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Martin Barrett
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Best Udemy Teaching Courses

15 Best Udemy Teaching Courses You Must Try

Teaching is one of the noblest occupations in the world, with skilled people passing on their knowledge to others young and old, nurturing their own growth and developing their skills in whatever subject they wish to specialize in.

But obviously, you have to teach how to teach. But where do you start? If you are pushed for time or you can’t fit an in-person teaching course into your busy schedule, then why not try Udemy, one of the world’s best online learning resources?

So where do you start when it comes to the best Udemy courses online? How much will you have to pay for a decent course? Well, we’ve scoured Udemy for some of the popular online courses on Udemy, boiling it down to 15 of the best Udemy teaching courses in 2023.

15 Best Udemy Teaching Courses

1. Classroom Management Essentials

This course helps you develop one of the core skills that you need for teaching classroom management. If you are teaching courses like machine learning, and data science course, or a complete financial analyst training course. This will help you focus all of your resources and help you maintain control of a lesson, which is very handy if you are wanting to start teaching young children.

This class comes with some great course materials, including videos, which are essential for demonstrating the methods that are outlined. It will help you to develop routines and rules that will help keep your class in order without resorting to extreme methods.

2. Learning How To Learn

If you are a parent who is looking to teach their child at home in addition to proper schooling, then we would recommend that you take this course. This really explores a lot of different types of learning, to see which one is the most beneficial for you.

This will help you to understand your brain when you are engaged in learning and will help you understand any potential obstacles that you might be experiencing. This comes with nearly 7 hours of video. It is also a course that you can access for life.

3. Train The Trainer Foundation: Adult Education Mastery Course

If you are looking to approach different forms of adult learning, then this is a great course for you to do. This will give you some great approaches to dealing with what is termed’ hostile’ classes, which again is great if you are looking to teach younger children.

This also comes with 12 handy steps that will help you to become the favorite teacher of your students, which we all know is very handy for keeping them on-side. This will also give you tips on how to remain enthusiastic and keep your students engaged in what might be a very tricky topic.

4. Train The Trainer 101: For Beginners Only

Whether you are an experienced trainer in web development or you have complete javascript course knowledge or someone has no knowledge of teaching a class, there are always new teaching skills for you to learn. This will help you to develop a rapport with your students almost from the very start. We all know how important first impressions are!

This will give you both theory and practical, helping you to gain skills that you can start implementing immediately. You can also gain useful skills in entertaining your class and keeping your students feeling positive and engaged as they learn.

5. Teach Anybody Anything: Reach Any Learner Anywhere

Getting to grips with how adults learn is one of the key things that you’ll need to master if you want to be able to teach. Thankfully, this course covers everything about adult learning in a 5-step model that has been seen to work time and time again.

This is a great course if you have been teaching children and you want to transfer some of those into training adults. This course will also teach you a directional method of teaching that is designed to make sure that nobody is being left out during your teaching.

6. Teach Children With Learning Disabilities. A Practical Guide

Teaching children with learning disabilities can be one of the most rewarding things in the world, although it does require a certain set of skills.

This course will teach you those skills, examining the biology behind a lot of learning disabilities, which will give you a greater understanding of how these children learn.

It is important to develop an all-encompassing approach when it comes to teaching children with learning difficulties and this course comes with all the resources that you’ll need to achieve that. This course is very affordable and comes with thousands of great reviews.

7. Train The Trainer Virtual: Virtual Training Master Class

7. Train The Trainer Virtual: Virtual Training Master Class

Creating a connection with your students is one of the most important skills that you’ll need to know in being a teacher and this is where this training course begins. This course gives you an ‘interaction toolkit’, which helps you engage top pupils as well as pupils that might be struggling.

This gives you activities that you can perform alongside studying that will help you implement the knowledge that you’ve learned so that it sticks with you. This will also track your progress, ensuring that you are practicing the skills that you need to become an amazing teacher.

8. Excel At Teaching English: Be A Better ESL Teacher

This course is aimed at teaching English, giving you the basics so that you can go into the job market as a teacher of English as a foreign language.

Whether it is speaking, reading, or writing English, you’ll be proficient in teaching your students everything that they need to know in this subject.

This will not just help you to map out your lessons in a way that is easy to understand for students, but it will also give you techniques that you can use to help explain errors your students have made and how to amend them accordingly.

9. Teaching With Google Classroom

This will teach you how to work with the remote teaching program Google Classroom. It can often be difficult to teach remotely, which is why this course is so helpful. This will teach you how to unify a classroom that might be geographically spread quite far.

This will help you to create announcements and assignments through the Google Classrooms program. You can also develop quizzes and short tests with this program, encouraging students to learn through independent methods.

10. How To Write A Teacher’s Lesson Plan For Beginners

A lesson plan is the core of any teacher’s day, helping you to shape the lesson and keep your students on track. This is a great course for those who have never planned a lesson before, giving you everything you need to create a standard or semi-detailed lesson plan.

This will help you teach every kind of class, from young children to adult learners. This comes with an hour of video and plenty of downloadable course materials. It also comes with a practice test, which is great for grouping together all the information that you might have learned.

11. Learn To Prepare Digital Lesson Plan & Presentations

Digital teaching is becoming increasingly popular, so it is important that you develop the necessary skills to adapt to this style of teaching. This will help you to deliver lesson plans with integrated media including Youtube and Google docs.

When it is impossible to teach a class in person, digital teaching becomes a valuable resource, and it is important that you learn to adapt between these two different teaching methods. This will teach you to present online and offline lessons, as well as deliver quizzes to your students.

12. Teaching Children Online: The Beginner’s Guide

Teaching children can be tough, and getting them to engage in online lessons can be even tougher. However, this course will teach you all the fundamentals, allowing you to engage with your young students in a fun and interesting way.

13. Essential Digital Tools For Student Engagement

Impactful learning is very important for making sure what you are teaching your students really sticks like learning a complete digital marketing course. This is especially true for digital learning, where it will be harder to track your student’s progress. However, this course teaches you how to bridge this gap.

14. Tech Wonders For Teachers

Integrating teaching with all the latest innovations in technology is very important to keeping teaching methods up to date. This course is told through easy-to-understand videos, presented by a National Teacher Award winner.

15. International Teachers Course

If you want to expand your teaching remit to include an international array of students, then this is a great course for you to sign up for.

This will give you confidence teaching on the best online learning platform, as well as opening opportunities for you to start teaching