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Best Udacity Free Courses

15 Best Udacity Free Courses To Try (2023)

An increasingly common substitute for traditional education is online learning. People may decide to take free Udacity courses to upskill and gain certificates to show their intermediate knowledge.

The value of certificates from reputable online learning sites is comparable to that of university degrees, and the selection of courses available through these platforms is at least as wide as that of most universities.

Even more, people are choosing to take courses online in place of attending colleges or taking traditional courses as a result of all the contributing reasons.

Given how promising the future is for online education, we think they’re making the proper decision.

As a result of all the attention, additional best online learning platforms are emerging. But you need to conduct some research to make sure you use the best one. 

We’ll speak about Udacity here to aid with your education – more particularly, a comprehensive list of the 15 Udacity free courses.

What Is Udacity?

The Udacity platform currently provides extra vocational courses for professionals from machine learning concepts to deep learning, in addition to its original focus on providing courses similar to what you may find at a conventional university.

With the inaugural course started in 2011, initially started by providing free courses in computer science through Stanford University. 

Today’s version of Udacity, which is still based in Silicon Valley, still provides massively open free online courses and micro-credentialing schemes (Nanodegree program).

The platform has alliances with many illustrious businesses, the majority of which are based in Silicon Valley. Amazon, Google, Nvidia, and Facebook are a few of these.

The collaborations enable Udacity to give students current, practical knowledge in technical disciplines.

Tech-related courses on Udacity are among the most well-liked (although they are by no means the only kind of courses available on this platform). 

While Udacity isn’t an authorized university and many of its programs don’t count toward college credits, companies trying to hire new staff place a high value on credentials.

How Does Udacity Work?

Ready to begin with Udacity? You shouldn’t have any trouble signing up to attend lessons on the user-friendly platform, even if you’ve never taken an online course before.

You’ll get ready for your future studies during the onboarding process. You must complete a questionnaire, review the course content, and create a customized study program. 

You can set up customized study and assignment completion reminders with Udacity’s programming, and it will sync up with your personal calendar software.

It’s time to start learning once you’ve familiarized yourself with Udacity’s operations and how enrolling in the classes will slot into your daily schedule. 

From the left-side menu, you can access the curriculum at any moment or the syllabus.

You can wander about the course to better suit your own learning requirements and preferences; you are not required to attend courses in a certain order.

The majority of classes are broken up into 10 or 20-minute sections. This is really practical since it allows you to decide how much time you want to spend on each portion each day – whether it’s yours or perhaps just a few minutes. 

The majority of courses consist of lectures alongside quizzes and assessed student projects.

When your course is over, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. 

You must successfully complete all of the course assignments and get a grade of “Meets Expectations” or above to be eligible for a certificate.


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The Benefits Of Udacity Courses

The benefits of taking Udacity classes online are:

  • The content is easily learnable.
  • They look great on your resume.
  • Goals that can be accomplished at any time.
  • Online education is more affordable than conventional classroom instruction.
  • You can complete Udacity courses like natural language processing at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

Can You Get A Job With Udacity?

After completing one or two courses on Udacity, many job seekers discover that their chances of landing a job increase significantly. This online learning environment is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your value-adding abilities.

You will not only advance by completing the classes, but that will certainly assist. Utilizing your network and working directly with professional resources while taking courses on Udacity will help you stand out to hiring managers and recruiters.

15 Best Free Courses on Udacity

The 15 top free Udacity courses are listed below.

1. Introduction To Programming

This course will teach you how to address business challenges using practical frameworks, choose the best analytical approach based on the problem at hand and the data at hand, and develop business insights using linear regression. All of these abilities are helpful for people who are interested in business.

2. Responsive Web Design Fundamentals

You will learn the principles of responsive website design from Google’s Pete LePage in this course. Who better to educate on how to utilize their own technologies than the experts themselves Google, who created the course? 

That may be what makes this course the most appealing. Ensuring that your site is responsive across all devices is a key component of the training.

3. Client-Server Interaction

Internet security, HTTP/1, and HTTP/2 are the main topics of this course. Everyone should be familiar with internet security, yet those looking to gain more “useful” skills frequently ignore it.

By enrolling in this course, you will learn more than just security; you will also learn more about links in general and how they function.

15 Best Udacity Free Courses You Can Try Today

4. Front-End Frameworks

You will learn how to create single-page applications using a variety of front-end frameworks in this course. Taking a course in front-end website development is an excellent idea because the field is now in high demand.

5. Introduction to Data Science

You will learn how to manipulate data, analyze data, communicate data, and interact with big data in this course. The Nanodegree in Data Analysis includes this course.

This free course on Udacity takes itself in being very comprehensive, covering a wide range of subjects rather than concentrating on just one and delving deeply into it.

6. AI Programming With Python

Students will learn all of the essential components of Python-based AI development in this excellent course. You will also develop into a very skilled Python developer.

You may learn Numpy and Pandas by completing this course. You will graduate from this course with advanced Python development skills.

7. Introduction To Relational Databases 

You will learn all you need to understand the various parts of Python as well as Relational Databases in this excellent course.

The course will begin with a lesson on the fundamentals of the programming language Python.

You will next proceed to comprehend relational databases in more detail.

You will be able to use everything you have acquired during this course to build a very straightforward but effective web application by the end of it.

8. Full Stack Web Developer

You can improve your Python skills with the help of this wonderful training. This can be accomplished by turning a standard HTML site into an engaging Python application.

You will graduate from this course as an experienced full-stack developer.


Online Courses Taught by Experts

  • Get the skills you need
  • Learn at your own pace

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9.  Data Structures And Algorithms

You can learn the foundations of Python’s algorithms and data structures by using this fascinating course. By utilizing this incredible programming language, you will be able to begin your programming career path.

10. Linear Algebra Refresher

With the aid of linear algebra, you will learn all of the fundamental Python features in this wonderful course. You will also develop into a very skilled Python developer. 

You’ll be able to understand intersections and vectors. You will graduate from this course with advanced Python development skills.

11. Introduction To Digital Project Management 

The topic of online project management, in addition to relevant career pathways and what they entail, is introduced in this course. It also discusses the real-world projects designed and the basic framework on which virtual projects are constructed.

12. Learn Google Workspace 

By enrolling in a free and easy-to-learn Google Workspace course, you may learn about the essential Google Workspace programs including Gmail, Calendars, Google Drive, and more.

An online learning environment is Udacity.

13. Computational Photography

This course examines how computation affects photography’s overall workflow, which usually aims to capture light out of a 3D scene in order to create a 2D image.

14. Android App Development

Android and Java programming uses cutting-edge technologies like user interface, visual design, widgets, retrieving cloud messages, and more that will make your android app production-ready. Android apps are really gaining pace nowadays.

15. Introduction To Descriptive Statistics 

You will learn the fundamental statistical principles that can be applied to derive information from data in Intro to Descriptive Statistics.

Final Thoughts

The for-profit organization Udacity supports the teaching of several courses online. Massive Open Online Courses are offered by this company, an online education provider.

The Udacity courses are quite engaging and include exercises and quizzes. Its project review system, which swiftly generates thorough expert project reviews, can be useful to students. 

You should enroll in Udacity’s online certification programs to obtain credentials that will increase your employability. 

Certificates from Udacity are great investments in your professional development.

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