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Marques Brownlee MasterClass Review 2023

Marques Brownlee is one of the most famous names in the tech scene right now.

While Brownlee started out making youtube videos reviewing media center remotes in his dorm room as a teenager back in 2009, he has gone on to amass a tremendous following with passionate fans who eagerly await each and every video he puts out. 

While tech and electronic reviews are nothing new on YouTube, the editing, camerawork, sound design and overall production of Brownlee’s videos really are unlike anything on the site, which is why there has been such massive anticipation for the Marques Brownlee Masterclass.

Now that it’s finally here, how does the class stack up to its video editing competitors? And is it worth your time, money, and effort? That’s what we’re here to discuss today in this Marques Brownlee MasterClass review.

Who Is Marques Brownlee?

If you have ever looked up a review of a phone, laptop, headset, camera, or really any tech device on YouTube, there is a very high chance that you have come across or watched one of Marques Brownlee’s videos.

With over 15 million subscribers and over 3 billion total views on his Youtube channel, Brownlee is undoubtedly not only the most popular tech reviewer on YouTube video, but potentially the most well-known reviewer in general as he combines a charismatic and witty personality with expertly edited and compelling videos that go viral and an in-depth knowledge of all things. 

When Brownlee announced that he was going to be launching a MasterClass teaching people about his video creation techniques in the summer of 2022, fans were beyond excited to get an insight into the masterful editing approach he takes to the lessons of creating videos, and now that the class is finally here, it’s time to see if it really was worth all the hype. 

What Is Included In The Marques Brownlee MasterClass?

In the 30-day-long class, Marques teaches aspiring content creators and producers all about the fundamentals of cameras, career-making videos, lenses, lighting, and audio monitoring along with how to use specific production techniques including B-Roll, and finally how to package and share a video in its full quality. 

The class aims to prepare anyone, regardless of their tech video editing knowledge, to be able to produce a series of videos that are of the highest quality and that they can be proud of. 

At just the monthly $15 fee that you would need to pay to use MasterClass, you can gain access to guidance from one of the brightest minds in tech through a month-long course designed to enhance your skills in video production by leaps and bounds. 

Positives Of The Marques Brownlee MasterClass

Bitesize Sessions

While many MasterClass lessons will reach up to an hour in length, requiring you to set a bit of time aside from your busy schedule, each one of the 31 lessons in Brownlee’s class averages about 10 minutes in length while still being packed full of content and information. 

This makes it easy to watch a certain amount of episodes a day depending on your time schedule with the course working around you and your needs.

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High-Quality Content Creation

While the sessions may be small, they are still full of information as Marques switches between a 1 on 1 style of teaching to practical demonstrations along with comparisons and basic tutorials that only start getting more complex gradually as the course goes on. 

The lessons are also paced in a way where you get just enough information on each topic with each session being focused on a particular technique or tool that you can use to improve your editing. 

For example, while you will be learning all about how to position and use cameras along with the best lenses for creating engaging content, you can use them in lessons 1-3 for the second section, lessons 4-8 will then be dedicated to lighting setups and how this affects the atmosphere and tone of a video. 

Not to mention, Brownlee is one of the only video editors who explains the use of B-Roll in an effective and easy-to-understand way which can be a massive game changer when it comes to video production.

Along with the editing basics, audio monitoring, and eyeliner communication, there really is an astounding amount you can learn through this course.

In the final video lesson, he tells how stock footage and creating sample videos can be edited through basic editing skills. 

Practical Assignments 

Sprinkled in between the 31 lessons are a few practical assignments that help to immerse you in the teaching process while also allowing you to act out what Marques is doing in an easy-to-understand way. 

For example, the first assessment allows you to use a criteria rubric to try and narrow down the video content you are most drawn towards so that you can gain an idea of what sort of videos you would be most suited for, which is incredibly useful since Marques is not only teaching people how to make tech videos but instead, is gearing them up for all kinds of video productions, with these assessments being a big help. 

Marques Brownlee As A Teacher

Despite being a tech expert, Marques ensures to take his time slowly and clearly explaining each and every aspect of editing and never goes overboard with the information to the point where it can be a little overwhelming while bringing his familiar passion and enthusiasm to each of the sessions. 

Negatives Of The Marques Brownlee MasterClass

More Basic Than In-Depth

The course is designed for those who may not be the most knowledgeable or experienced when it comes to video editing and producing, and therefore a lot of the information, while detailed, never goes into too much detail that more advanced professional content creators may want to learn about.

There is definitely still a good amount of information to take any beginner editor to an advanced level in just a month, however, because the sessions are so long, you won’t get too much of an overview of all the different kinds of cuts you can make with a camera or how different colored lighting can change a shot in particular ways for example. 

If you already consider yourself an advanced-level editor and want to take your skills to the professional level, while this masterclass course will still teach you a lot of tips from a first-hand expert, you may already know about a lot of the information.

Final Thoughts

While it may not be what the more advanced expert video editors are looking for, if you are a beginner or just know your way around content production and editing but want a little more guidance and support to make each of your videos as high quality as possible, Marques Brownlee’s MasterClass is more than worth the $15 monthly fee.

Each session is filled with the passion and charisma that Brownlee is so well known for in his videos which makes this course not only educational but also incredibly fun with this even applying to the practical assignments which always feel useful and never outstay their welcome. 

At the end of the 30 days, you are guaranteed to be far more knowledgeable on all the tools and features that go into producing and editing video content, and considering each session is only 10 minutes long, it also means this class is much easier to fit into a daily schedule when compared to many of its competitors.

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