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Martin Barrett
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Udacity Data Analyst Courses

15 Best Udacity Data Analyst Courses You Can Try Today

Data analysis is crucial for any business that specializes in sensitive digital assets.

Exploring, data wrangling process, and interpolating data is very important to understand how datasets work, and help you figure out new infrastructures for your business.

Learning the theory and the philosophy behind data analysis is one important factor, but you’ll have to learn to implement these philosophies in real-world scenarios.

This is also a lucrative career to get into once you have mastered the rudiments of the subject.

Udacity is a great online learning platform to start if you want to learn about data analysis, coming with plenty of courses that are easy to understand and offer flexible learning that you can incorporate into your busy life.

Here are 15 of the best Udacity data analyst courses if you want to be the best data scientist.

15 Best Udacity Data Analysis Courses.

1. Data Analyst

This course is the best place to start if you want to learn all the basics of data analysis. This will teach you how to work with data in popular data management programs like Python and libraries like NumPy and Pandas.

This course comes with mentoring from industry experts, which is great if you are looking for constant feedback from someone who knows their stuff.

There are also student communities where you can pitch questions and create data-driven solutions to fellow students.

2. Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Power BI

This course will teach you how to gather, clean and distribute data using Microsoft Power BI as its primary tool. This also teaches the data visualization method to make it easier to sort through.

This is a great course for anyone who wants to have a successful career in data.

This will help you to transform data from a mess into something that tells a story, making it easier to understand for any client that you happen to be working with.

This comes with advanced mentoring, frequent assignments, and in-depth feedback.

3. Security Analyst

There is so much data to keep track of in any company that it is hard to sort through it without the necessary expertise.

This is why courses like this are so important, teaching you how to read log data, supervise network data and analyze data security threats.

Learning this information will help you to keep your company safe, helping you to identify the risks and develop security protocols to handle them in the future.

This will help you to log and report incidents as and when they happen.


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4. Deploying A Hadoop Cluster

This type of cluster is a network of nodes that work together in parallel to complete difficult computational tasks.

This course is completely free and will help you understand this complicated data analysis process with regular quizzes and slow learning.

This course will help you flesh out your existing knowledge of data, helping you get a career in web and app development, machine learning, data processing, and AI.

This course will make you markedly more employable in the data career market.

5. Intro To Data Analysis

If you are looking to get to grips with the basics of data analysis quickly and in a manner that is easy to understand, then we would certainly recommend this free course to you.

This will help you to identify patterns in the best data scientists, working with Python and libraries like NumPy and Pandas.

This comes with video and document content that will help you learn in a variety of different methods.

This will take you 6 weeks to teach altogether, which is great for those people who want to get an advantage if they are studying a more in-depth data analysis course.

6. SQL For Data Analysis

This course helps you to work with datasets, allowing you to person complex analysis and manipulation, teaching you things like window functions, joining tables and extracting data from datasets, and breaking it down for employers to understand.

This is another free course, which makes it a great supplement to a data analysis course that you might already be doing.

This course is taught by industry professionals, giving you feedback on certain aspects of SQL and providing you with video and downloadable documents to enhance your learning.

7. Data Analytics And Visualization

When it comes to understanding data, it will be important to know how to visualize it. This course covers modeling, visualization, and presenting complex real-world data.

This is very important if you want to develop your presentational data skills for employers.

This will help you gain insights into your data using programs like Python and SQL. You can home in on critical data and provide creative solutions to problems that arise in datasets.

This comes with mentoring and flexible learning, allowing you to integrate your learning hours with a hectic lifestyle.

15 Best Udacity Data Analyst Courses You Can Try Today

8. Big Data Analytics In Healthcare

When it comes to improving services in the healthcare system, data is radically important.

Whether it is coming from people paying for healthcare providing feedback or pharmaceutical companies giving data on trends, this data is important to analyze and condense.

This course will tell you how to sift through this specific data, gain valuable insights and learn how to present them to others in the healthcare field.

This course comes with self-paced learning and valuable video and document content.

9. Real-Time Analytics with Apache Storm

The world is always in perpetual motion and the same is true of data. Whether it is the constantly updating world of social media or big streaming systems, there’s always a lot of data to analyze moment-by-moment.

You can do this using the Apache app, which will help you to break down certain trends and analyze large reams of data. This course is run by professionals, and it is free.

So, if you want to become more employable in the data analytics market, then why not study this course and add it to your supplementary knowledge?

10.  Data Analysis With R

When it comes to understanding how data works or how it is created, then this course is a great source of knowledge.

This will help you understand large amounts of data using practical statistics within 2 months, which is great for anyone who wants to supplement their existing knowledge.

This comes with videos and interactive quizzes that will help you to study and implement your knowledge so that you don’t forget it!

11.  Introduction to Python Programming

If you’ve already dipped your toe in the waters of exploratory data analysis, then you’ve probably heard of the Python program. This will help you to store and represent data analysts using Python software.

This will help you to write scripts as well as rectify certain errors.

This is a free course and is aimed at the beginner levels. This will allow you to form critical findings and formulate models based on these findings.

This is a great course if you want to work exclusively with Python.

12. Intro To TensorFlow For Deep Learning

If you are developing software, then finding a program that will facilitate deep learning and gathering data will be very important, this is why TensorFlow has become such a popular data analyst program.

TensorFlow allows you to create models that you can monitor on your mobile phone app, which is great for multitasking.

Through interactive quizzes and video tutorials, you can cram all the knowledge that you need into just 2 months.

13. Learn to Code in Python and SQL

If you want to go into insight data science but you are worried about having to contend with lots of information, then we would recommend that you start off with this course.

This helps you get to grips with the popular data analysis program Python.

This course will help you learn how to work version control and share your data analytics with others. This course will take you 3 months and by the end, you’ll be fully versed in SQL, Command Line, and Git.


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14. Business Analytics

This course will give you all the basics of data that you can apply across any business. Developing such generalized programming skills will allow you to hop from one business to another, greatly increasing your employability.

This will also help you to visualize data through Excel, allowing you to manipulate and visualize data that you can then present to your clients.

This will help you tell the stories that you need with data, which will help you transfer your knowledge to different departments.

15. Introduction To Marketing Analytics

Finally, we have a course that will teach you all the fundamentals of Goo