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Funnel Scripts Pricing

Funnel Scripts Pricing | How Much Does it Costs (2023)

Funnel scripts are pre-made sales funnels that allow you to create a step-by-step marketing system. They include email sequences, landing pages, forms, option boxes, etc.

The price depends on the complexity of the script and whether or not you want to customize it, and there are a range of factors that can have a significant impact on pricing.

To help, we took a closer look at the nuances of funnel scripts pricing, and how they work in practice to ensure that you have the information you need to make a smart, informed choice every time.

What is a Sales Funnel Script?

A sales funnel script is a set of pre-built components that make up an entire sales process. You can use them to build your own sales funnel, but they usually come with a number of features already built into them. These include:

Email Sequences

Email sequences refer to the emails that go out as part of a campaign. A typical sequence might start with an opt-in form, then move onto a thank you page, before finally sending people to a product page.

Email sequences are an important element of a sales funnel script because they offer one of the most effective ways to get new leads to convert.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are web pages where visitors will be directed after clicking through from an email sequence.

Landing pages can be used for things like lead nurturing (where you send people back to the same page if they don’t buy), or even just to collect basic contact details.

Form Builder

Form builders let you quickly create forms that can be embedded into any webpage. This makes it easy to add a signup form to your website without having to code anything yourself.

Option Boxes

Option boxes are another feature found in many sales funnel scripts. They give you the ability to ask questions about a visitor’s interest so that you can better target future campaigns.

For example, you could ask what their company size is, or what industry they’re in.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are freebies that you give away to potential customers. They’re designed to encourage people to sign up for your list, and ideally turn those leads into paying customers.

Lead magnets are often included in sales funnel scripts because they’re a great way to generate traffic and increase conversions.

Opt-In Forms

Opt-in forms are the first thing that visitors see when they land on your site. Opt-ins are typically used to gather basic contact details such as name, email address, phone number, and sometimes location.

Thank You Page

The thank you page is the last page that visitors see before leaving your site. It should contain some kind of call to action telling them what to do next.

Product Page

The product page is the final destination of your sales funnel. Here, you’ll provide more detailed information about your products and services.

How Do Sales Funnel Scripts Work?

Sales funnel scripts are essentially pre-designed templates that you can use to create a complete sales process.

Once you choose a template, you simply fill in the blanks with your own content. The result is a fully functioning sales funnel that you can easily customize to fit your needs.

How Does It Work – The Process

Though the details of the process will differ from product to product, the following is a general example of the process of choosing and purchasing a sales funnel script.

1. You Choose Your Template

When you purchase a sales funnel script, you’ll receive a zip file containing all of the files needed to run the funnel.

Inside this folder, you’ll find a .zip file called “” which contains the actual template. This is the file that you need to open in order to view and edit the template.

Once you have the template opened, you’ll notice that it has a bunch of different sections. These include:

  • Header – Contains the title of the funnel, along with links to other parts of the funnel.
  • Body – Where you’ll place your text and images.
  • Footer – Contains links to other pages within the funnel.

If you want to make changes to the design of the funnel, you’ll need to go into each section and make edits. If you only want to change one part of the funnel, you can do that by editing just that section.

However, if you want to completely redesign the entire funnel, you’d be best off going through each section and making changes there.

After you finish making changes, save the new version of the template. Then, download the new version of file.

2. Install the New Version

Now that you have the new version of the funnel template downloaded, you’ll install it onto your website.

To do this, click on file inside the downloads folder. Next, select Open Folder. Finally, locate the folder named “template” and double-click on it.

3. Customize the Template

Now that you have the template installed, you’ll begin customizing it. For most sales funnels, you’ll start by adding your logo or brand image. After that, you’ll add any necessary graphics for the header and footer.

Next, you’ll move down to the body of the funnel. There, you’ll enter the text that you want to appear at the top of every page. You may also want to add an opt-in form here.

Finally, you’ll work on the footer. Here, you‘ll add any links to other pages within your funnel as well as any social media buttons.

4. Test the Funnel

Once you’ve finished creating your funnel, you’re ready to test it out. First, log back into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the page where you plan to display your funnel. Then, upload file that you created earlier.

5. Start Selling!

At this point, you should be able to see your funnel running on your site. From here, you can tweak the settings to get everything working exactly how you like it.

What Are The Advantages of Funnel Scripts?

How Does It Work - The Process

There are a number of advantages to using funnel scripts, and these include:

Easy Setup

The first advantage of funnel scripts is their ease of setup. Unlike many other types of software, funnel scripts don’t require a lot of technical knowledge to set up.

Instead, they simply ask you to upload a few files, and then you’re good to go.

No Need for Programming Skills

Another benefit of funnel scripts is that they don’t require programming skills. In fact, most people who use them aren’t even aware that they’re using a script.

This means that anyone can create a funnel without having to learn complex coding techniques.


Another great thing about funnel scripts is that they allow you to customize them in almost any way imaginable. With so much flexibility, you can easily create unique funnels that will help you sell more products.

How Much Do Funnel Scripts Cost?

The price of funnel scripts can vary depending on a number of factors, and these include:

1. Number of Pages

This is probably the biggest factor that affects the cost of funnel scripts. If you want to add lots of pages, you’ll need to spend more money.

However, if you only plan to add a couple of pages to complete your funnel, you won’t need to pay as much.

This is a factor that will vary from site to site, and it’s important to check out each individual website before making a purchase.

2. Support

Some funnel scripts may offer premium support while others may only offer basic support. It’s important to look at the level of support offered by each company before deciding which one to buy.

3. Number of Features

There are many features that you can find within a funnel script. Some of these include:

  • Email Marketing: As we mentioned, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools available today. By using a funnel script, you can automate your emails and send them automatically to people who sign up for your service.
  • Social Media Integration: Another benefit of funnel scripts is that they integrate well with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This means that you don’t have to manually update your posts. Instead, you can simply let the software handle everything.
  • Lead Capture Forms: Another great thing about funnel scripts is that they allow you to easily capture leads. All you have to do is enter the information into the form and then click submit. The rest happens automatically.

Other factors that will impact the price of a funnel script include:

4. What Type Of Hosting Is Required

Hosting is another big consideration when choosing between different types of funnel scripts. There are some that require shared hosting while others work with VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated servers.

Shared hosting is usually cheaper but requires fewer resources. On the other hand, VPS and Dedicated servers provide more power and flexibility.

5. Whether A Subscription Is Required

Some pre-made funnel builders will require you to also pay a subscription to the service, and this can increase the price of the funnel script.

On the flip side, these companies will often offer a comprehensive service and can help you build any type of funnel with full support and guidance, which can be extremely useful if you are new to the world of funnel scripts.

6. How Many Products Can Be Sold Through The Software

If you plan to sell multiple products through your funnel, you’ll likely need to upgrade to a paid version of the funnel builder. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to sell one product per account.

7. Additional Services Offered

Some funnel builders will offer additional services such as webinars, training videos, etc. These can be very helpful in helping you grow your business.

8. Cost Per Lead

The final factor that will affect the price of a funnel builder is how much it costs to generate a lead. You’ll typically get a better deal on a funnel builder that generates leads than one that doesn’t.

How Can I Make Money Using Funnel Scripts?

As mentioned above, funnel scripts offer a wide range of benefits. One of the main reasons why they’re so popular is because they’re easy to use. As such, they’re perfect for beginners looking to build a successful online business.

However, with all the benefits that come along with funnel scripts, not everyone knows what they can actually do. Fortunately, we have put together some of the ways that you can make money from funnel scripts in this article.

Sell Your Own Products

If you’d rather focus on selling your own products than building funnels, you can always choose to do that instead. In fact, there are plenty of companies that specialize in helping others sell their products.

Create Membership Sites

One of the best things about funnel scripts is that you can use them to create membership sites. These sites often feature a free trial period before requiring users to pay a monthly fee.

Build Affiliate Websites

You can also use funnel scripts to build affiliate websites. This allows you to earn commissions when someone purchases something through one of your affiliates.

Offer Training Courses

Finally, you can use funnel scripts to create training courses. You can either charge a small fee or give away your course for free. Either way, you’ll be able to generate an income by offering training courses.

Final Thoughts

Funnel scripts can be an incredibly powerful tool for growing your business.

However, there are several things to consider when looking for the right solution – and our guide will allow you to move forward with total confidence!

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