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Martin Barrett
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is udemy certificate useful

Is Udemy Certificate Useful? Review and FAQs

When it comes to online certificates, there are several that should be considered useful for your career development services and personal development. For learning certain skills and having the certification to prove it, employers can filter down a list of potential employees to the ones they really want to recruit into their business.

While having a degree in a related field should set a jobseeker apart from the competition, demonstrating that an individual is keen to improve themselves and continuously shows work ethic and initiative. 

In this guide, we will look at what is udemy certificate useful(see also ‘How To Create A Course On Udemy‘) what could be considered useful, and where you can list them. We will also look at the problem with Udemy (see also ‘When Is The Next Udemy Sale?‘) 
certificates and the priorities on a resume. 

How A Udemy Certificate Could Be Considered Useful

Several employers simply fail to recognize a Udemy certificate as Udemy itself is not considered to be an accredited institution.

Unless the certification is granted by an accredited institution and recognized professionally then it likely should not be included in the education section of a resume. Due to that classification, Udemy courses fail to count towards continuing education units or college credits. 

Where a Udemy certificate (see also ‘How To Add Udemy Certificate To LinkedIn?‘) may become useful is for a candidate to learn new skills or improve on existing ones which they can then list on their resume.

If a job seeker can see that there is an incentive to learn, dedication, curiosity, tenacity, and willingness to build on existing skills then they should be impressed. These skills should be relevant to the advertised position and the certificates should bring value to the employer and the business.

While recruiters tend to want to see details of educational credentials, it is really those skills that matter.

By specifically including the skills on your resume, it may become clear to a recruiter that the jobseeker has taken the time to better themselves. In that sense, the resume should downplay how those skills were learned as the Udemy certifications may not seem worthy of inclusion.

If the skills can be detailed and examples included as to how they were applied then they become useful. A job seeker should also pay close attention to the advertised job position to ensure that the skills match their own accomplishments. 

If there are several skills that a jobseeker feels they are lacking which would prevent them from getting an ideal job then Udemy can prove useful.

The online learning platform excels at offering people the opportunity to learn certain skills yet comes without an excessively large price tag. As the certificates have to be earned in an individual’s spare time then they can be seen as a bonus to formal qualifications. 

Where You Can List Udemy Certificates

If a jobseeker feels that the amount of effort that they put into Udemy certificate courses should be something to be proud of then they should be willing to publicize that.

As a resume and job application should be considered lean and focused, there is an online platform where you can feel free to list all the certificates that you have. If you have not already, create a LinkedIn profile and add the skill you have a Udemy certificate within the relevant section.

You can then go further and proudly display the professional certificate(s) on your profile then include a more detailed description of what it took to achieve it. 

Should I Put Udemy Courses On My Resume?

Yes, including relevant Udemy courses on your resume can showcase continuous learning and skill development; however, focus on listing the gained skills, ensure they align with the job requirements, and include them in an appropriate section like “Skills & Certifications” or “Continuing Education”.

The Problem With Udemy Certificates

Granted, a lot of recruiters will fail to recognize Udemy certificates as Udemy is not like other accredited educational institutions. The further problem is the completion certificate, not one of knowledge.

There is an argument that the certificate merely proves that a jobseeker stayed the course and may not have even fundamentally understood and applied the skill they were practicing in.

If a recruiter wants a candidate with expert knowledge in a certain skill then Udemy may not be able to provide that required level. 

The Priorities On A Resume And Job Application

Once a jobseeker accepts that Udemy certifications are useful but only for the skills you can list then consideration should be given to the priorities on a resume and job application.

Should the jobseeker have certifications from a formal organization or further educational achievements then these should be given priority over Udemy certifications. If the Udemy certificates that have been achieved are listed then they should be relevant to the required skills of the position.

A job seeker would not list a cyber security Udemy certificate if they are applying for the role of a copywriter

Final Thoughts

With so many skills available to learn on the Udemy website online education platform, it can be tempting to complete the online courses and list them all.

However, the issue is that recruiters and employers would fail to recognize Udemy certificates so the key is explaining how those skills have been applied. Think of real-life examples that can be used to explain how far the skill has been learned and how competently it has been applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would Various Individuals Be Interested In A Udemy Course?

There are several reasons why a job seeker would complete a Udemy course. Primarily, it is to learn a skill that will be relevant for a certain job position that they desire. Without that skill, it may prove highly difficult to provide an impressive resume and gain an interview. 

For those who already have employment, a Udemy course can show initiative and a work ethic that they want to go up in the company they are currently working at.

Even an employer may look at a Udemy course as a good way of creating a future-ready workforce or assisting leaving employees during outplacement. 

What Other Learning Certificates Are Available?

Aside from Udemy, you can use The University of Phoenix Online which is better than other online learning platforms. Though it is more expensive than Udemy, the beneficial courses are considered more thorough and include homework.

The certificate would be recognized by recruiters, employers, and hiring managers which is a great reason to complete an online course. There is also a list of fields that can be used by graduates to check their completion certificates against the average salary for certain positions.