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Best Online Guitar Lessons to Sign Up For in 2022

Best Online Guitar Lessons to Sign Up For in 2023

Whether you’re a beginner guitarist looking to start playing guitar or an advanced guitar player who wishes to improve your guitar technique, online guitar lesson platforms are a real boon.

They allow guitar players of all skill levels to come on board and learn while factoring in their schedules and budgets.

Don’t have much time to learn? No problem. The best online guitar lessons are usually self-paced. As a result, you can learn wherever and whenever you like. You can also access them on different devices and keep learning on the go.

They are also much more affordable than live lessons. So they won’t break the bank, and you can keep learning for as long as you need.

If you’re checking out the market for a well-rounded online guitar lesson, we have listed the top 10 online guitar lessons here for you. They range from beginner lessons to more advanced online lessons to help learners pick up new guitar tricks. Check them out below.

10 Best Online Guitar Lessons

Below, you can find a list of ten online guitar lessons, all aimed at improving your guitar skills. Each one has a different target student, but all impress with unique approaches to learning guitar from home.

Let’s go over them one by one.

1. Fender Play

1. Fender Play

Fender Play is one of the best online guitar lessons for beginners and hobbyists. Its guided learning paths and lesson plans help you quickly become proficient in playing guitar and progress in your lessons rapidly. 

It offers something for experienced guitar players, too. But intermediate players and above should look elsewhere for a more exhaustive content mix.

Fender Play lessons focus mainly on teaching you to play guitar with the help of popular songs. It also allows you to access advanced online lessons.

The app has a proper structure and gives you complete control of the learning process. You will not only learn to play the acoustic guitar and electric guitar but also other instruments like the bass guitar and ukulele. This offers you a more diverse learning opportunity.

When you sign up on the online learning platform, you must select your instrument (guitar, bass guitar, or ukulele) and the style you wish to learn.

You can then choose from different music styles such as pop, rock, blues, folk, country, and more. Finally, you can select your learning path, with difficulty levels ranging from one to five.

Fender Play provides an excellent user experience. You can monitor your learning progress on the sidebar, choose your skill level, riff, or song lessons, and mark your favorites.

All the video lessons also have a button for tabs, chord charts, feedback, tools, and a glossary section.

The course also has multiple instructors to ensure that you always learn from the best. Moreover, the weekly Fender Play Live sessions help you discover more guitar lessons and artist content and chat about guitar gear.

This helps you learn more and become a part of Fender Play’s huge online community.

New members also get a 10% discount on Fender music instruments. This makes Fender Play one of the most favorite online guitar lessons around.


  • Great for beginners
  • Caters to guitar, bass, and uke players
  • Flawless user experience
  • Offers a bespoke learning path for each learner
  • Bite-sized lessons
  • Has a great app
  • Excellent choice of teachers and lessons
  • Rewards regular use
  • Easy progress tracking
  • Packed with popular songs
  • Features a multi-angle camera for better learning


  • Not suitable for intermediate and advanced players
  • No offline access to course content


  • Seven-day free trial
  • Monthly price: $14.99
  • Yearly price: $99.99

2. Guitar Tricks

2. Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks has been in business since 1998 and is one of the original online guitar lesson platforms. It has more than 11,000 guitar lessons and 900 song lessons to boot.

It is one of the finest guitar learning tools for intermediate and advanced players, as it has more content than most of its rivals.

Guitar Tricks also includes beginner material and a comprehensive core learning system.

This helps you progress quickly from learning basic guitar skills to playing barre chords and mastering other advanced guitar techniques. However, it is still best suited for the more advanced guitarists.

Guitar Tricks’ genre studies and song lessons are highly impressive. The platform offers bite-sized song tutorials that are easy to follow, along with excellent tips on improving tone.

It helps you easily decide the pickups and amp settings that you need to select, along with the pedals to use.

Guitar Tricks covers 12 genres and ventures into niche territory with rockabilly and surf. However, it does not include many pop songs, despite having one of the largest song libraries.

This makes it miss out on the younger crowd that listens to a lot of pop music and wants to learn to play such songs on their guitars.

Guitar Tricks’ user interface is also pretty dated and needs a lot of brushing up. Nonetheless, it remains our second-favorite pick among online guitar lessons for its many other virtues.


  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced players
  • Integrated teaching program
  • An impressive collection of guitar lessons and song lessons
  • Extensive artist and genre studies
  • Includes chord and scale charts
  • Covers different music styles in detail
  • Offers great technical resources such as maintenance tips and tone advice


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Not enough pop songs in the library
  • Needs to update the user interface


  • 14-day free trial
  • Monthly subscription: $19.99
  • Yearly subscription: $179.99

3. TrueFire

3. TrueFire

TrueFire is another well-known name in the online guitar lesson space. This platform packs a lot of innovative features and tools and is a far cry from the low-value free lessons on YouTube.

It offers a structured course and comes with more than 40,000 guitar lessons, 30,000 tabs, and 20,000 jam tracks. In addition, you can learn from a fantastic range of professional instructors.

You can get access to blues guitar lessons from Robben Ford, among other big names in the music industry.

The video lessons are in 1080p HD. So you can learn to play guitar better and not have to deal with poor-quality video resolution.

TrueFire uploads new courses every week. So you will find an endless library of learning resources on the platform to bring you up to speed. Its slow-mo and looping features are particularly great.

They allow you to select a difficult passage and play it on repeat slowly until you nail it. This helps you level up your guitar skills greatly.

You can also easily track your progress, allowing you to stick to the course and keep improving.

Keep in mind that TrueFire guitar lessons are not cheap. Nonetheless, this tool is great for helping you advance beyond the first baby steps on your guitar and learn different music styles.


  • Great for all skill levels
  • Packed with features, tools, and resources
  • Extensive catalog of lessons, tabs, and jam tracks
  • Amazing selection of teachers 
  • Has slow-mo and loop options
  • Works across a range of devices


  • Pricey


  • 30-day free trial
  • Monthly plan: $29
  • Annual plan: $249
  • Lifetime plan: $2,499

4. ArtistWorks Guitar

4. ArtistWorks Guitar

ArtistWorks Guitar is one of the best online platforms for learning guitar as it offers more than 50,000 video lessons with nine well-known guitar teachers.

You can learn electric rock guitar from Paul Gilbert and electric blues guitar from Keith Wyatt.

You can also get personalized feedback from the instructors through ArtistWorks Guitar’s Video Exchange Learning Platform.

The Video Exchange Learning Platform allows students to connect with their teachers to make the online learning experience more interactive and boost learning speed.

Learners can also assess their learning progress by submitting up to five videos to their allocated instructor. The instructor will pinpoint areas where you can improve your guitar skills to master the instrument faster.

ArtistWorks Guitar is also unique in that it offers tiered pricing plans. These packages allow you to learn more the longer you sign up for them.

Even the basic plan comes with the Video Exchange Library, unlimited access to lessons, and a music theory workshop.


  • More than 50,000 video lessons
  • A fantastic array of big-name guitar teachers
  • Helps guitarists hone playing skills
  • Tailored learning approach
  • Offers video feedback


  • Expensive


  • Three-month membership plan: $35 per month
  • Six-month membership plan: $30 per month
  • Annual membership plan: $23.25 per month

5. Guitareo

5. Guitareo

If you want to enter the guitar world, getting a grip on music theory, ear training, and other key aspects of learning guitar is important. Guitareo may be a newcomer on this list.

But it packs in many topics, including ear training and theory, along with other tools and resources. This makes it one of the best beginner courses out there.

It includes an extensive collection of video lessons and beginner material. These lessons cover all the essential information you need to help you master the guitar fundamentals quickly.

Guitareo’s guided lesson paths also help you follow a well-structured learning method to boost your learning.

It also delves into how to use the chords you’ve learned to craft your own songs. 

The platform has different sections on its website that keep everything organized and help you find what you’re looking for faster.

You’ll find courses in specific genres, key guitar method lessons, a training pack for mastering 500 popular songs in five days, and more.

Overall, Guitareo’s guitar lessons are fun, light, and easy to understand, helping you start playing right away.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Great content
  • Fun and understandable lessons
  • Guided learning paths
  • Excellent presenters
  • Easy to navigate
  • Downloadable tab
  • Updated regularly


  • Not suitable for advanced players
  • No interactive tabs
  • Poor mobile integration


  • Seven-day free trial
  • Monthly membership plan: $15
  • Annual membership plan: $120

6. Simply Guitar

6. Simply Guitar

Simply Guitar is an innovative guitar-learning app with a unique gamified approach that makes learning fun and addictive.

This gaming-style mobile app eases the learning process and makes you look forward to your practice sessions. It guides you throughout your learning journey until you master the fretboard fully.

Simply Guitar’s animated scrolling fretboard delivers notes you must play correctly. If you do this, the app will give you access to a wider range of exciting content, including its massive library of contemporary songs. 

It has different learning levels that a fun explanatory video introduces. All the other content is also mostly animated and interactive.

Simply Guitar also provides feedback instantly on your playing that helps you figure out areas of improvement. The app will then take you back to difficult lessons that you need to work more on.

Overall, this app is best for beginners who want to learn songs and enjoy simple, fun, and engaging lessons. However, if you need more advanced lessons with greater depth, you should look at its other alternatives.


  • Teaches you to play songs from day one
  • Fun, interactive learning experience
  • A vast library of popular songs
  • Provide quick feedback


  • Not great for intermediate and advanced players


  • Seven-day free trial
  • Monthly plan: $10.99
  • Yearly plan: $119.99

7. JustinGuitar

7. JustinGuitar

JustinGuitar is another great learning app for those who wish to foray into the guitar world. We chose this platform on our professional review site as Justin Sandercoe, a well-known teacher in guitar circles, teaches it.

He offers one of the best beginner courses to help you get started with playing guitar. The best part about this course is that it is free.

JustinGuitar has an impressive 1,334 free lessons and 704 free song lessons that you can learn from. You can also access his YouTube videos for additional learning.

More advanced players can enjoy the plethora of tutorials and downloadable practice resources. So whether you’re a visual or auditory learner and need a video lesson or a song tutorial, there is something for everyone here.

There are also lessons for all abilities in music theory and guitar skills, helping you find what you need easily.

You can also check out JustinGuitar’s affordable add-on apps and subscription programs to support your learning needs. Overall, it is a formidable learning app for all skill levels.


  • A wide range of courses for all skill levels
  • An impressive amount of content and topics
  • Offers a lot of free lessons
  • Easy to understand
  • Reputed guitar instructor
  • Tracks progress with a grading system
  • Provides downloadable resources
  • Offers add-on apps for extra learning


  • Slightly difficult to navigate the site


  • Free to join
  • Packages start from $9.99 per month for a 6-month membership

8. Yousician

8. Yousician

Yousician caters to the younger crowd of guitarists who enjoy gamification in everything they do.

Unlike its competitors, it moves away from just offering a bank of video lessons to its users and incorporates a console game-like feel in its guitar lessons.

With Yousician’s award-winning audio-recognition technology, you can use your mobile device to listen to your playing.

Yousician will then score you depending on your timing and accuracy and help you know when you’re playing right or wrong. 

It sounds really simple, but it is especially effective for young guitarists who prefer instant feedback. The app also has an impressive bank of 9,000 lessons and 1,800 songs that you can check out to improve your playing skills.

Yousician is great for beginners who want to get started with playing guitar. But those who wish to take their guitar technique to the next level should look elsewhere. 


  • An impressive bank of lessons and songs
  • Easy to use 
  • Offers an interactive and fun learning experience
  • Comes with audio-recognition technology


  • Unsuitable for intermediate and advanced players
  • Can be confusing initially
  • Bright design can get annoying later


  • Seven-day free trial
  • Monthly subscription: $9.99
  • Annual subscription: $119.99

9. JamPlay

9. JamPlay

JamPlay is a high-quality learning platform that has something for everyone. Its huge selection of more than 450 courses, 7,271 lessons, and tutorials makes it perfect for students committed to learning guitar.

Its faculty includes over 100 music greats, including Steve Stevens, Lita Ford, Mark Kroos, and Kaki King.

It also has one-off guest courses featuring other music industry pros such as Robb Flynn, Tosin Abasi, Ariel Posen, and Prashant Aswani.

These guitar legends offer valuable masterclasses, sharing their expertise in writing, performing, and playing music.

In these masterclasses, you will hear them break down their skills and method in detail, helping you learn how they play their tracks.

Although you’ll find cheaper guitar lessons than JamPlay, its sheer amount of content and resources far outweighs them all. It also offers live in-studio lessons and a cool online library of chord and scale charts.

JamPlay also provides different mobile apps that allow you to learn on the move. So if you wish to amp up your playing skills, this platform can be a wonderful choice.

You can watch its lessons in 4K video resolution. It also has an interactive tab that lets you make tangible progress and chart your progress, too.


  • A comprehensive course with a wide range of lessons
  • High-profile instructors
  • Access to masterclasses 
  • Live in-studio lessons
  • Offers an interactive tab
  • High-quality video resolution
  • An extensive range of add-on mobile apps


  • Costly


  • Monthly membership package: $19.95
  • Quarterly membership package: $49.95
  • Yearly membership package: $159.95

10. Orange Learn

10. Orange Learn

Orange was one of the first guitar brands to provide a learning tool in the form of the Orange Learn platform. Unlike its competitors that focus on offering a huge amount of content, Orange has chosen credibility instead.

With Orange Learn, you can sign up for accredited courses and receive a graded qualification at the end. 

Its lessons cater to people of all skill levels, from beginners to Grade 8 learners. It also has online tutors to help you out when you get stuck somewhere.

Orange Learn lacks the bells and whistles of the more popular learning platforms. But it will surely help you progress in your guitar-learning journey. It also now offers lessons for vocalists.


  • Accredited courses for students of all abilities
  • Useful for those who have a specific learning goal
  • Comes with useful downloadable course materials 


  • Should include more content


  • Free to join
  • Monthly and annual pricing plans are charged as per desired grade level

What Is the Average Cost Of Online Guitar Lessons?

What Is the Average Cost Of Online Guitar Lessons?

The average cost of online guitar lessons ranges from $9 to $35 per month. You can reduce the cost by up to 30% to 50% by paying the lesson fees annually.

If you prefer private lessons from a guitar teacher on Skype, it will cost you around 20% less than in-person lessons, which cost about $40 to $60 per hour. Private lessons offer a way to learn guitar lessons online affordably but in a more personal setting.

Some guitar teachers also offer new guitar students a free introductory lesson. This allows them to try all the benefits of a course before they buy and save a little more on fees.

Overall, online lessons are easy on the pocket and allow beginners and advanced players to learn on a budget.

Can You Actually Learn Guitar Online?

Can You Actually Learn Guitar Online?

Learning guitar online is possible through structured online guitar courses. Many newbies watch YouTube videos that do not provide a structured learning path. They then get put off by the lack of structure and put down their guitar.

But there are many great online courses that make it easy for a beginner to learn how to play the guitar. You can sign up for any of the guitar courses mentioned above and learn from professional guitar instructors.

These online lessons also provide enough flexibility so you can learn at your own pace. This allows you to learn when you have the time and not feel discouraged about learning due to busy schedules.

It also helps you stick to your guitar lessons and become a pro over time.


The guitar lesson world is filled with many good and bad courses. Fortunately, our handy guide on the best online guitar lessons will help you discover the best tools and platforms for learning guitar.

They are packed with useful lessons and tutorials, have the best instructors, and offer other helpful learning resources.

You can also look at other guitar courses provided by online learning platforms such as Skillshare and MasterClass. These courses are also valuable, affordable, and can help you improve your guitar skills.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on the best online guitar lessons. If you found it interesting and informative, head to our website and check out our other guides and blog posts.


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