Are Lynda Certificates Worth Anything?

Are Lynda Certificates Worth Anything

People learn for various reasons.

Some people wish to broaden their general knowledge. Others want to learn new skills for fun or personal satisfaction. Yet other people want to learn new skills to support career growth.

Not everyone can afford a formal education or has the time to invest years into qualifying for additional degrees. The solution is to use a learning platform like Lynda to advance their ambitions.

Despite the many informal learning platforms available, few offer recognizable accreditation. Lynda also doesn’t provide formal accreditation but issues Certificates of Completion.

What are these certificates, how do employers view them, and should you add them to your LinkedIn resume?

Essentially, people want to know whether Lynda certificates are worth anything.

Let’s find out!

What are Lynda certificates?

Lynda Certificate

Lynda is an online learning platform, which is now known as LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning provides students with a Certificate of Completion following each course, which users can add to their LinkedIn profiles and resumes.

Adding certificates to your resume answers part of the queries surrounding whether Lynda certificates are worth anything.

1. How can you access Lynda certificates?

You can subscribe to via LinkedIn Learning, using any one of the subscriptions on offer.

Paid plans include monthly and yearly options or premium and corporate subscriptions.

Once you register for a LinkedIn Learning account, you receive login details that entitle you to take Lynda courses available under these plans.

To qualify for a Lynda Certificate of Completion, complete the course, after which the system generates an automatic certificate.

If you access an automated account from a PC other than your own, you will not receive a certificate since the system cannot generate these for anonymous users.

2. Available courses

Users can access over 4,000 courses on every conceivable topic. You can take any number of studies to boost your career prospects, fill in gaps in your formal education, or take lessons to improve personal growth.

If you don’t want to pay for a subscription before you know what you’re buying, the site offers a free trial period for one month.

Are Lynda certificates worth anything is also partially answered by these multiple features and benefits?

3. Course quality

Be cautious when signing up for specific courses as some contain current information while others comprise outdated material.

Several users also complain that some study programs are slow.

These aspects are pain points on the learning platform, which can be frustrating. Find out as much as possible before committing to a course that repeats your existing knowledge.

On the upside, the vast majority of courses are happy with their learning experiences.

Also, the site provides a selection of categories ranging from top courses to learning paths that comprise multiple courses to other helpful features.

One of the platform’s valuable touchpoints includes that students can continue their studies offline.

This offline study feature is not available on all Multiple Open Online Course (MOOC) providers, which is why it is so valuable.

4. The learning journey

Most users of the LinkedIn Learning platform describe the learning journey positively.

The pricing of subscriptions is acceptable, site use is simple, and course learning is an overall rewarding experience.

When exploring any MOOC, the user should evaluate courses according to student reviews.

As with other course management platforms, attracts positive and negative feedback, depending on individual user experiences of course quality.

5. Course value

Despite positive and negative experiences, students always want to know whether their learning efforts are worthwhile.

Value means different things to different people. Users take courses to improve their general knowledge for personal development or career advancement.

Value is an individual experience in new learning, but the critical point is whether Lynda certificates contribute to career development.

The questions at the top of user priority lists–are Lynda certificates worth anything?

Do employers value Lynda courses enough to make career advancement an excellent reason to sign up for Lynda certificates?

How do employers view Lynda Certificates?

How Do Employers View Lynda Certificates

If you want to know if Lynda certificates are worth anything, look at the platform which provides them.

LinkedIn has grown a reputation of being the platform for professionals, and where career development is the primary focus.

This situation alone should give you confidence in the value of Lynda certificates, but let’s look at other reasons why employers value these informal accreditations.

1. Appreciation of initiative

Employers view resumes to check whether employees have the correct qualifications and skills to perform well in a position.

Even if employees don’t have a formal education, the presence of Lynda certificates demonstrates initiative. Employers need to understand that prospective employees have sufficient initiative to advance in their careers and trust them to be productive.

2. Recognition of continuous learning

Employers’ responses to are Lynda certificates worth anything includes recognition of continuous learning.

If you have a degree in programming, employers recognize complementing this education with management training or further courses that complement programming.

Likewise, if you don’t have a formal education and apply for work as a receptionist, adding Lynda certificates in communication, customer service, Excel, and similar courses, vastly improve your chances of landing the job.

3. Course variety

The sheer extent of topics that experts cover in courses answers the question of are Lynda certificates worth it.

No matter your starting point, you will find classes to augment your knowledge.

The three primary course categories address technology, business, and creative subjects, making it simple to develop personally and professionally.

Be ambitious, and you can learn entire career paths from LinkedIn Learning via their learning paths.

Learning paths are comprehensive and cover almost everything you need to know about one area, which sets you up for successful job applications.

4. LinkedIn Learning benefits

Other than acquiring new knowledge via Lynda certificates, including these on your resume is beneficial in getting the job you want.

The LinkedIn Learning platform contains resources to help land your next job with resources such as interview calls.

You will also find out how to prepare for interviews, present your resume with its Lynda certificates to improve your chances, tips for starting a new job, and build your skills towards a promotion.

Should I add Lynda certificates to my resume?

What Should I Do

A resume is your chance to present an impressive front to the employer.

The resume is your calling card, the employer’s first impression of you, and what you can bring to the company, and it should showcase your value.

Including Lynda Certificates of Completion in your LinkedIn profile is critical for reflecting new learning on your resume.

Make your calling card (resume and LinkedIn profile) as appealing as possible, and you get the employer’s attention.

Whether you have formal education or otherwise, Lynda certificates help build your knowledge base and illustrate your ambition to employers.

Lynda certificates help distinguish your resume from competing applicants, no matter the extent of your qualifications.

Responding to are Lynda Certificates worth anything means showing your thirst for knowledge and the ongoing proof of continuous learning.

Just as corporations must constantly engage in ongoing education, so must their employees to remain relevant and competitive.

As complex as it may be to distinguish your value from the next person’s, Lynda certificates offer the chance to achieve this goal.

Other than this aspect, there are several other vital reasons to add Lynda certificates to your resume.

1. Showcase your learning

Employers first look at the external information of job applicants to determine whether their skillset fits the job description.

Showcasing Lynda certificates on your resume gives them a snapshot of your skills and talents.

Work experience demonstrates your ability to implement your skillset. In the absence of work experience, you should use every available resource to promote yourself to prospective employers.

Are Lynda certificates worth anything in this scenario?


Your resume is a summary of your resources, so use it to your benefit by listing all the courses you complete.

2. Lynda certificates illustrate personal character

Lynda certificates are worth more than just a list of your ongoing study.

These courses also provide evidence of your character.

Continuous learning between extensive responsibilities shows persistence, ambition, capacity, and ability.

In short, ongoing education reinforces the type of character you are, which informs recruiters how well you will fit in with a specific corporate culture.

3. Lynda certificates augment interview performance

Lynda certificates on resumes are becoming more common as the world adapts to new learning and employment conditions.

Reflecting on your Lynda certificates on your resume opens new conversations in the interview process, making it easier for you to relax, highlight your strengths and interests, and ease the process of getting to know you.

From the first step of developing a comprehensive resume to demonstrating personal strengths, you make the interview more productive by including new learning.

This process shows diligence, which also helps corporate interviewers know you on a whole new level.



Continuous learning supports the queries surrounding are Lynda certificates worth anything, and the only response is a resounding ‘Yes.’ Lynda certificates help personal and career progress.

You should be proud enough of your accomplishments to add them to your resume.

If you don’t include Lynda certificates in your resume, the chances are that people who do will get the job.

Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to boost your career by omitting to include these certificates on your resume.