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How To Leave A Google Classroom?

How to leave a google classroom (updated)

Google Classroom app has become immensely popular since it first started in 2014, and since then, it has been adding even more learning resources for teachers and students to use, making the entire experience as helpful as possible.

Because of just how many additional features have been added, however, this does make it a little tricky to know how to actually leave a classroom with there being so many different menus and icons dotted around the main interface.

Leaving a classroom and unenrollment option yourself from a class is also much more important than many people realize as it is vital for keeping your account secure and safe without any chance of it being exposed to others who could use it for themselves.

With that being said, here is how to leave a Google Classroom, and why it should always be done when you’re finished with a class.

How To Leave A Class On Google Classroom on Desktop And Mobile?

You can leave a Google classroom app the same way on Windows, Mac, and Linux however it is actually the same process on all mobile devices as the icons will still be in the same place.

Here is how to leave and unenroll from a class on a desktop computer or mobile device:

Step 1 – Open Google Classroom

Start by launching the Google Classroom website and logging into your account so that you can bring up all the classes you are currently enrolled in.

Step 2 – Choose Class

When you arrive on the main page, you will see a list of the classes you are currently enrolled in.

Select the one that you want to leave and a few options will appear for you to select from.

Step 3 – Click On Three Vertical Dots

At the top right corner will be three dots, clicking this will give you either the option to report abuse or to unenroll from the class.

Step 4 – Click ‘Unenroll’

Click on the ‘Unenroll’ option and you will be asked to verify whether you want to leave while letting you know that all your class files will still remain in your Google Drive.

Once you click ‘Unenroll’ for the second time, you will be removed from the class entirely.

How To Leave A Class As A Co-Teacher

If you have been assigned as a co-teacher as part of a class then you will also be able to unenroll, however the menus and icons for doing this are a little different from regular students.

Here is how to leave a class as a co-teacher:

Step 1 – Log Into Google Classroom

Log into the Google Classroom app installed. Normally and the classes you’re currently a part of.

Step 2 – Select Class

Click on the class that you currently co-teach and that you wish to leave.

A few options will appear that you can use to customize and edit the class with, however, the icon you will want to use is the three dots in the top right corner.

Another way you can do this is by clicking the ‘People’ option after you click on the class and then selecting the three dots, both methods will bring up the same click menu.

Step 3 – Click On Three Dots

Click on the three dots in the top right to bring up a small dropdown menu.

Step 4 – Click ‘Leave Class’

When this small menu opens up click on ‘Leave class’ at the bottom and you will no longer be in the class.

Why Is It Important To Leave A Classroom After You Finish?

When the class is finally over and there’s no more teaching to be done, it’s always important to leave as long as the class is unarchived, not only for convenience purposes, but also for the safety of your account.

If students do not log out from Google Classroom it can leave them open to being hacked in some way.

While this is a rare occurrence, many teachers have preached the importance of logging out to keep an account safe and secure, however by limiting the amount of classrooms you are a part of once you finish each one, it also helps to lower these risks by a tremendous amount.

Not only that, but leaving classes you have finished allows the interface of the website to be much tidier and makes it much easier to navigate to the classes that you’re still enrolled in.

Will I Still See The Unenrolled Class In Classroom?

Will I Still See The Unenrolled Class In Classroom?

Once you have unenrolled from a class, it will no longer appear in the Classroom section.

However, your files for that class will still be saved in Google Drive so that you have them in case you accidentally left a class.

If a class has finished and has not been archived, it is therefore recommended to leave so that you won’t have it cluttering up the Classroom menu.

Are There Any Classes That You Cannot Leave?

As of right now, Google Classroom does not allow students to leave an archived class.

When a class has been archived, it is available for all students and teachers in the class to see, meaning that the class has been completed so you can go back and use it as a resource for the future.

This is usually done by the instructor when they are done teaching the class, however since a class has been frozen once it’s archived, it does mean that you will need to ask the educator to unarchive the class before you can leave.

Can You Rejoin A Class After You Leave?

If you have accidentally unenrolled from a class, you won’t need to stress about missing out on any lectures or assignments since joining again is very easy and is essentially the same way you entered in the first place.

Simply ask the teacher or instructor for the classroom code so that you can rejoin.

Once they share the code, you will be able to join back in with all your files for that class being stored in Google Drive for when you need to use them.

You can also simply ask the teacher to invite you again so you can join from a link rather than having to type the classroom code in.

As mentioned before, all of your work and files will be saved as if you never left so that you can use them as soon as you re-enroll.

This includes work that has been completed and turned in along with the grades you have already achieved.

Will Teachers And Students Be Notified When You Leave?

While this will not show up for students, for the teacher it probably will, however it all depends on what notification settings they have on.

Google Classroom offers teachers many different notification options to toggle on and off so that they can respond to any new activities or developments in the group at a moment’s notice.

For example while some teachers can set notifications to only alert when an assignment has been turned in late, they can also set one to go off when any assignments have been completed in general, and when it comes to people leaving and joining the classroom, virtually all teachers will keep their notifications on so that they can know who exactly is in their class, and if anyone has tried to quit when they shouldn’t be.

How To Log Out Of Google Classroom?

When you’ve finished a class for the day, or if you have finished all your classes and want to shut Google Classroom down permanently, it’s always important to log out to protect the safety of your account while also letting teachers and instructors know that you’re done for the day.

Luckily doing this is very easy, simply load up Google Classroom and look to the top right to see your account image.

Click on this and a small menu will pop up with a few options.

Click on ‘Sign out’ and next time you log in, simply type in your email and password to sign back in.

Can You Be Removed From A Google Classroom By A Teacher?

Both primary teachers and co-teachers have the ability to remove a student or co-teacher from a class at any time.

If a teacher removes a student from a class then their grades will be removed from the gradebook and they won’t see any assignments that are set out by the teacher in Classroom after they have been removed.

The student’s work and files will still remain saved in the Google Drive however along with their posts remaining in the class stream.

This is so that if they are added back, they won’t lose all their work and can instead keep up with what is being taught.

Can You Delete A Google Classroom Account?

Once you’re finished with all your classes, while it can be tempting to delete your Classroom account altogether, this unfortunately cannot be done and the reason is because it is directly linked to your Google account and part of the GSuite.

This means if you wanted to delete your Classroom account, you would need to delete your entire Google account.

Unless you were originally intending to delete your Google account anyway, it is usually not worth doing just to shut down your Classroom account since you will be losing your emails, files, calendars and photos linked with the account as well.

Rather than deleting your Google Classroom account, it’s usually a much easier idea to log out of your account so that any notifications are turned off and your account is secure without it being active.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Primary Teacher Leave A Google Classroom?

Since they are the hosts of a classroom, the primary teacher is not able to leave as long as they remain in that role.

Instead, they will need to transfer the ownership of the class to someone who is already a co-teacher.

The main teacher will therefore need to send a transfer request to the co-teacher and once they accept, the roles will be switched and the primary teacher will now be a co-teacher who will gain the ability to leave the class.

What If There Is No ‘Unenroll’ Option?

If you follow the steps to leave a Google classroom and you don’t see the ‘Unenroll’ option appear, there are two main reasons this can happen.

One is a glitch in the system which has been known to happen, the best methods of troubleshooting this are checking that your browser is updated to the most recent version, refreshing your browser and logging out and back into Classroom yourself.

The second reason can be because the admin has blocked the students ability to unenroll.

Teachers are able to go into the enrollment settings and adjust them so either the students and teachers can unenroll, or only the teachers have the power to choose who is unenrolled.

If the teacher selects this second option, all students will be blocked from unenrolling from a class and will need to contact the teacher personally to ask for the settings to be changed.

With this being said however, the default option is set to both teachers and students being able to unenroll, so if the teacher does not change these settings before they start teaching, then students will be able to leave themselves.


While it is never a wise idea for a student to leave a class while it’s still active since this can lead them to miss out on grading assignments and teaching resources, when the class is fully finished, then it is always advised on How to leave a google classroom app.

The good news is that doing this is very easy and can be done by clicking on just a few icons, and it’s always worth knowing where this option is since many students will often unenroll accidentally while trying out all the options that they can choose from with it being more effort than needed to join back again.

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