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Does LinkedIn Learning Have A Blog?

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning resource and a subsidiary of the business and employment social media platform LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become a hub for all professionals who want to network with like-minded employers and colleagues.

In fact, it’s a great place to expand on your own skills and show them off to prospective employers. While it was designed as a business social networking site, it also exists to find prospective employers and employees for a wide range of businesses.

As the go-to website for any professional, it’s no surprise that LinkedIn would go to acquire the learning platform Lynda in 2015. Renamed LinkedIn Learning in 2017, LinkedIn Learning is an online learning provider.

You can learn about a host of different subjects and courses to kickstart your career. However, if you’re lost about where to start, then don’t worry. There’s actually a blog that LinkedIn regularly updates, and you can subscribe to it to find out everything you need to know.

So, let’s find out a little bit more about the LinkedIn Learning Blog.

What Is The LinkedIn Learning Blog?

The LinkedIn Learning Blog is a blog that is directly connected to both LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn runs this blog to allow professionals to discuss different topics to help their readers improve through the learning platform.

Since 2012, the LinkedIn Learning Blog has been regularly updated with a host of different types of posts. However, you don’t need to go through the entire blog page by page. You can filter through a variety of topics to find the right ones for you. 

Topics Available On The LinkedIn Learning Blog

Not only does the LinkedIn Learning Blog promote the courses available on the platform, but it also gives you tips on how to improve your career. If you’re feeling stuck when you’re doing work, you can always search for the topics to find any professional advice that may help.

Here are the topics available on the LinkedIn Learning Blog and how you can utilize these to help your own career and learning. 

Career Success Tips

The career success tips topic will help you if you want to make the most out of your career. In this section, the blog posts found here will focus on how you can perform your everyday tasks and use them to boost your career.

Whether you need to send emails or present reports, with this section, you’ll be able to make the most out of building a successful career.

This section will also help anyone beginning or shifting their career too. There is a wide range of posts available, and they have been designed to cover a large audience.

After all, many of these posts will also relate to popular media properties, so they can relate to anyone looking for advice on having a successful career. 

Culture Of Learning

Many people need to remember that working is also an ongoing learning process. The posts in the culture of learning topics focus on building a culture that promotes learning in your workplace.

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee who wants to boost your skills, you can find out how other companies have established a learning culture in these posts.

In these posts, you won’t only hear from business owners, but you may find out how local governments have utilized a culture of learning to grow. There are also event promotions that you can find out about and how this kind of work culture can lead to the overall better well-being of employees. 

Customer Stories

Through the customer stories topics, you’ll be able to find out the success stories that have come from using LinkedIn Learning. You can see how LinkedIn Learning has helped businesses and organizations improve and examples of how they have improved. 

In this topic, you will be able to get ideas on how you can implement LinkedIn Learning in your organization and find virtual events that you can learn from.

These customer stories are perfect for anyone who isn’t sure how the platform can help them and will encourage you to find different methods to utilize the resources available to you. 


Do you work for a government agency? If you do, you’ll be able to find blog posts that focus on how different government agencies have found success with LinkedIn Learning.

It’s not only businesses that work with this learning platform, but government agencies around the world have adapted to a new way of educating their employees. 

If you work for a government agency and want to utilize LinkedIn Learning and its resources, but you want some ideas to help, this topic is a must-read for you.

Some of these topics come from government agencies that have employees guest post on the site so you can hear their stories. Naturally, these also fall in line with customer success stories. 

Higher Education

Did you know that higher education institutions from around the world have been using LinkedIn Learning to provide even more resources to their students? If you’re a student in higher education, you may be able to access LinkedIn Learning.

Your institution may have an arrangement with LinkedIn Learning to allow you access to their courses for an affordable price.

Whether you work in a university or are currently studying, you can look at the blog and find out how LinkedIn Learning has improved students’ learning practices in the past.

Some teachers may also be interested in learning about subjects they can utilize in their classes, so you should read these posts to promote further study outside of classes. 

Impact Of Learning

Only some realize the impact learning can have on your business. Employees who better understand your business may help it become more successful.

If you or your employer are considering implementing LinkedIn Learning or further training for your organization, consider checking out the posts on the impact of learning topics.

You’ll be able to find out about different virtual summits that encourage businesses to implement learning in their organization.

These blog posts can help you find out how encouraging learning in the workplace can improve your business’s performance by looking at customer success stories. So if you’re on the fence about investing in LinkedIn Learning, you can decide by looking at these posts. 

Does LinkedIn Learning Have A Blog?

Job Seeking Tips

Everyone has a career plan in mind, but it can be difficult to find where to start. If you’re a job seeker who wants to plan a strategy to build your career, we recommend checking out these job-seeking tips from professionals who have been in the same situation. 

Through these posts, you can get assistance on how you can successfully find a job that you’ll love. Of course, these posts won’t only benefit new job seekers but those who have been impacted by layoffs too.

Even if you’re starting a new career or shifting to a new one, it’s essential that you find advice that can help you when you’re feeling lost. 

Leadership And Management

Many people turn to LinkedIn Learning if they want to gain leadership and management skills. However, like with all courses, it can be difficult to know where to start. Not all leadership and management skills will be applicable to all industries.

If you want to expand your career and establish a leadership position, these posts will help you do so.

Not everyone leads the same way, so with the help of the posts in the leadership and management topic, you can see how others have taken to their roles. Get advice from people who have been in your situation, and find out how you can stand out among the crowd.

If you’re worried about getting promoted, but you’re happy where you are, they’ll even help you with posts designed for those who have been chosen for a leadership position instead.

Learner Engagement

Do you need to understand how learner engagement can help your morale at work? If you’re unsure, you can see how LinkedIn Learning has impacted businesses that have chosen to engage with the learning process to improve their business.

You would be surprised by how learning engagement can improve productivity within the workplace. Many employees may feel stagnant if they’ve been in the same position for too long.

However, with the help of learner engagement, you can improve the way your employees look at their work and promote further interests in fields they otherwise wouldn’t consider. 

Learning And Development

Much like how learner engagement can help individuals, learning and development are essential for professionals who want to develop their careers. Not only can you focus on developing your career, but you can focus on building a learning culture within your workplace.

Employees will become more interested in how the company can improve by focusing on learning and development.

The posts in this section encourage businesses and employees to focus on identifying learning and development goals in the workplace. They’ll also be able to help find courses that may be useful for anyone wanting to progress in their career. 

New Courses

There are many courses available on LinkedIn Learning, and there continue to be more added. If you’re not sure where to start, you can use the LinkedIn Learning Blog to find out where there are new courses on the site. (See ‘How Much Is LinkedIn Learning? Price And Plans.’)

These can help offer advice for any professionals who want to build a career in a specific area and build their skills as they work.

Each week, the LinkedIn Learning Blog to find new skills that have been added to the platform. You’ll find that they update this regularly, so you’ll never be caught off guard by any new courses that you might be interested in. 

Productivity Tips

It’s hard to stay productive at work, and it can be even more challenging when you work at home. Everyone can be struck by burnout at different times, so if you’re struggling with keeping your productivity up, then we can help.

There are plenty of tips from other professionals who offer their own advice to help you increase your everyday skills. In this topic, you’ll find a variety of different posts from other professionals who share their advice on being productive when doing a host of tasks.

Whether you want more productive meetings or you want to feel fulfilled at work, these productivity tips will help you embrace your work throughout the workday. 

Top Skills And Courses

Everyone wants to look at new skills, but while there are weekly posts about the new courses available, other courses aren’t as new. That doesn’t mean they’re not as relevant, but you can easily get lost in them.

When you’re looking to discover new skills for specific roles, we recommend checking out the LinkedIn Learning blog for top skills and courses.

Whether you want to shift careers or just carry on progressing, these tips can help you future-proof your career. They’ll show you the top skills of each year and the courses you should look at if you want a change of pace.

These course content topics are perfect for anyone either looking for their first job or IT professionals who want to learn more skills to progress in their careers and industry. (Check out ‘How To Add LinkedIn Learning Certificate To Profile?‘)

Bottom Line

The LinkedIn Learning Blog is perfect for anyone interested in progressing their career. You can subscribe to the blog via your LinkedIn profile and find a host of topics that may interest you.

Hundreds of posts are available to read from a host of professionals willing to share their wisdom. If you only have a few spare minutes in your day, consider reading the LinkedIn Learning Blog to get some advice on what to do next.

These posts aren’t only for LinkedIn Learning students but anyone who has an interest in embracing their career. Of course, if you want to learn more about the courses available, then this is also one of the best resources to check first.

So, if you’ve been tempted by LinkedIn Learning, or want some free resources to help you work, then consider subscribing to the Blog. 

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