Instead of getting a percentage of each transaction, you’ll simply have to pay a monthly subscription cost.

Alternatives to Membervault and Thinkific

If you feel like neither Membervault or Thinkific will fir your needs, then have a look at this similar alternatives.


Skillshare is comparable to Udemy and is an excellent choice for people looking to acquire new skills on a budget. You may, of course, sell your digital courses and lessons online.

However, if you are looking for a long-term alternative as an online course vendor, you should consider the other names on the list if Membervault or Thinkific do not meet your needs.

It also features a course-creation option, however it is fairly restricted. However, the service is provided at no cost to all merchants.

So, all you have to do is post your content and start earning money for every view time your courses receive. Tutors can also connect with students through the comment section, which is quite useful.


Udemy is one of the top online platforms for people trying to sell online courses as well as students eager to master the next skill.

You may offer online courses on Udemy by putting in content in their standard style.

Because it is suggested and sold on the platform’s marketplace, the service assures that your material appears professional and satisfies worldwide standards.


Teachable is similar to Thinkific, but on a smaller scale. The drag-and-drop functionality is not restricted.

The in-house marketing tools are intriguing, and the user interface is user-friendly and simple to use. Test out the in-house marketing tools that make it simple to promote your courses.

One of the advantages of this service is that it allows you to reach out to your students and prospective students in mass. If you are unsure about its capabilities, you may sign up for a free trial instead.

How to Choose the Right Online Course Builder


Most course creation software includes a course and web page builder, which makes it simple to customize your material.

When selecting software, you must examine your specific needs: designing courses, selling them, but also correctly promoting them and ensuring your students have a pleasant experience.

Different software will assist you in delivering on that differently, and it is critical that you choose a solution that is convenient for you and your students while also meeting your individual demands.


Naturally, your objective is to sell your courses, which begs the question: how will you generate money with your preferred software?

First, examine how your clients will be able to pay for your items via the gateway of your choosing, and then explore several ways to generate money.

Some systems, for example, allow you to utilize external adverts and even promote affiliate marketing.

Some even make it easy to interface with third-party services like AdSense, Patreon, and others. Check if it is compatible with your company line, depending on what you want.

Marketing Features

Some online course-creation software aids businesses in their marketing efforts, whether through a specialized marketplace, relevant analytics, email marketing, or other means.

Most will allow you to build up loyalty programs, including incentives and discounts, for example. Again, based on your goals and marketing approach, ensure that the tool you choose offers suitable marketing support.


You must be aware of the prices and potential hidden fees associated with your online course builder.

The majority of them operate on a monthly membership basis, with others charging commission fees. When it comes to the budget, you must consider everything to ensure that you earn a profit.

Your Goals

It is critical to make the appropriate selection about what technology to employ for your course.

What is more essential, though, is to think about the results for kids and what they will learn. This is the number one goal for each aspiring course designer.

The course material must meet the needs of potential students in order to help them develop from where they are now to where they want to be.

So, before you get carried away with technology, consider your students’ requirements and decide on course objectives and material to meet those outcomes.

Next, put your idea to the test by inviting some beta testers to your course idea and rolling out the content with them to obtain feedback to ensure you have a minimal viable product to market with.

After you’ve gone through that process, you’ll know what you need your online platform to do for you and whether or not you have a course that the market needs.


To summarize, Thinkific is the greatest platform for creating a full-fledged online school or courses. It offers more advanced capabilities that will allow you to establish a sophisticated school with an excellent learning experience.

Thinkific offers a free plan, whereas MemberVault does not. The other three premium plans have varied price tags and features, allowing authors to pay according to their budgets and demands.

MemberVault, on the other hand, has proven to be a powerful opponent to Thinkific because to their limitless everything policy. On several levels, the one plan that includes all features strategy is new and excellent.

Furthermore, MemberVault has a simple design that does not need any specialist expertise to set up and manage.

As a result, any individual or any firm seeking for an advanced learning platform or even a free plan should look into using Thinkific.

On the other hand, MemberVault is the appropriate platform for independent producers searching for clear pricing with limitless everything and no irritating add-ons or upgrading to access more features.

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