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CreativeLive Review

CreativeLive Review: Feature, Pricing and Many more

Let’s be honest, the internet is starting to become oversaturated with online learning platforms that claim to be better than the rest.

While this gives us a great opportunity to learn new things online and take classes from the comfort of our own homes, it also makes everything more overwhelming.

Finding the best platform and the best courses is now somewhat of a chore. Knowing what to expect and which platform to use can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Today, we want to change that. To make it easier for you to find reliable online learning platforms, we’ve decided to review one of the best.

In this article, we are going to check CreativeLive review. Established in 2010, CreativeLive is a well-respected online learning platform that helps students all over the world develop their knowledge and skill set.

Is the platform any good though? That’s what we’ll get to the bottom of today. Let’s dive straight in!

What Is CreativeLive?

Let’s start by taking a closer look at what CreativeLive actually is.

Founded in 2010 by Craig Swanson and Chase Jarvis, CreativeLive is an online education platform that offers students a way to enhance their skills and learn new things.

While the platform doesn’t have any restrictions on what can be learned or what courses can focus on, most courses seem to focus on photography, music, and art.

There are also a lot of baking, jewelry, and dressmaking courses on the platform.

That’s not all though! CreativeLive also delivers a wide variety of self-improvement and lifestyle courses.

Within this topic, subjects such as fitness, health, and money management are covered. You’ll also find an array of entrepreneurship and business courses.

Since being open for business in 2010, the platform has seen significant growth, with more and more students and course creators joining the platform every month. This is a sign that the platform must be doing something right.

How Does CreativeLive Work?

So, how does CreativeLive work? Well, the platform has over 700 instructors that specialize in specific fields. That field could be anything from blogging and writing to art and photography.

These instructors then produce courses and classes that are promoted on the platform. Students wanting to learn more about a certain topic can then pay to access the course or class and learn from the instructor.

It is also worth noting that CreativeLive offers several free classes too so that customers can learn how the platform works.

The classes are then streamed on CreativeLive for the students to follow. Courses can be broadcast live or pre-recorded. They can take the form of sit-down interviews, presentations, or workshops.

The courses a student pays for can be accessed on demand via the CreativeLive website or via Android or iOS devices.

What’s To Like About CreativeLive?

CreativeLive Review

Now we know more about CreativeLive, we can start looking at what makes the platform good. Below, you’ll find the things we liked most about CreativeLive. These are the things that make the platform worth it.

Value For Money

One of the best things about CreativeLive is the value each customer gets for their money. Most courses on the platform are very fairly priced, if not super affordable.

When compared to CreativeLive’s competitors, we found that even the more expensive classes are still competitively priced.

As a result, when it comes to money, CreativeLive is one of the best for giving you great value.

Range Of Payment Plans

You’ll appreciate the range of options available to you when purchasing a class through CreativeLive.

Unlike other platforms, CreativeLive gives you more variety. You can pay for individual classes, sign up for a yearly plan, or join a monthly subscription service that gives you unlimited access to every class the platform offers.

This is great for those of us that don’t have the money to pay for a yearly subscription. On the other hand, it’s also great for those that prefer to pay a lump sum upfront for unlimited access.

High-Quality Classes

Arguably the most important thing about a platform like CreativeLive is the quality of the classes. We’re pleased to report that the classes are up there with the very best.

Courses are well-organized, streaming is clear, and the instructors are highly professional individuals that know what they’re talking about.

What else could we possibly ask for?

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating the platform is made incredibly easy thanks to the sleek and clean user-friendly interface.

Choosing a payment method, picking a class, taking part in the class, and leaving reviews are completely hassle-free.

In fact, you can navigate most of the site in just a few clicks.

Bonus Material

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love bonus material. If so, CreativeLive is the learning platform for you as most classes come with bonus material. This bonus material usually comes in written format.

Full Transcripts

One of the things we love most about CreativeLive is how they think about the customer in every way.

They have thought about the customer so much that they have even built a neat feature into the website that lets you transcribe every video you watch.

All you have to do is press ctrl F when watching a class and the platform will transcribe the whole class for you. This is an awesome touch that guarantees you don’t miss anything important.

Reliable Customer Support

One of our pet peeves with online learning platforms is customer support or should we say the lack of it.

Thankfully, CreativeLive is one of those platforms that hasn’t neglected its customer support department.

While the platform may not offer a live chat system, getting in touch with the platform via email is surprisingly easy, with a real person responding to you in good time.

Responses are always helpful too, and not just copied and pasted or automated.

What’s Not To Like About CreativeLive?

After talking about all the things we like about CreativeLive, it’s only right that we now touch upon the things we don’t like. You’ll be pleased to hear that there aren’t many.

Limited Opportunities To Connect With Instructors

Probably the biggest thing we don’t like about CreativeLive is the inability to connect with the instructor.

On other platforms, for example, Udemy, you can ask questions and receive real answers from the instructor whenever you want.

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible on CreativeLive. Instead, you can only ask the instructor questions during the live broadcast.

While this may sound enough, having your question answered when hundreds of other students are asking at the same time isn’t easy.

Missing Video Controls On CLTV

CreativeLive recently released a TV channel on the platform. This channel is packed with content that can be watched live or on demand. This is a great addition to the platform but it is currently missing some key features.

For some strange reason, when you watch the streams back, you have no option to put the video on full-screen, pause the video, fast forward it, or rewind it. This makes the channel unbearable at times.

The only option we have available at the moment is to watch the channel live.

The Type Of Learning

In all honesty, the next factor on our list doesn’t really bother us, but we can see how it might bother others. CreativeLive only has one way of learning. That way is through presentations delivered by instructors, very much like in a classroom.

While this works for us, not everyone likes to learn in that way. We could see this putting some people off using the platform as they wish to learn in other ways. Some variety to the classes wouldn’t go amiss.

How Much Do Courses Cost With CreativeLive?

CreativeLive Review

There are multiple ways to purchase a class through CreativeLive. You can either sign up for one of the plans or simply pay for the course you want.

If you only plan on taking part in one course, you should consider paying for that course upfront.

Having said that, you will want to take the course prices into consideration as the courses range in price from $17 to over $200.

Besides, the paid subscriptions, when compared to other platforms, are very fairly priced.

The cheapest yearly subscription will set you back just $12.42 a month. The most expensive plan will cost you $39 a month.

In our experience, the cheapest plan (CreativeLive Creator Pass) is perfect for most customers.

Is The Creator Pass Worth It?

The Creator Pass is well worth the money if you plan on taking part in multiple courses with CreativeLive. For just $12.42 a month, you have unlimited access to all the classes you want.

If you pay for the course upfront, CreativeLive will usually reduce the price even further, helping you save even more money.

CreativeLive Offers Free Classes

One thing we absolutely love about CreativeLive is that they offer customers free classes. The courses they offer might not be the best, but this gives you the perfect chance to try before you buy.

With access to the free courses, you can see what CreativeLive is all about and get a sense of what you can expect from a paid course. This is a great touch for people who might not have a big budget to splash on courses.

How Is Course Content Accessed?

When we tested this platform, one of our key focuses was on how the course content was accessed. We were relatively pleased with what we found.

Course content can be easily viewed on any device. All you have to do is sign in to the platform and click on the course you want to watch.

It is even possible to view your courses on Apple TV. There’s also an iOS app. The only downside we found with accessing the content is the lack of an Android app.

An Android app would make it much easier for Android users to access their content.

How Does CreativeLive Compare To Other Learning Platforms?

To finish off, we’d like to show you how CreativeLive compares to other online learning platforms. On a whole, we found that CreativeLive is up there with the very best.

CreativeLive Vs Udemy

Udemy is one of the big hitters in the online learning space. They have a lot of features that make it easier for people to learn online. However, we believe CreativeLive has the edge.

For us, CreativeLive has a better, more polished approach. Having said that, Udemy does beat CreativeLive when it comes to making it easier for users to communicate with instructors.

As a result, there is little to separate the two. This isn’t a bad thing though as Udemy is one of the best online learning platforms there is.

CreativeLive Vs Masterclass

CreativeLive also does well to match Masterclass, which happens to be another big hitter in the industry. The production from both platforms is pretty great and the instructors are highly-qualified.

Both platforms also offer a lot of courses focused on creative skills. However, we personally find CreativeLive’s payment structure and plans to be better for those that don’t have a big budget.

CreativeLive Vs Lynda

Finally, we find CreativeLive to be a lot better than Lynda. Lynda provides a wide range of business-related courses and classes but they just aren’t as good as CreativeLive’s courses.

Admittedly, CreativeLive has fewer business-related courses but it isn’t the quantity that matters, it’s quality, and in our opinion, the courses on the CreativeLive platform are much higher in quality.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a comprehensive review of CreativeLive. From our review, we can confidently say that this platform is up there with the very best online learning platforms.

Available at a very reasonable price, CreativeLive’s courses are easy to follow, easy to access, packed with valuable content, and rewatchable.

On top of that, the platform comes with a wide range of useful features that make the learning process much more enjoyable and easier.

Now you know more about CreativeLive, why don’t you take some time to check out the free classes? This is a great way to learn more about the platform and to see if it is right for you.