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9 Best Video Editing Courses to Take in 2023 (Review)

A career as a video editor can be highly fulfilling and rewarding. If you love producing and editing videos, you get to create high-quality video content and get people to watch them.

You can also help businesses and brands grow with your video content and ideas, ensuring powerful and effective video marketing.

The stats also support this, as a study carried out in 2020 showed that around 96% of participants watched explainer videos online to learn more about products. Of these, 88% said they were persuaded to make a purchase.

Also, nine out of 10 participants in the study mentioned that they would like to see more videos from businesses and brands.

In 2022, it has been estimated that an average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching video clips online.

Video editing courses online are the best way forward. They teach you essential editing skills and knowledge and help you advance in your career quickly.

If you’re looking for the best video editing courses, we have rounded up some fantastic free video editing courses and paid courses that will help you grow and develop your video editing skills. Check them out below.

9 Best Video Editing Courses

Below is a list of online video editing courses you can sign up for right away. We’ll talk about what you’ll learn, the pros and cons of each, as well as pricing. Let’s go over them one by one.

1. Video Editing Fundamentals

Video Editing Fundamentals is a free video editing course on LinkedIn Learning. It specially offers video training for video school teachers and instructors.

This free course teaches you to enhance your instructional video content and materials to help you engage with your students in a better way.

It discusses the fundamentals of video editing and trimming, assembling shots for storytelling, working with still images, audio editing, and the effect of tempo and pacing.

The course also teaches you to troubleshoot issues with raw footage, use effects to polish your final cut, and do titling and color correction.

It also includes practical and fun tips to help you create quality instructional materials on different subjects.

Video Editing Fundamentals also delves into how to design lessons for microlearning effectively, create digital assets for lessons, tackle video production for instructional purposes, and so on.

Moreover, this online video editing class is helpful for learning how to increase the signal-to-noise ratio, create a digital playground, slides with looping movies, and 360 VR story spheres.

You can also learn to do rapid prototyping and other important video editing techniques.

Overall, Video Editing Fundamentals is one of the top video editing courses for beginners and video school educators who wish to level up their knowledge of video editing.

The course also provides a certificate that you can add to your résumé upon successful completion.


  • Suitable for beginners and educators
  • Personalized course
  • Interactive learning
  • Unlimited library access
  • Focused on improving the quality of teaching materials
  • Helps with better student engagement
  • Offers a free trial for a month


  • Not a well-rounded course for professional video editors


  • One-month free trial
  • Monthly pricing: $29.99
  • Yearly pricing: $19.99 per month


  • LinkedIn Learning

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC Masterclass: Video Editing in Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the popular video editing tools that professionals worldwide use for high-quality video creation.

The Adobe Premiere Pro CC Masterclass: Video Editing in Premiere is a quick masterclass for those who wish to know about all the editing tools that Premiere Pro offers.

This video editing class teaches you to edit videos from start to end using advanced editing techniques like a seasoned video editor.

You will learn about audio editing, animated graphics, color grading, color correction, editing green screen footage, and adding appealing visual effects and backgrounds.

You’ll also learn to create clean, professional titles and save and export videos for high-definition and 4K playback.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Masterclass provides plenty of practice exercises and downloadable practice video clips to accelerate your learning process.

By the time you finish the course, you will have a one-minute edited documentary and the supplied raw footage under your belt.

You will also earn a certificate of completion that you can show your potential employers to showcase your skills and knowledge of Adobe software.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Masterclass is best accessed with Adobe Creative Cloud. But you can also use older versions for Mac or PC.

If you’re new to Udemy, you can sign up for a free seven-day trial. Additionally, all the courses on this platform include a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can join this course risk-free.

Overall, it is one of the best online video editing courses for those who use or want to learn to use Adobe Premiere Pro.


  • Great for beginners and experts alike
  • Hands-on learning approach
  • Filled with practice exercises 
  • Practice clips available for download
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • Free trial available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Costly
  • Requires access to Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Does not fully explain all the video terminology


  • Seven-day free trial
  • Monthly price: $99.99 per month


  • Udemy

3. Mastering Final Cut Pro

The third-best video editing course we recommend is Mastering Final Cut Pro. This advanced video editing class is available on Coursera and is great for taking your editing skills to the next level and growing your career.

It will teach you how to produce and edit videos using Apple’s Final Cut Pro video editing software (earlier called Final Cut Pro X).

Mastering Final Cut Pro will also help you learn to apply transitions, visual effects, and video clip timing alterations and import and export project files for seamless collaborations.

With this video editing course, you’ll also learn the basics of 360-degree video development, audio editing, and adding professional titles and animated graphics.

Other technical aspects you’ll master include creating a simple mix, refining a rough cut, reading video scopes, color correction, and media management.


Degrees, Certificates, & Free Online Courses

  • More than 5,000 courses
  • Professional Certificates
  • Degrees from the Top Universities
Try Coursera

All the course modules include assignments with flexible deadlines. You can also adjust the deadlines whenever you want to suit your convenience. So people from all kinds of schedules and work backgrounds can enroll in this self-paced course.

You will also be able to practice your newfound video editing skills with the help of an Apple Certified Trainer.

Once you complete the course, it also provides a certificate to help you prove your skills to potential employers.


  • Suitable for beginners and experienced video editors
  • Has flexible deadlines
  • Offers guidance from an Apple Certified Trainer


  • Does not explain basic video editing terminologies well
  • Requires a basic understanding of macOS
  • Needs a constant Internet connection


  • $49 per month


  • Coursera

4. Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X

Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X is one of the best video editing classes for video editing beginners.

Learn how to use Final Cut Pro’s key features and tools with the aid of this Skillshare video editing course (see our detailed comparison of Skillshare vs. Udemy here).

The course includes a step-by-step guide to the editing software that you can use to learn to create engaging videos for YouTube marketing (see also ‘The 6 Best Masterclass YouTube Courses You Can Try Today‘) (see also ‘The 6 Best Masterclass YouTube Courses You Can Try Today‘).

It will teach you how to assemble components in the software, add audio optimization strategies, and use libraries to manage and optimize your video content.

The editing course also gives you an overview of iPhone screen recording options. It also covers other technical aspects such as tightening edits with trim deletes, syncing external audio with videos, adding sound effects and background music, and common keyboard shortcuts.

You will also learn to export project files into the correct format for your video creation needs.

By the time you finish the course, you will have created an entire video project you can call your own. Its hands-on learning approach makes it ideal for those who learn better by practicing skills and techniques regularly.

If you sign up on Skillshare for the first time, you can try its one-month free trial and enjoy your free video editing course until then. You may even finish all the lessons within that time frame.

After one month is up, you will need to subscribe to the platform’s monthly or annual subscription plans for continued access.


  • Great for first-timers
  • Has a detailed guide to Final Cut Pro
  • Offers a practical learning experience
  • Useful for creating YouTube marketing videos
  • Teaches iPhone screen recording options


  • Does not provide a certificate of completion


  • Monthly pricing: $32
  • Annual subscription fee: $14 per month


  • Skillshare

5. DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals

If you wish to try other video editing software besides Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut, the DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals course is one of the best online video editing courses that you could enroll in.

It offers a comprehensive guide to DaVinci Resolve and helps you learn about various file types and creating and managing video projects.

This fast-paced editing course focuses on practical learning to ensure that you build the necessary skills for creating video content.

It offers a brief introduction to DaVinci Resolve and discusses important system and user preferences, managing your archive, restoring Resolve projects, and performing color correction.

Its user-friendly and engaging videos also teach you to sort your media files into bins, import video footage, and handle metadata on media pages.

The course also has a quick 60-second commercial you can tinker with while learning. This allows you to turn a rough cut into a more professional video with the help of trim tools and transitions.

Its carefully designed challenges will guide you and help you learn to effectively harness on-screen transformations, trim audio, and add B-roll content. You’ll also learn other aspects of the editing process.

These include assembling and splitting audio tracks, adding effects to video pages, and rendering and exporting different file types.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can post on your resume.

If you’re new to LinkedIn Learning, you can access the course content for a month for free. After the free trial, it will cost you $35.


  • Great for beginners
  • Hands-on learning
  • Includes fun challenges
  • Provides offline access
  • Lifetime access
  • Offers a free trial for a month


  • Low-quality video resolution


  • One-month free trial
  • Post-trial: $35


  • LinkedIn Learning

6. Become An iMovie Master – Create Amazing Movies Today

Become an iMovie Master – Create Amazing Movies Today is one of the best online courses for heavy MacBook users who want to edit video clips with precise details.

It features on-demand videos and seven downloadable resources that teach you everything you need to know about creating engaging videos.

This course by producer Steve Burnich also delves into how to upload and promote your video content on social media platforms.

You will also learn to edit green screen footage, add voice-overs in videos, and create montages, short movies with multimedia features, custom video sizes, custom animations with keynotes, and Hollywood-style trailers. 

Other things that you’ll learn from Become an iMovie Master include adding animations with photos, importing media, and managing project workflows.

By the end of the course, you will have created a short movie or demo reel with videos, images, music, sound effects, voice-over, and text.

This methodical, well-organized course is one of the lighter yet valuable video editing classes in the market. It is fantastic for those who wish to pursue vlogging and edit video clips and movies for production houses.

It helps you build a strong base of video editing skills so your work speaks for itself and you can grow in this industry.


  • Great for MacBook users with beginner-level and advanced skills
  • Has on-demand videos and downloadable resources
  • Includes practice media
  • Suitable for vloggers and production house video editors


  • Needs basic knowledge of macOS


  • $43.99


  • Udemy

7. Premiere Pro: Learn Adobe Premiere Pro In 1 Hour

Premiere Pro: Learn Adobe Premiere Pro In 1 Hour is a crash course on Adobe Premiere Pro basics.

This course by VFX and motion graphics artist, Ruan Lotter, will teach you how to edit films and produce high-quality online video content using Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-leading editing software.

It will also teach you about the interface, basic editing, creating sequences, sequence versioning, effect controls, transitions, basic keyframes, adding logos, video within a video, color correcting, and color grading.

Other topics include importing assets, rendering and exporting the final cut, and overlaying graphics, titles, and lower thirds.

These lessons will help you learn to produce your own professional videos in just one hour. This makes this course one of the shortest video editing classes in the market.

You will also get to work on a hands-on class project that will help you develop practical video editing skills.

You will need to install Adobe Premiere Pro on your device for this course. But if you don’t have it, you can download the trial version for free for 30 days from Adobe’s website.


  • One-hour course for those who are short on time
  • Allows to work on a class project for hands-on learning


  • Not suitable for seasoned professionals
  • Requires installation of Adobe Premiere Pro


  • Adobe and Skillshare: Free
  • Udemy: $10


8. Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 18/17: Beginner to Advanced

Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 18/17: Beginner to Advanced is one of the top online courses for beginners and experienced professionals who want to use DaVinci Resolve for their video editing projects.

It teaches you to add effects (OpenFX) and motion graphics to videos, color correct, and do color grading with different tools.

You’ll also learn to use color wheels, curves, qualifiers, scopes, power windows, different nodes from serial to layer, and more.

The course comes with plenty of useful articles and downloadable resources. You can save them and go back to them later to quickly refresh your knowledge.

Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 18/17 also gives you the opportunity to work on an entire video project. In this project, you will have to import media, edit video clips, add graphics, transitions, music, and text, color correct, and perform color grading.

This helps you convert your video ideas into projects you can show the world. You also earn a certificate of completion at the end of the course that you can add to your resume and show your employers.


  • Offers practical learning experience
  • Self-paced
  • Does not require prior knowledge of DaVinci Resolve
  • Suitable for learners with zero video editing experience
  • Lifetime access


  • Explanation of common video editing terminologies could be better


  • $19.99


  • Udemy

9. Make Compelling Videos That Go Viral with Marques Brownlee

Make Compelling Videos That Go Viral with Marques Brownlee is a wonderful course on MasterClass that helps beginners create marketing videos to increase brand awareness and reach.

It delves into how to produce and edit attractive videos that can go viral and capture customers’ attention.

Its step-by-step guide and visual lessons teach you the essentials of video creation and planning for viral video content.

In this course, you will learn about lenses, cameras, and lighting for video production, scoring and sharing videos, enhancing composition in videos, and using strategies to boost engagement.

Marques Brownlee will also offer in-depth insights into B-roll content and how to use your voice in recordings effectively. You will also learn to use stock footage to elevate your video content and create powerful communication strategies.

The framework checklists of the course also guide you on your learning journey and help you stay focused throughout the course.

The course costs $19 on a monthly basis and takes about a month to finish. You’ll have to pay for the extra months if you take longer to complete the course.


  • Great for those who want to master video marketing
  • Provides step-by-step instructions and framework checklists for easy learning
  • Helps you learn to boost customer engagement


  • Does not provide a certificate after course completion


  • $19 per month


  • MasterClass

Are Video Editing Courses Worth It?

Are Video Editing Courses Worth It?

Video editing courses are worthwhile as they help you learn video editing skills that are key to a successful video editing career.

They teach you how to use popular video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Filmora, DaVinci, PowerDirector, and other video editing tools.

These courses also teach you advanced editing techniques to elevate video content, structure, and appeal.

This makes them the preferred option for budding video editors who don’t wish to invest a lot of time and money on a degree but want to acquire all the essential knowledge related to video editing.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Video Editing?

How Long Does It Take To Learn Video Editing?

Learning video editing and mastering at least its basics usually takes around three months, especially for beginners. However, video editors who already know the fundamentals may take less time to learn, say, about two months.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you must spend considerable time perfecting the skills you’ve learned.

Also, this field keeps growing every day. So you need to constantly learn new skills, techniques, and tools to stand out and make your mark in the industry.

Moreover, note that most online video editing courses allow you to learn and finish the courses at your own pace. So how much time you take to complete a video editing course depends on your learning level and capabilities.


Signing up for a video editing course is a great way to learn to edit videos. Also, with so many courses available, you do not need to invest as much money or time because most of them are self-paced, allowing you to learn in your own time and at your convenience.

We hope you enjoyed reading our detailed guide. If you found it useful and engaging, check out our other articles and blog posts on our website. Happy learning!


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