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How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

ClickFunnels’ strong statement is that its offer is more valuable than four years of attending college! The company provides results that seem unbelievable – and they certainly should, given the Clickfunnels prices.

ClickFunnels pricing plans start from £85 per month for 20 sales funnels and up to 20,000 site monthly visitors.

That’s a tad more expensive for smaller companies and other sales funnels selling software, although it could be acceptable for larger corporations.

So, is it worthwhile to invest in ClickFunnels? And how much do Clickfunnels pricing plans cost exactly?

Keep on reading below to find out how much does clickfunnels cost!

What Is ClickFunnels?

But, before we get into the specifics, let us state unequivocally that ClickFunnels is not an official email marketing provider.

Yes, it’s all for marketing, but its marketing services are geared toward sales funnels and inbound links. Emails are accessible, albeit not to the degree you may have hoped.

ClickFunnels sales funnel building process that assists companies in automating their selling process from beginning to end. It gives you the ability to manage every phase of the buying process.

Users can use ClickFunnels to create standard online business sites, opt-in pages, unlimited landing pages, subscription web pages, squeeze pages, online business training, and many other things.

Furthermore, it enables users to create sales funnels using a big selection of pre-made, custom layouts.

ClickFunnels is frequently used by individuals and companies to sell and promote their goods and services.

Lots of other people, on the contrary, use ClickFunnels to help with prospective customer generation promotional activities for their eCommerce websites.

ClickFunnels is a complete marketing package that offers:

  • Webpage sales funnel builder
  • Internet service provider
  • CMS
  • Online Basket for purchases
  • Automatic email replies
  • Web Analytics
  • Other marketing services

ClickFunnels has then most advanced features and powerful tools for creating sales funnels available, with the ability to set up nearly every single scenario you can think of.

You can add one-click special offers to the basket or create sales text funnels on your membership site.

You also can run A/B tests to determine which model gives the best results. The drag-and-drop editor is also very simple and user-friendly to use.

How Does ClickFunnels Work?

ClickFunnels operates in an extremely coherent manner. It allows you to create sales funnels that convert visitors into potential customers.

And it continues to pursue them until they develop into true buyers. It can assist you in collecting payments and tracking how every one of your pages appears in your sales funnel.

Even though conventional technologies necessitate a high level of specialized understanding to set up, ClickFunnels assists you only with a couple of clicks.

It contains every one of the tools required to create and run a successful marketing funnel, allowing you to start making money sooner.

ClickFunnels is not like other marketing tools:

  • It makes it easy to create a sales funnel that will successfully bring visitors to your Clickfunnels website.
  • It enables you to incorporate the payment platform and start receiving payments on every one of your website’s pages in no more than a minute.
  • It additional features the latest traffic metrics to assist you in retargeting your visitors to increase sales.
  • It makes it possible to send follow-up emails to potential Clickfunnels customers to get them warmed up before they buy your products.

If you are an in-store retailer trying to sell products, you must engage suitable prospects, strengthen connections with customers, demonstrate the worth of your product, and convince them to purchase it.

In online sales, every single one of these jobs necessitates the creation of product pages, marketing, programming, and numerous other things.

When you utilize ClickFunnels, you won’t be required to do everything on your own. There are 3 steps to generating your online sales funnel:

  • For the merchandise, you select a pre-made sales funnel layout.
  • You select the page visual style you prefer.
  • You can make any changes you wish before hitting the publish button.

Especially in comparison to collaborating with web designers to create your funnel, ClickFunnels is quicker and more efficient.

Its plug-and-stay functionality enables you to have everything set up in a couple of minutes, instead of having to spend time explaining your sales funnels to another person.

The most fascinating feature of ClickFunnels is its offer of tried-and-true funnels for all types of companies.

ClickFunnels can be useful if you wish to promote B2B or B2C, sell a product or service, or generate leads for your mailing list.

ClickFunnels not just helps you create your own sales funnels, but it also provides a slew of additional tools to enhance your webpage and improve other aspects of your online marketing. We have mentioned most of them in the sections above. Other examples are:

  • Hosting for custom domains
  • Additional sales page layouts (up-sell, down-sell, and more)
  • Email integration tools
  • A/B testing to improve your webpage

Moreover, ClickFunnels Actionetíc allows you to manage your email marketing campaigns from a single location, with functions such as:

  • Email creator
  • Automated replies
  • Triggered emails
  • Analytics

How Much Does ClickFunnels Pricing Plan?

As you can already tell by our introduction, ClickFunnels pricing plans are quite pricey. The basic Clickfunnels plan offered comes at 80.84 dollars per month if you sign up for an annual plan of billing.

If not, the monthly pricing plan is 97 dollars, which is a bit more expensive than the annual plan subscription they offer that saves you a total of 194 dollars per year.

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost (1)

This Clickfunnels Basic plan or Clickfunnels starter plan comes with 20 sales funnels, 100 Pages, 20,000 visitors per month, and unlimited sales funnels contacts. It is for one sub-user only and 3 customs domains in total.

The Clickfunnels Platinum plan costs $297 per month if paid plans monthly. However, if you choose Clickfunnels platinum plan bill, it will come at 247.50 per month, saving you a total of 594 every year!

This Clickfunnels package is available for 3 sub-users and 9 custom domains. As for the sales funnel software, unlimited landing pages, site visitors, and contacts, create unlimited funnels, allowing you to do wonders. It also offers priority support and affiliate tools, as well as follow-up funnels.

You can also choose an annual billing plan if you like.

Apart from their 14-day free trial, the good thing with ClickFunnels is that they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But you can opt for the Clickfunnels platinum plan.

So, in case you are unhappy with the service, you can always take your money back and stop using it!

Cancellation And Money Back For Clickfunnels

It’s extremely simple to cancel Your ClickFunnels subscription with a free trial.

Many people are extremely cautious of free trial accounts that ask for a payment method, so it’s no surprise that ClickFunnels necessitates a credit card for its 14-day free plan. And besides, it is counting on the fact that you will either forget to cancel your account on time or fall in love with it and join the ClickFunnels ride for the long term.

When you fail to cancel the 14-day free trial, your credit card will be charged on the 15th day from the day you signed up. That will be your monthly subscription billing time from that point onwards.

Fortunately, canceling your account is simple. Simply go to your Account Settings, click on Account Billing, and then head to the Cancel Account tab.

Clicking the yellow Cancel My Subscription option will lead you to a quick survey (which, predictably, you must complete explaining why you are dropping your account).

Once you’ve finished the survey, check the box indicating that you fully comprehend your sales funnels and domain names will be canceled, and you will end up losing every single one of your customers’ information.

You could also send an email to ClickFunnels and ask for your account to be canceled. However, we would not advise you to do that because there’s no guarantee they’ll reply in time in this sales funnels.

According to ClickFunnels’ terms of service, users receive a notice that their free trial will end at least one week before they are billed by email.

To cancel Clickfunnels free trial, users must also get in touch with the support team of ClickFunnels at least 24 hours before their free trial expires.

As a result, users essentially have 12-13 days to figure out whether or not they’ll keep using and start paying for ClickFunnels.

In case anyone already paying for their subscription wants to cancel it, or in case they have been charged inadvertently, a 10 days’ notice is necessary.

According to the terms of service, one can submit a cancellation notice through the ClickFunnels dashboard, yet they must also provide notice of termination via email marketing tool.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it really is a solid piece of digital marketing tool. It also provides a 14-day Clickfunnels free trial period (which is essential considering the amount of money you will then be required to pay).

ClickFunnels seems to be an excellent tool for creating sales funnels and understanding email marketing features insights given the Clickfunnels pricing plan.

However, it is not suitable for low-income individuals or growing businesses. 97 dollars for the basic package is too much for everyone, especially for those who are just getting started.

So, you may be better off not falling for the ClickFunnels hoopla, but if you do fall, you wouldn’t be making the biggest mistake of your life. And if you can afford it, why not give it a try?

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