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15 Best Udemy Piano Courses You Can Try Today

15 Best Udemy Piano Courses | Step-By-Step Lessons

We’ve all promised ourselves that we would learn an instrument at some point and one of the most popular of those instruments is the piano.

But when it comes down to it, where do you start? How can you find the time to learn this amazing yet complex instrument?

Well, there are ways that you can integrate the best online piano lessons into your schedule.

One of the best methods is Udemy. Udemy is an online teaching resource that provides thousands of courses for students who want to learn piano online all over the world.

So, when it comes to piano lessons online, what are the best courses for you? How can learning piano online really recreate learning it in person?

Well, we’ve scoured the whole of this website and come up with the 15 best Udemy piano courses that students rate very highly.

1. How To Play Piano And Sing ‘Let it Be’ By The Beatles

This first piano course keeps it nice and simple; a great starting point is learning a song that everybody knows and loves: ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles.

This will help you prep for your first open mic or get your fingers used to the most common finger positions.

This comes with plenty of video resources that will teach you how to play the piano is a way that does not overcomplicate things.

At the end of this course, you will receive a certificate, which will help you form a basis for learning more complicated pieces. This course is aimed at the more casual learner.

2. Piano Basics: Playing Without Reading Music

Sometimes all the accessories that come with piano playing can seem very daunting, one of these being reading sheet music theory.

However, this online piano course will teach you everything by sight, so you won’t have to consult a complex series of quavers and notes.

This will teach you each key as well as a few basic chords. It will also give you the basics of tones and semi-tones, sharps, and flats as well as major and minor keys.

This course is completely free, and you can enroll immediately.

3. Piano Finger Exercise Lessons

This is another great one for both beginners who want to grasp the fundamentals and also experts who are looking to practice certain techniques.

One of the great things about beginner courses is that you can always refresh your memory on things you might have already learned but forgotten over time.

This will allow you to play with two hands and improve the fluidity of your movements over the keys.

This establishes 5 exercises that will increase your proficiency with the keys and result in your playing with a lot more consistency.

4. Learn How To Play A Piano Song In 45 Minutes Or Less!

Online piano classes make a bold claim, but with the online lessons that it implements, it is not hard to see how they yield great results (as thousands of positive reviews will attest).

This will teach you to play the basic chords like C, G, and F, which are the building blocks of most songs.

This is taught by an Emmy Winning piano player, so you can be sure that they know everything about composition and playing the piano.

This comes with 39 minutes of on-demand video that covers all the basics with easy-to-understand demonstrations.

5. Learn 2 Songs In 5 Weeks: Beethoven & Bach

This is another whistle-stop course that aims to teach you everything that you need to know about piano very quickly.

This will focus on two recognizable pieces by two different composers, which makes it great if you are trying to learn a party piece.

If you are going to sign up for the paid course, then you’ll get free instructor question and answer sessions, which will help you to answer any questions or discuss issues that you might be having when learning these pieces.

Best Udemy Piano Courses You Can Try Today

6. Easy Piano Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Play By Ear

There are a lot of these online courses that teach you the basics of piano technique by getting you to learn one specific song.

This one starts with the Mozart piece Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, which covers all the fundamental chords that will help you play other pieces.

This will also develop your skills in being able to play this piece by ear, allowing you to skip the hassle of having to read music.

Even if you opt for the free course, you will still have access to some great videos that will teach you the basics.

7. Ultimate Beginners Course For Piano & Keyboard

When you are playing the piano, getting the right keys in the right order is very important and that is where this course starts.

This will teach you all of the major and minor scales, which is one of the basics that you’ll want to crack when learning this instrument.

Eventually, after doing this course for a few weeks, you’ll even be able to improvise and play around with mixing different chords.

This is great for beginners, and it will help you to learn both electric and acoustic piano.

8. How to Memorize Piano Music

Developing a keen ear for music is one of the most important things that you must learn when you are playing piano.

This focuses on retraining the brain to listen and play classical music in a different way that will cause you to memorize it much easier.

You’ll be able to learn without playing with your hands very quickly and soon not even look at what you are playing.

The paid course features consultations with professional piano players that will help you overcome any hurdles in your playing.

9. Piano Chords

This course will teach you how to play all your favorite Leonard Cohen and Beatles songs by giving you the finger positions for popular chords.

It will also teach you all of the popular chord sequences that are used in most popular and favorite songs.

This is a great course for beginners or anyone who is looking to learn casually. If you harbor a desire to sing and play piano online at the same time, then this will teach you how to practice to a proficient level.

10. Learn Piano Or Keyboard From Scratch – Complete Piano Course

This is a course for anyone who thinks they can go the distance, taking you from beginner to intermediate and then all the way through to the expert level. This will help you to read sheet music, as well as chord music and lead sheets.

This will also help you to develop your improvisational skills by repeating blues piano, jazz piano, and traditional scales. This is your one-stop shop for all things piano-based. You will also be able to play any song just by listening to it a few times.

Best Udemy Piano Courses You Can Try Today

11. An Accelerated Piano Course For Beginners – Piano Lessons

This is another one for beginners who want to get really good real fast. This comes with plenty of expert advice and tutelage, which is great if you are looking for playing on an acoustic, electric, or digital piano.

You can learn all your basic piano skills from a very friendly and qualified piano teacher that will teach you everything you need to know about piano chords, lead piano, and improvisation. If you are just starting, this is a brilliant course.

12. The Ultimate Piano Chords Course – For Piano & Keyboard

Chords are the basic units of learning how to play the piano and that is where this piano course starts.

This will get you sounding great right from the start, teaching you the basic techniques. It comes with 9 hours of an instructional video that will help you with finger positioning and chord changes.

13. The Heavenly Piano Masterclass – Piano Improvisation Mastery

If you have mastered some of the basic chords and you have fluid playing skills but now you want to amp it up to the next level, then we would certainly recommend this improv course.

This will help you figure out how to create a solid melody and figure your way around a band setup.

14. Blues Piano & Improvisation – The Next Level – Slow Blues!

If you are a particular fan of the blues genre, then why not take this course in slow blues playing?

This will help you to master blues licks and riffs, allowing you to play along and even improvise around your favorite blues tunes.

15. The Complete Piano Chords Course | Beginner To Advanced

Finally, we have another piano course that really runs the gamut from novice all the way through to professional.

This will teach you how to use diminished and accented chords, as well as play songs that sit comfortably within your vocal range.


We hope that these online piano courses at Udemy have helped you to decide which one you want to opt for.

As you can see there are plenty of beginner courses that cater to people with zero musical knowledge. There are also plenty of piano courses in your favorite genre of music.

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