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Learn How To Play The Harmonica Online

10 Best Methods To Learn Harmonica Online in 2023

The harmonica is a little rectangular harp that belongs to the domain of wind instruments. It is a member of the same category as accordions. The origins of the instrument we call the harmonica can be dated back to the early years of the ancient Chinese period.

It was mostly employed to create soothing folk music, which has a great listening appeal. In the contemporary music scene, the harmonica has gained a lot of popularity. It is a common instrument used in musicals and orchestras.

There are many different kinds of harmonicas, and people are drawn to them for a variety of reasons. To help new, intermediate, and experienced and fellow harmonica players develop their talents, there are a tonne of online harmonica courses and tutorials available from skilled players.

The reviews that follow discuss some of the top websites where you may learn how to play the harmonica.

Top 10 Websites To Learn The Harmonica Online

1. Artistworks

This interactive website provides a variety of ways to learn how to play harmonica. The instructor and students can communicate through video lessons during online lessons.

Professional harmonica musician Howard Levy created the lessons made available on this website.

Students get access to Levy’s extensive library after becoming members. Pre-made audio, PDF, and video lessons are available in this online library.

Students can rehearse and post their videos lessons for Levy to review under the guidance of the directions in these materials. There will be corrections, followed by additional practice. Students from around the world are welcome to use the website.

Levy provides both theoretical and practical understanding on Artistworks. When taking private lessons, students can speak with the instructor directly to get the advice they need to improve as harmonica players.

The public can view and learn from the videos that other students have uploaded. All students have a choice between three courses on artistworks. 

You have the option of enrolling in a three-, six-, or one-year online program. The primary musical genres, including folk music, jazz, virtuoso, Indian, and many others, are covered in more than 100 online lessons.

2. Udemy

For anyone who wants to learn how to play harmonica at the highest level, Udemy has a huge online harmonica academy. You can choose from more than 50 lessons on the website. The lectures mostly consist of audio recordings and online video lessons and tutorials.

According to the lecturers’ profiles, these lectures are packed as a single unit. At the conclusion of the free online harmonica lessons, the instructors outline the offers and benefits you will receive.

You can discover free online harmonica lessons on the website that start with beginning-level instruction and progress through intermediate and more advanced techniques levels. Additionally, the variety of courses makes it simpler for students to develop new skills.

For instance, there are courses available that will instruct you on how to read music notation, as well as others that will educate you on how to perform songs and play the harmonica together in a band.

The students who may purchase the course are specified in Udemy’s online harmonica lessons. There are instructors who claim that only novices should use their lessons. 

Others claim that everyone may participate in and benefit from online lectures, regardless of background. To make it simpler for incoming students to choose and purchase the finest course, each instructor gets rated at the conclusion of the course.

3. David Gage Harmonica Lessons

This website’s online harmonica lessons include qualified assistance, online videos, pointers, and hints for playing the harmonica. For those with no prior musical instrument experience, the harmonica lessons online have been created.

The opportunity to refresh one’s skills is also open to individuals who have lost them over time. To help pupils progress, each lesson is precisely labeled.

The online course consists of 45 hours of video lessons that serve as lessons, 12 monthly live courses, and a brief lesson for novices to assist them to grasp what they’ll be studying over the coming weeks.

This website’s online learning program is made to support each student in playing the harmonica for 15 minutes each day. Students will begin performing their preferred rock, jazz, classical, or blues songs in a few months.

The courses go over fundamental concepts including learning the bend notes, holding the harmonica correctly, proper breathing techniques, practicing blow bends, harmonica theory, nomenclature, and easy hacks for playing the harmonica more quickly.

For more than 35 years, Dave Gage has provided online harmonica lessons to pupils. His engaging teaching learning style aids in the development of harmonica playing skills in both beginning and intermediate harmonica players.

4. Learn The Harmonica Online

10 Best Methods To Learn Harmonica Online in 2023 1

Liam Ward provides both harmonica lessons as well as paid best online harmonica lessons offer on this website. On Liam’s YouTube channel, which is accessible via a link on the website, you can watch harmonica lessons online. Additionally, students can use Skype to learn how to play harmonica.

Students who take direct Skype online harmonica lessons and learn harmonica fundamentals. Liam provides the hands-on instruction that is reproduced during the live practice sessions.

The interactive method of teaching harmonica ala fundamentals aids in the student’s rapid improvement of skills. Additionally, Liam emails out hundreds of no-cost lessons. After joining the website’s email list, you can access these materials.

The harmonica lessons have been divided into packages catered to the various student learning capacities. There are three levels: novice, intermediate, and expert. Students are guided by this structure as they look for the modules that will best fulfil their needs.

Students who have busy schedules can still keep up with their harmonica lessons thanks to the flexible learning modules. The instructor, Liam, is always prepared to offer criticism to assist students develop their abilities.

5. Harmonica Academy

This website is simple to use. The best online harmonica lessons are overseen by the host Tony Eyers, who has helped a lot of students. He has encouraged the expansion of a sizable fan base of harmonica lovers.

Students can access a well-organized program on the website. This course aims to give students fundamental knowledge of harmonica as well as practice chances. 

Following Tony’s method, students can progress from complete beginner to advanced harmonica instrumentalists in three months. To account for this time spent learning, the course program is split into 30 minutes of play each day.

The website offers a vast harmonica library with terms and theoretical details about playing the musical instrument. The free lessons serve as a reference for newcomers and those who need to brush up on their expertise.

The teaching scope also includes how to play blues and folk tunes as well as well-known classical pieces on the diatonic harmonica and a broader variety of beginner harmonica tips and tricks.

The video lessons demonstrate the fundamentals of handling the harmonica, reading music, and playing along with other musicians. To provide new visitors an overview of the virtual harmonica instruction and find music lessons, the website also provides a video tour.

6. Easy Harmonica Lessons Online

The simple instructions on this website can help individuals who have never practiced the harmonica before. After a seven-minute jam session in which students jam alongside the instructor via an internet video, the steps are simple.

Students can learn the fundamentals of harmonica playing with just three of these seven-minute courses every week before moving on to more complex techniques. Here, learning is enjoyable.

Even if errors will be made, the instructor’s approachable demeanor will make it unlikely that anyone will become frustrated. The instructors want to motivate the participants by making the films very simple to follow.

The comprehensive harmonica course includes comprehensive fifteen-hour tutorial videos that teach the fundamental concepts of harmonica playing. These subjects cover a variety of topics, such as learning the chords, practicing breathing exercises, postural advice, hand skills, and more.

The five primary harmonica music genres are covered in the courses. Folk music, the blues, jazz, and classical music are among them. Everyone who registers for these online harp courses also has access to thousands of other online learning resources.

The primary harmonica teachers on their website are JP Allen. He has been teaching and playing the harmonica for more than eighteen years. He has expertise in instructing students at universities and other higher-learning institutions on harmonica playing.

7. Harmonica Tunes

Anyone who has their harmonica set to the C key can access free online lessons at the harmonica songs website. 

Five parts make up the first free lessons, which are designed to introduce newcomers to the instrument. Novices can get their first harmonica playing experience with the included five-minute practice instruction.

The pupils will understand the fundamentals of practicing the harmonica after mastering the first tune before beginning to practice. They can relate to the subsequent online harmonica courses with ease if they are familiar with the first tune.

These best online harmonica lessons’ subject matter includes topics like mastering the blue scales for the harmonica, honing your first position instruction, and tips for playing the instrument more quickly.

Students are also urged to engage with the expanding community where a wealth of knowledge about harmonica playing is disseminated.

A learning program based on real-world experience is what the website thrives on. Students are encouraged to experiment with recording their work at the advanced techniques. Utilizing the apps recommended on the website is one way to do this. 

The practical features of practicing the harmonica are captured in the videos as high-resolution footage.

8. Modern Blues Harmonica

Learn How To Play The Harmonica Online

The website’s suggestions and instructions also provide advice on how to jam with a harmonica, play various different styles, and learn the proper breathing technique for playing the harmonica.

It will be fantastic to study harmonica playing from a genius like Adam Gussow. He is the creator of this website, which has hundreds of easily accessible harmonica study resources.

Adam has provided exclusive audio recordings and video footage that demonstrate how to play the harmonica to the pupils. The instructional materials on this website are intended to assist those who have never practiced the harmonica before.

The instructional materials are available to anyone who wants to become a better harmonica player.

This straightforward foundation for learning aids students in getting past some of the first difficulties they can experience while picking up a harmonica for the very first time.

Students are introduced to the blues harmonica in the instructional videos. The step-by-step method also enables beginners and intermediate musicians to play the harmonica with greater fluency and speed.

On the website, you may also watch stunning recordings that past pupils who are now seasoned professionals have recorded. For those who have never played a harmonica before, these videos can serve as motivation.

On the homepage, you can find the course description. This is a handbook to help prospective students understand the topics that will be covered in the course, which is primarily focused on the blues harp. 

Under Adam’s instruction, anyone can learn to play the harmonica expertly through well-organized videos and tabs.

9. Harmonica Breeze

This website is jam-packed with beneficial information, including online books, how-to videos, tunes, and suggestions to help you become a better harmonica player. Take the free lessons first and learn how to play tunes.

You may learn and play harmonica songs by using these tutorials, which feature videos and fast advice. The first harmonica experience is provided in these sessions. The teachings are entertaining and engaging.

To help pupils, YouTube videos were posted on the website. In these videos, the lecturers demonstrate and direct the pupils. 

Additionally, there are entertaining animated videos that add to the fun of harp practice. For the benefit of the students, the website provides a variety of learning alternatives, including PDF and audio files.

The lecturers come from a variety of backgrounds. This is done in an effort to give pupils more opportunities to study various international tunes. 

Learning how to play the harmonica by attending harmonica lessons and honing their skills with songs from their own country is advantageous for non-native speakers as well. Students are also taught how to practice with the tabs, perform with a C key, and read music.

10. Play Harmonica

Feel free to utilize the harmonica lessons provided on this website. The free harmonica lessons are offered so that everyone can learn the basics and get a feel for the instrument.

For free practice, only a harmonica tuned to the key of C is needed. After the trial period, the subsequent harmonica lessons are planned on a monthly basis. Depending on their prior experiences, students will begin at all levels. 

The basic concepts are covered in the beginning harmonica lessons. Students learn how to read music notation and hold a musical instrument to learn harmonica.

They will learn more lessons to better comprehend song playing and tonguing skills. Depending on the demands of the students, there are up to 23 courses available in the membership bundles.

Three categories have been used to group the course bundles. There are learning modules titled Bronze, Silver, and Gold. 

The duration of these several modules has been set at one month. The lectures provide all the knowledge and instructions required to master the harmonica within a month.

The lessons are very strongly focused on application. Students that use this learning framework better comprehend the areas in which they make errors and how to prevent them while practicing.

Additionally, the teachers make time to kindly encourage and assist the pupils in honing their abilities to learn harmonica.

Final Thoughts

The harmonica is a fantastic instrument to learn harmonica, and there are many different ways to practice it! We hope that with some of these suggestions for websites where you can learn the harmonica online, you’ll enjoy developing your skills and become an expert in no time!

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