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When Is The Next Udemy Sale?

When Is The Next Udemy Sale? updated 2023

Many people want to learn in their spare time nowadays. Udemy is one of them

Whether this is for learning for the sake of learning or getting qualifications to earn some money on the side, it is almost always for our own benefit and those of the people we love.

Some of the best places to learn new skills are online platforms, and one of the best online platforms for learning is Udemy.

So, when is the next Udemy sale? Read the complete article to grab the next Udemy sale opportunity and learn some new skills at a discounted price.

Udemy appeals to professionals and students of all areas, but it does cost money to use. Therefore, many people like to wait until there is a big sale before purchasing anything from there.

The question therefore becomes, when is the next Udemy sale? Is it soon? And do they happen regularly?

In this article, we hope to answer these questions and give you the rundown on Udemy sales, so you don’t have to go wanting when the next one comes around.

What Is Udemy?

Before asking about when the next sale is for Udemy, it is important to explore what you will be buying.

Udemy is a massive open online course provider that aims to have unlimited participation and access from the length and breadth of the internet.

This means that it aims to be open to anyone from any country and region without holding its resources back.

Now, it should be noted that it is a for-profit business, which means there is at least one hurdle to using the courses and the equipment on the website, and that is that you need to pay for it.

However, many companies and learning platforms require payments to use their products, so this is nothing new.

The way that the courses work is a lot like SkillShare, in that teachers will sign up to the platform, build their course, receive approval for the course to go live, and then let the course go live for all the students to learn from your videos.

This makes it very easy to make a course and very easy to learn from one as well.

Due to the recent upgrades to the systems and the website of Udemy, the pages of the website and the courses are much easier to navigate than before, and they even offer multiple courses in different languages.

With this as the case, many more people around the world want to use Udemy and learn many different skills over time.

When Is The Next Udemy Sale?

Considering that many courses on Udemy are purchased rather than free and with money being tight for a lot of people, many people are asking when the next Udemy sale is.

Well, luckily, Udemy has started a big drive for this year and is trying to attract more and more customers than ever.

As such, there are many sales happening throughout the year each month, with them starting in May and ending in September.

Still, these are just the sales that are planned for this year, rather than the sales that happen every year with Udemy.

For Udemy, they normally also have seasonal sales that are dictated by a series of holidays that happen. These run from October to January and during them a lot of courses will either go on sale or be completely free.

The first big holiday sale they run is the Dussehra sale from October 4th to October 5th, followed by the Diwali sale from October 23rd to October 26th.

After this is the Black Friday sale from 24th November to 27th November, which is quickly followed by Cyber Monday on the 28th November.

Then we head into the Christmas season and sale from the 23rd to the 25th December and finally the New Year’s sale from the 1st January to the 5th January.

Each of these holiday sales will offer unique coupons for that specific period that will give you discounted access to Udemy’s learning platform.

What Do These Discounts Offer?

It depends on the time of year and the sale in progress, but many are there to entice more customers to learn courses.

If you learn one course, and it’s good, you are probably going to buy another course, as such a lot of these coupons and discounts have very, very tempting offers attached to them.

The biggest prize is 100% off of a course, and this is normally only offered around the big holidays that we mentioned by name in the last section.

For example, the Christmas sale has a 100% off web development courses – since people are more willing to spend money at Christmas, they might be willing to buy a few more courses after the first if tempted.

After this though, they go down in 5% to 10% decreases, like 95% off or 85% off, and these discounts tend to also be for certain courses.

Are The Discounts Worth It?

Absolutely, getting a course for almost nothing is going to be worth it.

Although some may be wary about teachers on Udemy or the review system, a lot of the courses are either fairly good or really quite good and so getting a course for next to nothing is going to still be good.

One aspect to keep in mind before buying an Udemy course, they are good as a refresher or as an introduction, but they may not be accredited by a board of educators.

Think of them in the same vein as becoming fluent in a language off your own back.

You will almost definitely be able to speak the language, but you won’t be able to prove it through a certificate. Instead, if you want to use your skills learned from Udemy, you may have to create a portfolio or something similar.


Udemy is having constant sales this year, but their usual big holiday sales start in October and end around the New Year time.

These sales offer huge discounts for pretty good courses on the Udemy website and are well worth taking for an introduction to a subject or for a refresher of your own skills.

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