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Best Python Course On Udemy

Best Python Courses On Udemy 2023 (Basic To Advance)

Computer programming has become one of the most important skills out there because the internet is such an enormous part of our connected world.

Without computer programmers, we wouldn’t have the aspects of web development that we do. 

There are various different programming languages out there that help to create the internet as we know it, and Python is one of the most popular. 

Given the market for computer programmers, machine learning developers, python developers, and many will want to get into the object-oriented programming world and learn languages like Python.

But how can you learn Python online? What’s the best way to gain a thorough understanding of this complex, large area?

The answer is Udemy. Udemy is an online learning platform that’s absolutely packed with Python training courses in all kinds of areas.

This is especially true when it comes to learning Python, and you’ll be able to find countless different lessons, teachers, and courses who can help make you a pro with Python.

However, with so many choices, how can you find the one that’s going to be best for your specific learning?

Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you! In our guide below, we’ve got a breakdown of the best Python courses on Udemy.

With each one, we’ll explain what the BootCamp style python course offers you, emphasizing what makes each such a great pick. Read on!

1. Learn Python Programming Masterclass By Tim Buchalka & Co.

We’re starting our list off with this fantastic, Python programming masterclass course.

One of the best things about this particular one is that it’ll take you from a complete beginner situation to a level where you can get your first Python programming job. 

It’s great to have a complete guide all in one package, and the fact that anyone can take it, no matter their experience, makes it very inclusive. All you need is enthusiasm and commitment!

The Course

The course is enormous, with over 72 hours of educational content on offer. This involves 534 separate lectures, which are divided up into 22 categories, grouping the lessons into sensible topic areas. 

Naturally, there are too many categories to cover each one in detail, so we’ll offer an overview and give you an idea of the huge variety of Python content you’re getting. 

The opening few categories will ease you into Python, which is handy because it’ll make it seem less daunting to beginners.

First, the course will tell you how to install and set up Python, before then briefly explaining the key aspects of the python programming language: strings, expressions, slicing, and more. 

Handily, there are questions every now and then between lectures, which will test your knowledge of what you’ve just learned.

Being tested regularly is a fantastic way to learn because it allows you to see what has really stuck in your mind and what needs some revision.

When you’re learning as much as you will be on this course, it’s important to test that you’re taking it in. 

After that, the lecture areas go in-depth on all of the most important parts of Python.

For example, you’ll learn about lists and tuples, dictionaries and sets, functions and modules, databases, Big O notation, and so much more.

In Summary

  • Perfect for beginners with no experience
  • By the end, you’ll be able to get your first Python programming job
  • Learn how to create Python programs
  • Gain skills to move into specific career branches

Check out the Python Programming Masterclass here

2. The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications By Ardit Sulce

The previous course was fantastic because it taught you everything you would need to know to go from a beginner level to one where you could get a job in Python, but it didn’t have projects where you could put your new skills to use.

This course by Ardit Sulce, however, does.

By the end of this course, you’ll have built 10 real-world applications with the use of Python.

Learning skills is one thing, but it’s always best to put the skills to proper use, programming with Python and getting real results.

This kind of hands-on experience consolidates your learning. On top of that, it’ll leave you with some applications to put on your portfolio. 

The Course

The course is a total of around 33 hours long, with a huge 352 lectures across it.

These will take you through the basics of Python to begin with, before moving on to explaining some of the key features, and then take you into the 10 separate app projects.

As you make the different kinds of applications, it’ll also explain more features of Python relevant to the specific projects. 

The lectures are divided into topic areas, and the first handful of areas will teach you the basics of Python.

These include learning about data types and essential data science skills, operations with data types, conditionals and functions, loops, and more. 

The lectures here are quite short, but they introduce the python basics well.

Better yet, there are loads and loads of questions during this point, testing you regularly and making sure that you’re really understanding what the course is teaching you. 

After these, you’ll learn a few more Python fundamentals, before moving on to the 10 apps that you’ll be building.

The apps are varied and interesting, giving you a wide range of experience in making all kinds of different applications with Python. 

For example, the first app is all about mapping populations and volcanoes! The second, meanwhile, is all about controlling webcams and detecting objects, while the fourth app has you building a personal website thanks to Flask (a microframework based in Python). 

In Summary

  • Learn from complete beginner to advanced level
  • Instructor and teaching assistant can help you
  • Build 10 real-world applications using Python
    Learn the fundamentals of Python

Check out the Python Mega Course here

3. Automate The Boring Stuff With Python Programming By Al Sweigart

This is an interesting and complete Python course on Udemy that is especially aimed at office workers, administrators, and academics who want to save time and become more productive by automating the mundane aspects of their jobs with the help of Python. 

In the rush of modern life, many of us don’t want to be slowed down by tasks that could be done by a computer instead.

Why waste our time, when we could be doing more important things? This practical programming course will teach you how to cut out the boring parts thanks to Python programming so that you can focus on the stuff that matters.

The Course

Best Python Courses On Udemy

Over 9 and a half hours, the course will give you 51 lectures that walk you through some of the essentials and basics of Python.

More importantly, it’ll tell you how you can then apply them to some of the key computer programs that you’re going to be working with, allowing you to make shortcuts and cut out the mundane activities associated with them.

The course begins by walking you through the basic terminology of Python, as well as teaching you how to write your first program.

Once you’ve got that groundwork, you’ll be able to apply it to all future lectures and tasks. 

After that, the course educated you on some of the fundamentals of Python. For example, you’ll learn about lists, functions, flow control, strings, debugging, and more.

The lecture videos are clear and detailed, without being too long that you lose interest. 

However, admittedly the only downside with the course is that it doesn’t have regular tests to check that you’re taking onboard with all of the learning. 

Toward the end of the course, you’ll learn how to use Python to read and edit PDFs, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets more quickly.

These are a large part of people’s jobs, but you don’t want to get weighed down with mundane admin, so Python will help you use those programs more quicker. 

On top of that, you’ll also learn how Python can make it easier and quicker to send emails and check your email inbox, another area that can be mundane and overstretched for workers.

In Summary

  • Learn how to parse Word and PDF documents with Python
  • Learn how to write Python programs that send email notifications
  • Learn how Python can help you crawl websites and pull key information
  • Automate tasks with Python programs

Check out the Automate course here

4. 100 Days Of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp For 2022 By Dr. Angela Yu

This is another course that puts your newly learned Python skills to practice, since it’s a 100 day course that will end with you having built 100 Python projects.

These will be brilliant to put on your portfolio, but also act as a great way to better your learning and take things on board. 

The Course

The course is 64 hours long, with 676 lectures. All of the lectures are divided up into 100 days, with 100 days of lessons and projects.

The instructor having this hands-on approach to the course really helps, because it forces you to pace yourself with your learning, following one lesson and project a day rather than trying to cram all your learning into a week.

Better yet, the days will take you from a beginner to a professional level, with the last 20 focusing on professional portfolio projects.

The first 14 days of the course, on the other hand, take you through beginner aspects of using Python and beginner projects. 

After that comes the intermediate stages, which focus on slightly more complex aspects.

However, you’ll take to them quite easily, because the project guides you so carefully from a point of no experience and builds from there. 

By day 59 of the course, you’re into the advanced lectures and projects, learning more complicated programming skills and creating more complicated projects.

For example, on day 64 you’ll learn how to create a Top 10 Movies website, which is a great example of a very real world application and a popular internet staple.

In Summary

  • Build 1000 Python projects over 100 days – get a great portfolio
  • No programming experience needed, it will guide you through it all
  • Learn an enormous amount of Python skills and put them to use

Check out the 100 Days of complete Python Bootcamp here

5. The Python Bible By Ziyad Yehia

This is an incredibly handy Python course to take on Udemy, because it takes you from beginner level to pro, teaching you a complete and solid understanding of Python programming. 

The Course

While a lot of other Python courses on Udemyare tens of hours long, this is a more manageable length, at around 9 hours. Yet, despite it being much shorter, it’s still going to teach you all of the information and skills that you’ll need to go from being a Python beginner to being a pro. 

There are 74 lectures and they’re divided into 11 topic categories. The course begins by teaching you how to install Python and get started with it, which really helps people with absolutely non experience of programming to get a firm start.

After that, each category teaches you about an essential and key aspect of Python.

For example, you’ll learn about numbers, variables, strings, logic, loops, datastructures, functions, and more.

Many of the topics are about an hour or so long, making them very manageable to take in, yet no less detailed.

Plus, you’ll build 11 fun Python projects during the whole course, putting your new skills and knowledge to practical use.

In Summary

  • From beginner to pro in a short time
  • Learn about all of the key areas of Python
  • Build 11 Python projects with each new skill

Check out the Python Bible course here

6. Python For Beginners By Jason Cannon

We’re finishing our list off with this handy, short, and concise Python course that’s exclusively geared towards beginners. 

A lot of the Udemy courses we’ve looked at have taken students from a complete beginner to stage to that of a pro, but sometimes you will just want to get a feel for Python and see if it’s for you, before you venture into the advanced levels. This course allows you to do that. 

The Course

The course is just under 3 hours long, which means that you can easily fit it in and go from knowing nothing about Python to having a firm beginner’s understanding of its core features.

Each topic section focuses on a key part of Python. You’ll cover all the essentials: strings, variables, functions, lists, dictionaries, booleans and conditionals, tuples, and more.

By the end, you’ll have a basic understanding of the fundamentals, which you can then build on with another course if you want.

In Summary

  • Get a beginner’s foundation in Python
  • Get a solid, basic understanding of the essentials
  • A short course with a big impact

Check out the Python Beginners course here

Picking The Right Course

When you’re looking for the right Python course on Udemy, there are a range of different factors you’ll want to keep in mind, so that the course you pick covers all the areas that you want.

Beginner To Pro?

Many of the courses that we’ve looked at today have given a complete Python guide that takes you from an absolute beginner level to that of a pro, ready to get your first Python programming job. 

This is really handy for lots of people, because it gives them all the learning they need in one place, and the same instructor takes them from knowing nothing to knowing an awful lot.

Being guided all the way can really make a difference, and it’s good to know you’ll finish the course in a completely different state. 

However, other people will just want to try out Python and see if it’s for them. There’s no point starting a 70 hours course that takes them to a professional level.

Instead it’s better to just find a course that focuses on beginners. Whichever you are, find the right course for you.

Free Or Paid

Every course that we looked at today has been paid. Although some of them might seem expensive, the sheer amount of knowledge you get does justify the cost, especially if it then allows you to get a programming job. 

However, there are thousands of free Python courses too. However, most of them are beginner courses, or quick guides to specific areas. Most are relatively short, but given that they’re free, it’s astonishing value regardless. 


Lots of Python courses will have you making various Python projects along the way.

This helps solidify your learning, and it gives you a solid portfolio of programming at the end to help you secure jobs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Learn Python? 

Generally, it’ll take 2-6 months to learn Python’s fundamentals. Udemy courses obviously aren’t this long, but it’s best to pace the learning and practice each new skill regularly, to really make sure that it’s ingrained. 

Final Thoughts

Udemy is full of detailed Python courses – use our guide to find the best Python courses best for you!

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