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Best Udacity Cybersecurity Courses

Best Udacity Cybersecurity Courses (Detailed Review 2023)

Udacity is a great digital upskilling website that offers you some amazing courses in cybersecurity.

These courses range from 4 months to 6 months, coming at a range of reasonable prices that will help you learn the basics of cybersecurity very quickly.

So, what are the best courses for what you want? How much time and money will you have to invest in this subject?

Well, we’ve picked through the Udacity website and found the best Udacity Cybersecurity courses that they have to offer!

15 Best Udacity Cybersecurity Courses

1. Introduction to Cybersecurity

What better place to start with cybersecurity than an introductory course? This covers everything from defending and securing systems to gaining exposure against some of the most common cyber attacks to understanding some of the frameworks against cyber attacks.

This introduction to cybersecurity course also helps you understand for meeting security compliance objectives and rules around a system. This will be invaluable if you are trying to implement a security system in a business, as it will be extremely important that everybody abides by that business.

2. Ethical Hacker

Ethical hacking is becoming a common buzzword in the world of cyber security.

We usually think of hackers as evil people in hoodies attacking a computer system, but with ethical hacking, you are utilizing all the tropes of hacking for good.

This course will teach you how you can test a system by trying to penetrate its critical security controls. This is crucial for helping to identify security threats and security weaknesses in a system. It will also help you with Red Team Operations, which is also very important for developing good security.

3. Security Engineer

Getting a career as a cyber security engineer for a company is a very lucrative job, as most companies will want to seek out some cyber defense, especially one that deals with very sensitive digital information.

A security engineer is responsible for implementing authorization systems that are very important for preserving a system’s integrity.

This course will also teach you how to develop more secure applications after identifying weaknesses in the system.


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4. Security Analyst

This role is more of a critical role than an engineer, trained to locate threats and risks to a system and implement a strategy to protect against them. This will give you all the information on industry protocols and how to apply them to your business infrastructure.

This will teach you the importance of detecting threats immediately and what protocols to follow if your system is compromised.

This course will teach you all the basics in 4 months, giving you a foundation on which you can develop your existing knowledge.

5. Cyber Security For Business Leaders

If you are the owner of a business, then you’ll want your business to have its finger on the pulse when it comes to identifying the latest security threats and cyber protection systems.

Well, this 1-month course will help you to do that and improve the overall culture of your digital business.

This will help you organize training courses for your employees in cybersecurity, as well as give you the tools for developing a safety protocol plan for when your system does get breached or attacked.

This course is very easy to understand, and great for those who might not know some of the rudiments of cybersecurity.

6. Security Architect

Developing and building foundational skills to identify risks in your security system is crucial for maintaining the safety of your company.

If you have a system that is being updated, then the security infrastructure design will grow more complex, and having an overview of those changes is very important.

This course will teach you how to build your own to improve future network security systems and then implement security controls company-wide. Having this ability to map out responses to attacks on your system and develop your cloud response capabilities.

15 Best Udacity Cybersecurity Courses You Can Try Today

7. Cloud Architect using Microsoft Azure

This course will teach you how to maintain security on Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing software designed to manage data centers. This will help you to transfer all of the on-site digital information to the Cloud Azure system, where you can monitor it remotely.

This comes with simulations that will allow you to learn the security protocol of the Azure system. The course will take around 3 months to complete.

It comes with many downloadable resources and one-to-one sessions with online Azure instructors.

8. Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust security is an online security platform that will allow you to monitor your business using the principles of ZT.

This gives you all the components that you need for zero-trust security, focusing on the philosophical fundamentals that will allow you to implement solid security.

This comes with some great exercises that will help you demonstrate your knowledge. For example, it will give you a template of a company’s security system and challenge you to find and resolve weaknesses within that system.

9. Enterprise Security

This course distinguishes between business security and security for production environments. This course identifies the fact that due to the rise in remote working, a company now has far more potential points of attack.

This course explains security fundamentals and teaches you how to monitor and increase the security of the workflow of individual devices within your company’s remote infrastructure.

Whether is it best-safeguarding practices or classifying data, this course covers everything about user/company security protection.

10. Data Privacy

When you are trying to implement a new data privacy system, it is best to know exactly what the industry’s best practices are. This is what this course will teach you.

From the whys and hows of data privacy, this will walk you through the importance of authorization to protect who and who does not have access to your data.

This also covers emerging technology in the data protection sphere, helping you to get to grips with what the best systems and strategies are for your company. This will also help you identify various data privacy risks.

11. Data Structures & Algorithms

This course will teach you all the basics of creating data structures that will help you to store data in a much more efficient manner. This will also help you identify some of the weak points in your system security.

This will also help you to identify certain algorithms and how to modify them to make them more efficient and secure for your needs.

This comes with additional mentor support and access to a portfolio of potential employers for you after you have completed training.


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12. Data Scientist

Whether you want to build models for your cyber security or want to create new infrastructures for the storage of data, this data scientist course will be invaluable.

This comes with real-world projects and a flexible course structure that will allow you to integrate your learning with a busy life.

This will also help you get into the job market once you have completed this course, which means that you can start applying your knowledge in real-world scenarios as soon as you finish your learning.

13. Foundations Of Computer Vision

This will help keep you at the forefront to secure computer systems techniques, allowing you to extract important data from image data. You can also apply these skills to computer security as you draw from existing patterns and use this information to build new security systems.

This course is developed by leading experts in the field, and they have crafted a course that is very easy to understand and very flexible.

14. Deep Learning

This will help you understand the fundamentals of deep learning, exploring how certain algorithms are made and how they function, giving you a great overview of neural networks and what their purpose is.

This comes with a student community that will help you to develop your knowledge as well as address any queries that you may have.

This also comes with mentor support, which will allow you to consult with experts in dynamic and versatile learning and corporate environments.

15. Data Analysis with Python and SQL

Finally, we have a course that covers the study of data and how to sift through the often messy and complicated data sets. This will help you to streamline to measure security risk and help you provide information that will help strengthen your online defenses.

This course is supervised by skilled professionals in the world of data analysis, providing you with consistent feedback on projects to help facilitate your learning.

This also comes with a flexible learning system that will allow you to integrate your course with your lifestyle.


We hope that our list of cybersecurity courses on Udacity has helped you to decide which one is the most suitable for you. These courses come with plenty of inroads to careers after you have finished your course.

This is why so many of these courses are highly rated, as they provide students with broader opportunities for further learning.

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