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How Much Is CBT Nuggets?

How much is CBT nuggets: Pricing & Plans 2023

There are many websites online that offer courses to learn various skills.

This type of e-learning is much appreciated by many people and has become an integral part of the learning experience in our modern day.

One of the most sought-after courses is that of IT or computer-based skills.

This is because most high-end jobs or modern companies require IT skills as a prerequisite to working in the corporate world.

As such, finding an online course and working through it is always a great way to go.

CBT Nuggets is considered one of the best places to learn computer skills, and it has been around for a while now.

But before you delve into learning with them, there is always the question of how much this learning platform is going to cost.

Today, we seek to answer this question how much is CBT Nuggets?

What Is CBT Nuggets?

CBT nuggets, also known as CBT, is an online learning platform that is used to teach computer, IT, and general software skills to those looking to learn.

The platform was originally created by founder Dan Charbonneau, who was a Microsoft trainer in the 1990s when he cottoned onto the idea of a learning platform for those who may have not been able to learn IT skills before.

He began making the first and assign training videos of CBT Nuggets while still at Microsoft, as the idea grew in his mind and he realized that he could provide large organizations, different teams, and even individuals with training that was both comprehensive and good from a budget perspective.

The unique aspect of his idea at the time was that it was unnecessary to deliver these online training techniques in a classroom.

When CBT Nuggets was first released in 1999 it served as computer-based training and had to be delivered offline, but as we moved into the early 2000s, CBT started to put their online courses into the online sphere.

Now, CBT Nuggets is well established in the IT learning industry and offers multiple courses that have led to a great many companies either purchasing their courses to improve their employee’s abilities or by setting certain employees down specific career paths using the skills learned from CBT Nuggets.

CBT Nuggets offer courses that you should check out on their website and check out what they can offer you online today.

They are easy to find, and their courses are readily available.

CBT Nuggets

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How much Is CBT Nuggets?

The question that many people engaging in this field want to know is exactly how much is CBT Nuggets, especially with the range that you can get from the e-learning industry.

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, CBT Nuggets will be considered a bit pricey, especially when compared to competitors.

The pricing option of CBT Nuggets access per month is $59 and the price of CBT Nuggets access per year is around $599.

This is a bit more expensive than its competitors, with companies like Pluralsight for example offering their content for as little as $29.

The good thing about this price is that it does include everything that CBT has to offer, in that you have access to their entire training library and every product feature that they have for $59, as well as your entire team – whether that be 1 person or over 1000 people – being able to use it.

The bad thing about the price is that it is $59 a month in a market that is normally considered high when the price is above $40 a month.

One area where CBT Nuggets supports more than its competitors is that you can get a free trial before you purchase.

This free plan lasts for 7 days, and you will have access to all the tools you would have access to if you had purchased the entire subscription to the free version of CBT Nuggets.

This is great as it can help you decide whether this would be worth it for you to learn some new skills or be worth it for your company to learn some new skills.

What Courses Do You Get When You Buy CBT Nuggets?

What Courses Do You Get When You Buy CBT Nuggets?

This learning and centralized platform CBT Nuggets offers two different kinds of courses. These are vendor courses and IT path courses.

Vendor courses are basically courses that allow you to learn about how to use a vendor program or any of the programs that a vendor provides.

The great thing about these courses with CBT is that they provide instruction on how to use incredibly popular programs such as Microsoft Azure or Google Associate Cloud servers.

This can be really useful as a lot of companies use these programs regularly and will need someone to have in-depth knowledge of them for maintenance purposes.

IT path courses are focused more on giving the student a foundational knowledge of both IT and putting them on a specific path.

This can be any path through IT, from system administration to DevOps to Cybersecurity.

Due to the nature of the IT path courses, they do tend to overlap with vendor courses, as a lot of the professionals within the IT business will use the vendor’s systems to keep their company’s systems afloat.

Therefore, you should view the CBT courses in two ways.

The IT path courses are a set structure for achieving the career knowledge presented and needed to become fairly knowledgeable in that specific area, whereas the vendor courses can be taken as and when the course is needed – say if your company is using a specific system that you now need training in.

While they do not offer every course you may ever need, the range of courses available from CBT is quite impressive, and it excels in offering vendor courses.

This has been noted by many people, and CBT’s vendor courses are considered the reason that people and companies keep coming back to them.

Is CBT Nuggets Accredited?

Accreditation means that a course has been recognized by a standardized professional body in that particular field.

For example, if you were training to be a dentist at a college, your diploma would have an accreditation from the American Dental Association on it saying they approve of this course and your qualification from it.

As you can imagine, this is a prized thing to have for anyone who teaches, especially an online learning platform.

As to whether CBT Nuggets is accredited or not, unfortunately, the answer is no, they are not accredited.

Generally, most organizations that provide IT training in some capacity are accredited by the AXELOS examination institute, and they provide a form of ITIL training CBT Nuggets is not one of those institutions that are affiliated with AXELOS.

However, with that said, CBT does acknowledge this on its website, and they state clearly that they are not accredited or affiliated with the board.

They also go on to say how good and important an ITIL qualification is for people working in the industry.

Not only that, but they have a complete guide on what you actually need to do to get this qualification and how much it will cost you.

As such, you should view CBT Nuggets as something that can provide practical skills, while the qualification can provide the pedigree.

With this in mind, it might be better to get both qualifications while also completing the CBT course.

CBT Nuggets

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Is CBT Nuggets Worth It?

This is an interesting question and one posed by many different people.

CBT Nuggets does offer a lot in terms of courses, features, and knowledge about the subjects you are researching, however, that isn’t to say it doesn’t have its downsides.

It is pricey, and some people can get frustrated by the casual nature of the programs – although that also appeals to a lot of people as well.

With this in mind, we think it will come down to your specific learning approach as to whether you like CBT learner community or not.

If you are a person who doesn’t have a lot of money, prefers a more traditional learning style and approach, and is more focused on your career advancement in a specific area rather than knowing a lot of different skills, we would suggest somewhere else.

However, if you are a person who can spare a bit of cash, prefers a casual more comfortable learning style and approach, and would like to learn a lot of specific skills, especially different vendor skills, then you will probably want to learn with CBT rather than another company.

One thing to remember with CBT though is that you will need to take an additional course or practice exams to make sure you are qualified, rather than sticking with this one – unless it is solely for work.


CBT is a good online learning platform for those who want to learn IT skills, but it is quite pricey at $59 a month or $599 a year.

However, if you can afford it, you may want to give it a go.

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