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Learning Tarot App

Complete Guide on Learning Tarot App (With Examples)

If you are looking to indulge in spirituality and divination, one of the best ways to get into this lifestyle is to learn to do tarot readings.

This is just one part of divination, but the process of learning it, while sometimes challenging, can be incredibly rewarding as well as fun and fulfilling.

Everyone is feeling in need of guidance, so learning tarot is a great way to learn a skill which is easy to put into practice, but is also a great way to bond with and meet new people.

Learning tarot app is an amazing way not just to learn aspects of other people’s life, but to also explore your own character and learn things about yourself which you may have never considered.

If you feel like you struggle with, or want a better way to channel introspection and self-reflection, tarot can be one of the best methods to do this in a rewarding and productive way.

While tarot is so closely associated with the often beautiful decks which can be fun to collect, these can often be expensive and can feel like a barrier of entry which can be off putting to plenty of people who would otherwise want to try out tarot.

However, with the development of technology, there are now many digital alternatives which can give you a good introduction to tarot, and also double as a great way to learn tarot as well.

You could want to use an app for a permanent solution for learning tarot, or maybe you want it as a way to test your interest to justify a purchase of a physical deck.

Either way, there is a surprising amount of options available, but there are also just as many apps which are not worth your time.

Apps can often be one of the most practical ways to learn about tarot since many decks will not do much to teach you, and books and online guides can often be too theoretical and wordy to be able to keep the attention of casual tarot enthusiasts.

Before starting to get interested in tarot, there are some things which should be noted, for example, that while tarot can be a good guiding force, it is not going to help you with anything definitive or let you see set truths about the future.

Tarot is there to help you discover the facts which you already have inside of you, but are just subconscious or perhaps something you are simply ignoring.

Tarot is a great way to help you become aware of truths you may be overlooking, and can help you change your path if you feel like you are heading in the wrong direction.

Best Apps For Learning Tarot

Learning Tarot App

These are some of the best tarot apps we have found so make sure to check through them to see if there is an app which sounds like something you would enjoy.

Some of these are better for teaching about tarot, while others are just good tarot apps, so keep this in mind when choosing which one you want to download.

Labyrinthos Tarot

Tarot App Overview

If you want an app which will help you learn about all facets of tarot in a simple and easy to understand way, Labyrinthos is the app you should be on the lookout for.

The readings offered on the app are simple to understand and presented in a way which is not difficult to comprehend, You are also able to make your own custom spread if you are trying to have a deeper session.

When it comes to the types of readings you can do using Labyrinthos, you can just do a draw of a single card, or you are able to choose from different spread which have specific topics, for example moon phases or love.

Labyrinthos also offers Lenormand spreads which are similar to a specific divination tool, but where it stands apart from tarot is how it helps you deal with some more tangible issues than you would be able to do with normal tarot readings.

While Labyrinthos is also a good tool for doing virtual readings, it is also useful for helping you interpret readings which you are doing with a standard physical deck.

You have the choice of inputting your cards manually and then doing your reading this way. Doing this is not too difficult and a great choice if you want to use Labyrinthos as a tool to help with other readings.

Who Is This Tarot App Perfect For?

If you are looking for a detailed tarot app which can be used just for digital readings, or help with interpreting physical readings, Labyrinthos is a great multi-function tool which will be a massive help in learning to use tarot.

Golden Thread Tarot

Tarot App Overview

While Golden Thread is no longer going to get further updates since their creators have moved onto the aforementioned Labyrinthos, it is still a great tool which is well worth looking into if Laybrinthos does not look like your thing.

The Golden Thread app is actually based off the beautiful physical deck which matches the app, so if you enjoy the app, moving to the physical deck is a great transition.

The app is known for having readings which are simple to understand and great for those who are just learning to get into tarot.

The readings that you will get when using Golden Thread are both concise as well as thoughtful which is a great experience which fits a digital tarot app.

While Golden Thread does not feature as many specific lessons as you will get on Labyrinthos, you will get some great explanations of both major and the minor arcana cards.

The illustrations and animations which are featured are also beautiful as well.

If you really want to avoid wordy explanations and instead want something which is easy to understand, Golden Thread is going to be one of the best options available.

Golden Thread also has the same option available on Labyrinthos where you can use digital cards as an aid to help with physical readings.

A unique feature offered which is not on Labyrinthos is a timer which is helpful for counting down the time which is recommended to take when shuffling to make sure you can focus on the question you are looking to get answered.

Who Is This Tarot App Perfect For?

If you like some of the features which are on Labyrinthos, but want a more concise experience with slightly less explanation and a different aesthetic and some bonus features, Golden Thread is still a great option!

Dark Goddess Tarot

Tarot App Overview

This option is not as suitable for beginners, but is still going to be a great digital tarot experience. This is going to give a more specific experience than the previous two options which is what makes it so attractive to so many people.

The Dark Goddess aesthetic is incredibly beautiful and this is reflected in the designs of the cards, and the readings you can get using these cards can be incredibly pertinent.

The art is amazing and you will get readings which will tell you what they mean and what each goddess means.

While this is still a digital experience, you get the option to cut, draw, and shuffle your deck which is a useful feature, and if you want help understanding the process, you can even get the app to give you spoken word instructions.

There are also some great aesthetic customization options like getting to choose the colors of the altar cloth you are pulling from.

With all the options and features you get with this app, the fact it will only cost you $4 makes it an impressive option and well worth the minor investment.

Who Is This Tarot App Perfect For?

If you are looking for a less guided and more personal experience which has some luxurious features as well as the beautiful Dark Goddess aesthetic, this set is going to be perfect for you!

Tarot Life

Tarot App Overview

If you are looking for a more minimalist experience, the Tarot Life will be one of the best choices available.

This app does not have many bells and whistles and will help you make readings on its simple interface where you will be able to get predictions in a simple easy to understand manner.

You can customize the readings to be about specific subjects like career, love, or finances. But with its minimalist features you can get straight to what you want.

Other than this it also delves into numerology if this is something which interests you as well.

Who Is This Tarot App Perfect For?

If you want something more simple than the more aesthetically pleasing options on this list, and do not want to worry about specific features getting in the way, this is a great option.

Tarot Apps We Do Not Love

Learning Tarot App

While there are some great choices out there like the ones we mentioned in the previous section, there are also some tarot apps which we would not explicitly recommend.

These apps could work for you, but they have a few caveats which may make you want to reconsider your decision.

Daily Tarot Plus

The layout and design of this app is actually quite nice, and the designs of the cards look really good with simple explanations which are easy to understand,

However, this app is held back by just how many ads it features which will distract you from the core experience.

The fact that you are so bombarded with advertisements can really distract you from what you want to focus on and leads to a less than optimal experience.

Trusted Tarot

This app, like the previous is great for giving you explanations for the cards which you are drawing, and luckily the advertisements are not as obnoxious as with Daily Tarot Plus, however you only have the option of getting rid of them with a monthly payment.

Compared to the previous free options, this feels like a bad deal.

Tarot Card Reading Numerology

While you can get some good readings using this app, you will have to cope with the pretty rough aesthetic which does not make using the app easy, and again having to pay to remove ads rubs salt in the wound.

How To Choose The Perfect Tarot App For You?

Just like how picking a tarot deck is all about picking the deck which is perfect for your style, the same can be said for picking the tarot app which is perfect for you.

Just like how people can get inspiration from a tarot deck to influence their decision, the same can be said for choosing a tarot app.

When making a decision about a tarot app, there is usually not too much pressure since most of them are free, or at least free to try, so do not worry about benign too committed to your choices.

Once you have found one you like, you will hopefully resonate with it and want to make a ritual of using the app regularly.

While most people prefer physical tarot to an app, the convenience of an app can not be understated, especially if you travel a lot, so being able to just load up an app instead of getting out your whole deck is incredibly simple and will save plenty of time.


Hopefully out of the apps we have suggested you will find one which suits your needs well!

There is a quite a bit of choice, and if you are struggling to choose, we recommend looking at videos of the app, as well as looking through the reviews to see if it sounds like something you will like.

As we have already said, these apps are usually free to try, so do not worry about having to make one decision right away, and instead sample various apps to see which suits your style the best!

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