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Martin Barrett
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Udacity Digital Marketing Courses

15 Best Udacity Digital Marketing Courses (Free & Paid)

In the modern-day world, if you aren’t making yourself known online then you may be hindering your business and reaching your goals.

Udacity digital marketing course is extremely important for the success of any business. From a local cafe to top competitors, everyone needs a digital marketing strategy. 

Udacity has a range of incredible digital marketing courses that you can try today. We have compiled a list of the 15 best digital marketing courses offered by Udacity for you to check out. 

Keep reading to find out more about these best Udacity digital marketing courses to learn more about digital advertising, ad campaigns, and what digital marketing specialist career services are!

1. Digital Marketing

If you have no previous background in digital marketing programs and are wanting to get the hang of the basics then this course is for you. Digital marketing concepts take you through 9 courses on the marketing fundamentals of digital marketing. 

You will learn how to use Google Analytics to track display marketing, and monitor, and optimize your digital marketing strategy. A tool used by the majority of businesses. 

However, this course does not go into great detail so independent learning will have to be completed in order to advance your knowledge and skills. 

2. Data Visualization 

It is one thing to know where your data is but understanding what it is saying is a completely different obstacle. Data Visualization teaches you how to identify key indicators and how to use them. 

Additionally, the curriculum teaches you how to share data with other team members and introduces you to various data storytelling strategies.

You’ll work with Tableau Story Points throughout the course and discover how interactive components can improve the impact of your data storytelling.

A basic understanding of data analytics is required for this course. 

3. Marketing Analytics 

With marketing being the main focus of the course, you will learn digital marketing efforts and how to collect and analyze data, create effective digital marketing campaigns, and share your insights with Excel, Google Ads, Data Studio, Google Analytics, and Tableau. 

This course is 3 months long and can be completed with only 5 hours of studying a week. Perfect if you have a busy schedule.

You will learn through theory and practice-based exercises to ensure you have the skills to evaluate the growth of your search engine marketing strategy. 


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4. Product Manager 

Product management is a crucial element of the marketing strategy. You will be introduced to how a product is imagined and then how it is brought to the market.

While this is primarily a technical skill, it is highly valued by the digital marketing consultant circle. 

Over the course of 4 months, you will gain knowledge about how to establish product strategies and KPIs based on market research, sell a product vision to stakeholders, and create a user-centered prototype that complies with engineering requirements.

This is the perfect entry-level course for aspiring product managers and digital marketers. 

5. Activation and Retention Strategy 

The Activation and Retention Strategy Course is a component of the Growth Product Manager Nanodegree, however, it is not geared toward digital marketers.

However, you are certain to learn skills that are applicable to online marketing during this course.

If you struggle to understand the data provided by your digital marketing strategy and how to use it then this course is ideal.

You learn how to calculate click-through rates, construct activation funnels, and make retention graphs in this course.

Necessary skills for reaching a wider audience and increasing growth. 

6. Learn SQL  

SQL or Structured Query Language, is a language used in programming and is created for data management.

This may seem scary but this entry-level course is catered towards those wanting to understand the meaning of Big Data Analytics. 

The first step is to use the strength of SQL commands, functions, and data cleaning techniques to combine, aggregate, and clean tables as well as to finish performance optimization studies and offer strategic business recommendations.

All of which will help you make strategic decisions and to grow your digital marketing strategy. 

15 Best Udacity Digital Marketing Courses You Can Try Today

7. Digital Freelancer 

As the world moves to digital, there is a rapidly growing demand for digital freelancers. Knowing everything from digital marketing skills to project management can make you all the more desirable to a potential client. 

Taking only 1 month to complete you will learn how to market yourself and your service to clients, scope projects, and manage client relationships on social media marketing projects. 

You only need some basic computer skills to begin this course and grow your brand. 

8. Business Analytics

As a digital marketer, it is not only your job to create effective marketing campaigns, you also need to understand business analytics. All of these come together to create an awesome digital marketing strategy. 

Throughout this course, you will learn fundamental data capabilities that are applicable across sectors and functions.

You’ll learn how to use SQL to search databases, use Excel to analyze data and build models, and use Tableau to produce illuminating data visualizations.

9. Digital Project Management 

Often digital marketing professionals will progress into Digital Project Managers throughout their careers. Making this course essential for anyone looking to climb the corporate ladder. 

By overcoming obstacles including shifting goals, looming deadlines, constrained resources, unforeseen problems, and divergent interests of important stakeholders, you’ll develop the abilities required to manage digital projects successfully.

10. Data Science for Business Leaders 

While not centered around digital marketing, Data Science for Business Leaders contains essential skills for any entrepreneur. Including digital marketing. 

Over the course of 4-8 weeks, managers and leaders will discover how to select and take advantage of data science opportunities across many different functional areas of the company, as well as how to do so as part of a data science strategy.

These skills can be transferable across various industries and are desirable in a competitive market. 

11. Intro to Statistics 

Digital Marketing strategies are largely created using statistical information. From the age demographic you want to target to the type of content, you want to utilize.

All of it is gathered and analyzed statistics. 

This free course is great for anyone wanting to learn how to understand, visualize, and utilize data statistics. 

You can then advance to other Nanodegree programs offered by Udacity. 


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12. Become a UX Designer 

Create memorable user experiences for products in the digital age of today. Create a portfolio that demonstrates your capacity to translate user research into interactive high-fidelity designs.

This is a useful skill as the demand for extra skills continues to grow. Not only will you be able to create a digital marketing strategy for a product, but you can also help design it.

This is especially desirable if you are wanting to enter the tech industry. 

From creating a flowing website to more advanced products, this cours