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Layla Acharya
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best algebra online course

The Best Algebra Online Course To Do In 2023

After high school ends, many of us forget the algebra lessons we had until we’re called to use them again in further studies or employment.

Although it can be daunting to get a handle on this tricky area of mathematics, there are lots of great online courses that make it easy for adults to learn and use methods that weren’t taught when we were teenagers.

Can you learn algebra online? Yes, you can learn algebra online with courses available for basic or advanced lessons, as well as other information on mathematics and the history of algebra.

Depending on your skill level and the goals you have for your education, you can find online lessons that suit your specific needs.

When you’re learning algebra, it’s important to have a course provider that makes it accessible and easy to understand.

With that in mind, we’ve selected the best algebra online course options out there today, so you can find one that suits your learning style and requirements.

The Best Algebra Online Courses

Learning algebra is easier than ever thanks to the number of online courses now available, and each has its own delivery style and content.

To help you navigate your way toward the best algebra online courses that will suit your learning requirements, we’ve narrowed down some of the most popular.

#1 Udemy: Algebra I

#1 Udemy: Algebra I

For anyone looking to learn algebra, the best place to start is to become an algebra master. Thankfully, the Udemy Algebra I (Beginning Algebra) is one of the easiest places to do it and it provides a stepping stone to then complete the Algebra II course.

This course has been offered by Udemy since 2009 so they’ve had many years of experience fine-tuning it to the needs of their students.

Each class will cover just one topic at a time so you can get your head around it and there are 14 in total to work through.

Some of the modules include Grouping Symbols and Translating Words Into Symbols, so you’ll learn all of the essentials as you go.

The entire course takes around one hour and 35 minutes, depending on the pace you work at.

Although it comes with a price tag of just over $24, people find the course easy to work through and the teaching methods to be effective, so it’s money well spent if you’re looking to learn algebra without too much difficulty.

#2 Udemy: Algebra II

best algebra online course

If you’ve taken Udemy’s first algebra course and still need to broaden your algebra skills in this area of mathematics but feel confident to challenge yourself further, the Algebra II course is the obvious next step.

Udemy designs its courses to be taken as standalone classes or grouped with others, so beginners through to advanced students will find them suitable.

The Algebra II course dives deeper into advanced algebra and takes a little over two hours to complete.

As with the first course, this one is broken up into 16 lectures that span five different sections, giving students the ability to learn as slowly or as quickly as they want, and everything is offered as on-demand video.

Among some of the subjects covered in this course are natural numbers and quadratic equations for improving critical and logical thinking.

As a paid course, the quality of the Udemy lessons is high, but it costs the same as the first iteration at only $24.35 to complete.

Once you’re done, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and be given the chance to extend your lessons even further with various mathematics courses if you want to go even deeper with algebra teachings.

#3 Coursera: Algebra: Elementary to Advanced

#3 Coursera: Algebra: Elementary to Advanced

Coursera offers their Algebra: Elementary to Advanced course as a way for anyone to learn the basics before they get onto the more advanced elements of mathematics.

In total, you should spend around 10 hours on this course and it’s all delivered with on-demand video so you can go at your own pace.

The course is provided by John Hopkins University and you’ll receive a certificate of completion when you finish it to prove what you’ve learned.

The course is divided up into five modules that you can work your way through, and they guarantee that even the most novice of mathematicians will walk away understanding algebra and why it’s so important.

The best thing about Coursera is that it’s entirely free, so as long as you’re willing to commit your time to learning, you won’t have to pay a cent.

The goal of this course is to learn the basics of algebra and then decide if you want to go further, like learning about more advanced areas of mathematics like statistics and calculus, other options let you do just that.

#4 edX: College Algebra

#4 edX: College Algebra

If you feel as though your college education failed you when it came to mathematics, taking the lessons again as an adult and using a different, more accessible format might be ideal.

The edX College Algebra course delivers exactly as its name suggests and can teach you everything that’s usually taught during college education.

College Algebra runs for a lot longer than other courses, with eight weeks needed to complete the subject. However, it’s thorough and slow-paced which means anyone can pick up the basics of algebra.

Each block covers a new topic and takes one week to complete so there’s plenty of time to learn without feeling rushed. Better still, there’s no charge for taking part in this algebra course and you can work it at your own pace.

To ensure the highest quality of education, edX has partnered with over 160 different universities to create courses that give their students access to the best of the best, with this specific algebra-related one being offered by Doane University.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of algebra and how to apply them in various situations, so it’s a great starting point for any career or studies that rely on this area of mathematics.

#5 Datacamp: Linear Algebra for Data Science in R

#5 Datacamp: Linear Algebra for Data Science in R

Linear algebra is one of the most commonly used topics in data science and these days, understanding it is a prerequisite for many careers and secondary education prospects.

If you’re interested in learning more about linear algebra, this eight-week course by Datacamp will be right up your alley.

The entire coursework takes only four hours to complete and you can do it online with readings and videos.

There’s no need to rush as you work your way through it as it can be completed self-paced, which is ideal as there are some complex ideas covered.

Classed as intermediate, you should have a basic understanding of algebra before sighing up for this course, so make sure you take one of the beginner courses first.


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Price-wise, Datacamp has made this accessible to everyone with the Linear Algebra for Data Science in R course costing just $12.42, and you’ll receive a certificate at the end which proves your understanding of the linear algebra fundamentals.

The course is divided up into four parts with topics including principal component analysis and matrix-vector equations, so it’s easy to see why some fundamental knowledge of algebra is needed before you commit.

#6 edX: The Math of Data Science: Linear Algebra

#6 edX: The Math of Data Science: Linear Algebra

As a commonly studied element of algebra, there are some great options for linear algebra courses out there. The edX option called “The Math of Data Science: Linear Algebra” is one of the most highly rated because of the sheer volume of content it covers.

This online course is offered by edX (see also ‘How Does edX Work?‘) as they partner up with Rice University, so you’re getting an accredited and recognized education in linear algebra when you sign up.

Within this course framework, you’ll cover topics including theoretical material and a common vocabulary, giving you a deeper understanding of all things algebra.

This is an ideal choice for people moving into careers or studies where linear algebra is a requirement, and a fundamental understanding is needed.

You can expect to spend eight weeks studying this course and it’s delivered solely online, but as it’s a self-paced topic, you can speed this up or slow it down as you need to.

The entire course is studied online and when you complete it, you’ll get a certificate. If you choose to study the course without a certificate, it’s free of charge, but if you want documentation you can expect to pay around $160 to do so.

Although expensive, the quality of the coursework and its delivery is second to none, and thanks to their partnership with Rice University, you’ll walk out being an expert at linear algebra without having to work too hard.

#7 Udemy: Learn Algebra the Easy Way

#7 Udemy: Learn Algebra the Easy Way