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Martin Barrett
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Learn How To DJ Online

Learn How To DJ Online With These 6 Easy Free Courses

Becoming a DJ is an excellent career choice for those who love music! It’s great fun and although it takes some real time and effort to learn, it is so worth it in the long run!

An online DJ courses school could be a low-cost, time-saving solution to advance your talents if you’re just getting started with the decks. It’s challenging to choose the teacher or DJ schools that would best suit your needs, though, given the variety of possibilities accessible. 

Additionally, there is no standard place to start because there are so many various online DJ courses to become a modern DJ. Do you still need to learn more about electronic music theory? 

Which best online DJ courses offer beatmatching instruction? Where can you get instruction in vinyl DJing? If you want to start learning, should you acquire any equipment? If yes, which kind of hardware is optimal for aspiring DJs?

You may study DJing online if you’re a beginner or if you simply want to advance your knowledge. It provides you the freedom to study wherever you have internet access, including the convenience of your home. 

Everyone is aware that YouTube has plenty of tutorials, some of which are excellent and others that are not.

You can find a variety of educational playlists on Youtube devoted to educating you about dj technology, in addition to entry-level and expert equipment, if you’re practicing with DJ gear.

Check out Mojaxx and DJ TLM’s excellent how-to videos on the DJcity channel, plus ellaskins as well as Carlo Atendido. 

They’ve all accumulated a stockpile of clips that can assist you with anything from fundamental music theory to hacks and techniques that will improve the toolkit of even an experienced DJ. You may also brush up on a lot of things with online courses and guides!

You don’t even need to possess any physical equipment to learn; you may do it on your own equipment if you choose. Let’s look at how you can get started since there are numerous solutions available, at different prices, and some best online DJ courses are even free.

So are the best online DJ courses worth it in long term and learn how to DJ online!

How Can You Learn to DJ Online?

Before you start studying the processes required to become a DJ, there are a few items you’ll need. Ensure you have all you require to get started if you’d like to study in a professional DJs academy.

This primarily entails having access to the web on a phone, tablet, or laptop as well as some sort of recording equipment or beginner DJ hardware for recording and blending music.

If you’ve access to one, we advise utilizing a larger device, such as a sizable tablet,DJ equipment, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer.

They will be more beneficial than attempting to use a tiny smartphone screen because you’ll be spending a significant amount of time looking at them, watching material and reading.

Don’t plan to be performing for an audience too soon; remember that learning will take time, particularly if you’re a complete novice.

You will need to set aside time for practice and learning if you want to acquire the knowledge and DJ skill level necessary to make this a feasible career option.

While working at your own speed and in the environment that best DJ courses suits you is possible when you teach yourself, you must challenge and push yourself to improve. 

Having a physical instructor and individuals nearby who are also wanting to advance their DJ skills can sometimes make it simpler and can make a complete DJ.

What Do You Need To Learn DJing Online?

Depending on where you are in your understanding of DJing and also what you hope to achieve when you start studying, you may need different equipment. You might wish to learn this as a fun new talent to impress your friends or as a lifetime job.

You must decide that before you begin so that you don’t waste time studying incorrect information or purchasing unnecessary equipment.

You don’t require expensive machinery. There is no need to run out and get new ones; a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer would do just as well or some expensive DJ setups.

The majority of virtual DJing lessons, channels, apps, and websites may be accessed from home, a library, or any other public location as long as you have internet connectivity. Ideally you’ll also need a peaceful area where you can focus better.

Once you have the equipment, you must dedicate time each week to mastering the fundamental techniques and software applications needed for DJ training. Gaining any new set of technical skills, including this one, requires practice. 

Even though mastering the steps can seem simple at first, you need to spend time learning how to listen to dance music in a different way. A great method to get a jumpstart on learning what you need to do to mix properly is to be able to learn from seasoned DJs.

Hardware And Software For DJing

When you get started, you won’t be required to have record decks or a DJ controller. But ultimately, you’ll want to go and get some. You may use your phone, laptop, or computer to perform the same mixing methods thanks to virtual decks in the majority of DJ software.

The DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller from Pioneer DJ, for example, allows you to transmit your sounds across all of your gadgets and a number of well-known DJ apps. 

Additionally, you will have a huge selection of apps to choose from for your smartphone, including ones like Algoriddim’s DJay that allow you to transmit your files to a computer.

Where Can You Learn To DJ Online?

Learn How To DJ Online

Anyone who wants to quickly and efficiently study how to DJ can find endless materials online. You can find websites providing lessons on how to use open-source and free software downloads. 

There are also many locations where you can find comprehensive tutorials on how to create your first ever mix and share it with your fellow music fans. 

A lot of these are hosted by rising or seasoned DJs. Applications for your phone can be useful if you’re new to joining a DJ school. They are a versatile creative format and can aid in ear training.

Popular Online DJ Courses & Prices

  • Udemy: Various prices
  • DJ Courses Online: As little as $19 a month
  • Crossfader: £75
  • Point Blank Music Institute: Various prices
  • Digital DJ Tips: starting at $147
  • Scratch DJ Academy: Monthly fees start at $13


Almost anything you could possibly want to learn is available on Udemy in professional-level new DJ courses, including how to become a professional DJ. 

The one drawback would be that Udemy is best used for absorbing material; it is not the best location to share what you’ve learned and get feedback. 

It works well when combined with another website where you may obtain such feedback. The great news would be that Udemy programs are simple to understand, preventing information overload. They frequently offer discounts too so keep an eye out!

DJ Courses Online

We appreciate the variety of new courses offered by DJ Courses Online since there is something for all skill levels and interests, including DJing Fundamentals, Advanced DJ Techniques, DJ Career Tips, and DJ Software-Specific Courses. 

You pay a monthly subscription and have unlimited direct access to the entire repertoire, unlike some online DJ schools where you must pay for each DJ course or section separately.


The DJ Transitions Course, The Complete Online Scratching DJ Course, and Tone Play Mixing are the only general DJing courses offered by Crossfader under the heading “Creative DJ Courses.”

Point Blank 

A variety of music-related courses are offered at Point Blank Music School, including courses in music production, singing and songwriting, radio production courses, and DJing.

In addition to offering online courses, they provide real DJ course sites in London, China, Los Angeles, Ibiza, and Mumbai.

Additional Free Websites

There are many DJ courses online available, and even paid DJ courses frequently provide lessons or trial periods, which is convenient if you want to sample before you join up.

DJ TLM is one really wonderful example of an experienced DJ that has a YouTube channel with programming that covers every single facet of DJ culture, from style to etiquette.

How Else Can You Learn To DJ For Free?

Although there are many books and audio recordings on the subject, online tools are the  easy choice for anyone wishing to learn the art for free. 

There are many excellent guides, examples, and lessons provided by seasoned and skilled DJs, yet there are also numerous more that are intended merely to get clicks. You must use caution to ensure that the material you read and watch will be useful to you.

How Difficult Is DJ Training?

Any new skill requires patience and commitment to learn. Fortunately, the fundamentals of DJing can be learned quite easily because of the constant advancement of music technology, which has made learning how to mix, beat-match, and scratch easier than ever.

To determine what the audience wants to hear, you must also have a thorough understanding of music.


The art of mixing involves utilising components from two or more tracks to produce a new track or to make a relatively smooth transition between them. The objective is often to produce a single “mix,” which consists of 30 to 60 minutes of music with no gaps or breaks.

There are several free websites where you can upload your music, get feedback, and criticisms, all of which will help you learn how to improve your craft and make your first mix, which you should look forward to.

Matching Beats

You must master the art of synchronising songs’ speeds, or BPMs (Beats Per Minute), in order to seamlessly transition one track into another smoothly. Manually acquiring this talent is undoubtedly advantageous. 

Most DJ controllers as well as other hardware, if not all of them, include a feature called a “Sync” button that should match the songs through software, but it doesn’t always work, so it’s preferable to understand how it works yourself in case you run into trouble.


The physical process of mastering the various scratches can be learned in as little as one hour or two, and it mostly calls for the capacity to measure out a four-beat speed. You can master some more challenging scratching once you get that down. 

There are many online tutorials for this, and if you want to enrol in a physical course or class, this will likely be one of the simpler topics for beginners to learn.

What Is The Cost Of DJ School?

The cost will vary depending on a number of variables, but it typically ranges from $50 to $150 per hour. There will be some pricing variance depending on whether you plan to enrol in an online DJ school or in-person classes that are available in your area. 

Depending on where you check and whether you want to take a class that may span several weeks or just a few sessions, there may be a pricing difference between live and online colleges.

Since you are buying individual DJ courses rather than a whole class, it is typically less expensive to receive DJ courses online from a website like Udemy which has a variety of courses than from an online courses school run by DJs for DJs. 

Another consideration is the caliber of the content. Before spending any money, make sure to do your research on the institution. You want to be sure the instructors are competent and that you receive value for your money. This will assist you in avoiding con artists.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing stopping you from learning to online DJ now that you are aware of your alternatives, whichever one you decide is best for you. The moment is here to start the journey toward becoming a DJ that people will remember.

Examine your alternatives and select the best one for you. Take your time and put that time to good use; the result will be worthwhile. The best chance you have of succeeding is if you are able to pay for online DJ school.