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How to Join a Class on Duolingo

How To Join A Class On Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the greatest language-learning tools in the world that anyone can use for free. Without spending a penny, you can become fluent in several languages, and you can do it all through your own phone, or smart device.

However, there are other ways that you can learn languages quickly and easily. One of these ways is to use Duolingo Classes (see also ‘What To Do After Duolingo‘).

In this article, we will teach you all you need to know about Duolingo Classes, including how to join a class on Duolingo.

What is a Duolingo Class?

As we mentioned earlier, the main reason people choose to use Duolingo (see also ‘What Is The Highest League In Duolingo?‘) while learning a new language is that it is, mainly, free. The company uses advertisements between lessons in exchange for its users being able to take lessons without having to pay.

However, if a user wants to have an upgraded experience, being able to learn alongside others and being taught by another person, rather than the automated lessons that the website gives for free, they can join classes.

Previously known as Duolingo Events, Duolingo Classes are informal Zoom calls where language learners (see also ‘Is Memrise Worth It?‘) may practice speaking, make errors, and also have fun whilst learning alongside other people from all around the world.

By encouraging students to practice speaking under the direction of an expert, they provide a setting where fluent hosts may connect and form communities.

There are many types of classes that a person can join on Duolingo (see also ‘How To Reset Progress On Duolingo‘), providing that they have already created their own account.

Different Language Classes

As of 2022, Duolingo offers classes and lessons to learn over 40 different languages. You can join classes for each of these languages, as there are individual classes available for each one.

‘Happening Today’ Classes

There are hundreds of different classes specifically being held each and every day. This means that, whichever day you decide to check out the classes that Duolingo holds, there will be different ones available. 

‘Happening This Weekend’ Classes

Additionally, if you aren’t interested in any of the classes that are occurring the day that you check them out, you can also look at what classes are being held over the upcoming weekend. This way, you can look ahead and see which ones work out best for you, based on your time and preferences.

Browsing by Category

The easiest way to filter through each class and find the ones best suited for you is to browse by category.

You can choose between:

  • Lessons
  • Games
  • Conversations
  • Experiences

Each of these categories can be further filtered, based on the language you want to learn, your own level of experience, and which time and date would be best for you.

Joining a Duolingo Class

Joining a Duolingo Class is so easy, although you won’t be able to access them through your app. You, instead, will need to access them through an internet browser.

Using your chosen internet browser, search for ‘Duolingo Classes’, or click on this link to be directed to the official page. From there, you will be able to filter through each class based on your chosen language, level of experience, and your availability.

Once you have selected a class that you would be interested in joining, click on it, and you will be directed to a page with a general overview of the class.

It will let you know which language will be taught, what level it will be aimed for (beginners, advanced, etc.), and how long the class will run.

This page will also inform you of the basic rundown of the lesson, including timestamps, goals, and what will be discussed and taught during the class. This way, you can be absolutely certain that you want to invest your time in this class.

You may also find instructions on what you will need to bring to the class, e.g., a pen and paper to take down notes. 

On the left side of the screen, you will see how many spots are left available for the class, as well as display other classes that are similar to the one you have chosen.

This is particularly helpful if you are really interested in one specific class, but find out that there are actually no spaces left to join.

You will need to have Zoom installed on your chosen device, as you will be joining Zoom calls to be able to participate in each class.

How to Join a Class on Duolingo (1)

How Much do Duolingo Classes Cost to Join?

Unlike Duolingo’s lessons, classes are not (all) free. However, some of them cost very little to join, so the amount of money you will be spending will depend on which class you want to take.

Some of the classes are free, so you should take advantage of those when you see them. It is not uncommon for a class to be free, but many hosts will ask for payment, so keep an eye on this aspect.

Other classes can cost anywhere between $1 and $20, although they can sometimes cost more.

We don’t recommend paying anything more than $20, as there are so many classes available, and you are bound to find one that is much cheaper, and more convenient for your budget.

Are Duolingo Classes Better Than Lessons?

Duolingo lessons were groundbreaking when they were first released, as it meant that anyone with a smart device could learn another language for free.

It’s a great, quick, and easy way to become fluent in another language without having to pay a penny.

However, some people find it easier to learn in a more controlled environment, with a real-life person teaching them, rather than learning through clicking buttons. 

So, if you prefer being taught face-to-face by a real, living person, rather than through an automated app, Duolingo classes may be the better option for you. 

Otherwise, both options are great! It is all down to personal preference, and which teaching style you prefer.

Final Thoughts

If you already love learning new languages through Duolingo, but feel like you would benefit more from a face-to-face class, you should definitely check out their Classes. 

There are plenty of free classes if you don’t want to spend any money, but there are also a number of fantastic classes that require a small payment free.

When compared to professional language classes that take place in the ‘real world, these classes are a great deal cheaper anyway, so either way, you’ll be saving money while learning new languages.

It is so easy to join Duolingo Classes, and you don’t even need to download the app to do so. Simply enter the website, create an account, and get going.

We hope you found this article helpful.

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