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Are There Free Classes On CreativeLive?

Are There Free Classes On CreativeLive?

As you might be aware, in recent years there has been a dramatic rise in the number of free online learning platforms available, all offering people the opportunity to participate in various courses across a number of different subjects.

CreativeLive is just one of these platforms and is a thriving hub filled with individual courses taught by people with real-world experience and knowledge in their respective fields. Teaching everything from wedding photography to self-improvement classes, it’s safe to say that CreativeLive is definitely a platform worth getting excited about.

While many of these platforms tend to charge people per course, others operate on a “freemium” basis, offering a selection of courses free of charge, before requiring a monthly subscription fee before being able to access the others.

So, if you want to learn more about what model CreativeLive operates on, and whether or not the platform offers free courses or popular classes to its users, then this complete guide should provide you with all of the information you need to know!

What Is CreativeLive?

Before we can begin to take a look at whether or not CreativeLive offers any free classes to its users, it’s worth taking a moment to look at the platform in more depth. Plus, if you’re unfamiliar with what CreativeLive is and how it works, then it will allow you to get a better understanding of what this education hub has to offer.

Founded in 2009, CreativeLive focuses on providing people with the education they need to succeed in a variety of different creative professionals fields, as such, it’s no surprise that CreativeLive has such a wide range of users. For someone who has been itching to release their creative side, then CreativeLive is certainly an excellent way to facilitate this.

There are a huge variety of different new courses available, including ones on personal development, Adobe Photoshop, financial literacy, and even classes on how to pose for photos too!

It’s safe to say then that the knowledge available to users from the instructors at CreativeLive is invaluable, often provided by those who have worked in their respective fields for years, and who have made mistakes along the way, so that you don’t have to.

The courses provided by CreativeLive are perfect for the learner who wants to be fully engaged with the topic, as users are frequently encouraged to interact with other learners, and even ask questions too.

Each individual course is reviewed by its student, and CreativeLive even displays the percentage of people who would recommend the course to other students, which allows you to get a greater understanding of what the most beneficial popular courses on the platform are.

Another excellent aspect of CreativeLive is that they often group courses together into curated collections, which they name “channels”, allowing users to discover dedicated sections to different topics and creative skills, alongside their usual course offerings.

With all of this in mind then, you’re probably considering signing up for CreativeLive yourself, but what is the payment model like? And do they offer any free classes to their users? Let’s take a look!

Are There Free Classes On Offer From CreativeLive?

Are There Free Classes On CreativeLive?

As with all online learning platforms, many of the classes available on CreativeLive are behind a paywall, so don’t think you’ll be able to access such a unique and insightful collection of classes for free. However, that being said, CreativeLive is much cheaper than many of its competitors online.

Creativelive costs as little as $24, and there are often sales in place too, providing you with a discount on certain courses. Alternatively, if you think you’d like to access more than just one of the classes available to you on CreativeLive, then you can instead opt for their subscription service instead.

This subscription service grants you access to over 2000 different classes on the platform. There are 3 plans available for prospective students. The first one is an annual subscription with an upfront cost of $149, the second is a $15 per month subscription, with an annual commitment, and the third one is a $39 per month subscription, but you’re able to cancel whenever you want.

So far then, it doesn’t sound like CreativeLive offers any free classes at all for its users. However, that’s not quite the case. While there are no explicitly free courses available on CreativeLive, one of the best features of the platform is the classes that are live-streamed on a daily basis.

Not only does this allow you to watch the class and learn in real-time, but these classes are also completely free too. Users are able to RSVP for these classes in advance, which will provide you with a notification when they go on air.

This option to view classes for free is a great way to get a taste of what a course is all about, so if you notice that a class from one of the courses you’ve been considering taking is coming up on the live schedule, then it allows you to check it out before you decide to enroll.

The only downside to CreativeLive’s approach to free classes is that you have to be willing to learn in real-time, which means that you don’t get the freedom and flexibility afforded to you by the on-demand classes that you get under the subscription plan.

What Subjects Do CreativeLive’s Free Classes Cover?

Although your access to free classes is restricted to when they’re life, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a great variety of different classes available to you through the “On Air” section of CreativeLive. In fact, the live classes available to users for free are the perfect representation of the diverse topics and classes being offered to CreativeLive users.

For example, for those interested in topics surrounding maker money and life, there are online classes such as “What The Most Successful People Do For Breakfast”. While for those who are looking to begin painting, classes like “Getting Started With Watercolor & Gouache Paints” might intrigue users.

The free classes available in this section also make discovering new hobbies or talents possible too, as you might just discover your latest passion by watching one of the live classes. Each day is filled with a number of new classes covering a variety of subjects too, so there’s always something different for you to explore.

It’s worth noting though that CreativeLive’s platform is very much set up to entice you into subscribing, as the live classes won’t necessarily provide you the comprehensive learning experience or the flexibility available to those who are paying users.

Final Thoughts

So, while CreativeLive does tend to focus on enticing prospective students into either buying classes, or subscribing to the platform, there are some free classes available for those who’d like to get a taste of what CreativeLive has to offer.

From wedding photography and video art to learning how to budget properly and design music, CreativeLive is an excellent platform to help creatives develop and hone their new skills so that they can excel in doing what they love. We hope that this guide has helped, and maybe you’ll begin watching some free CreativeLIve classes soon, thanks for reading!

We really hope that you liked our article and now you will know are there free classes on CreativeLive!

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