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Layla Acharya
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How To Connect Thinkific And WordPress

Thinkific WordPress Integration 2023: Complete Guide

If your existing WordPress website enjoys a healthy traffic flow and regular followers, it could be time to start thinking about adding e-learning resources to the mix.

Rather than creating a whole new site for these courses, the Thinkific plugin can help to integrate them into your existing website with a seamless transition.

How do you integrate Thinkific and WordPress? There are two options for integrating WordPress and Thinkific, including inserting a checkout link onto your WordPress posts or transferring web content over to your Thinkific site builder.

You’ll have to assess what works best, and possibly even use both of these integration options.

A Thinkific WordPress integration is the smartest way to utilize both of these important tools and ensure you’re getting the reach you need (see also ‘Does Thinkific Have A Marketplace?‘).

Whether you want to offer a link to your online courses or share the content you already have on your website, we’ll walk you through how and why you should do it.

What is Thinkific?

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an online platform that you can use to create courses and training programs that are then delivered online.

The program lets you control all aspects of e-learning and is designed to be an all-in-one platform that makes it easy for course providers to create lessons, resources, and the framework to deliver this online education.

After you’ve designed the course content and it’s ready to be shared, Thinkific lets you utilize a range of marketing tools so you can spread the word.

You’ll then be able to take payment for said courses using several payment processes, and other advanced features like subscriptions, memberships, and discount codes.

As a popular learning platform, many people find that combining Thinkific with their existing WordPress website is a smart choice.

Whether you decide to link to your course content through your website or share content through your course offerings, there are loads of ways you can make the integration work.


The Benefits Of Integrating Thinkific And WordPress

The Benefits of Integrating Thinkific and WordPress

WordPress a famous content management system is known for its ability to integrate with just about any software or platform on the market today. When it comes to

Thinkific, the pair seem to work together seamlessly and if you already have a good flow of existing traffic on your website, these are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you integrate:

  • Having WordPress and Thinkific integration means your customers get to enjoy a seamless transition between your e-learning offerings and your website (see examples here)
  • You get to enjoy a whole host of extra features and triggers that can be customized to your needs when you have these two working together.
  • It takes minimal effort to get a lot of results out of integrating Thinkific and WordPress and with no need to understand coding knowledge or programming.
  • Rather than setting up a whole new website or trying to add coursework to your existing one, you can merge the two easily with a click of a button.
  • Traffic that you receive to your WordPress site will be automatically directed to your Thinkific site, and vice versa.
  • Assists with branding and helps to combine your two offerings in one. People will notice that your e-learning coursework and your website are linked to one another and both have valuable content.

How To Connect The Two

Thinkific Settings To Connect WordPress

Thinkific is one of many programs that can be linked to your WordPress site, and if you already have an existing website, it’s easy to connect the two.

While you’re signed in and at the dashboard of your WordPress site, go to the plugins section and search for Thinkific Uploader then download and activate it.

Thinkific Uploader

If your WordPress site has some great content that you want to share and use within your coursework, there’s no need to copy and paste just to get it.

Using the Thinkific plugin called Thinkific Uploader, you can select the chosen WordPress page you want to use and have it converted into a new lesson or added to an existing one.

When you’re logged into WordPress, find the online course landing page or post that you want to share and then select the “Post to Thinkific” button.

This will automatically transfer that WordPress content across so that you don’t have to copy and paste it, allowing you to create a new lesson with it or choose a course and chapter to place it into.

From there, you can preview what it’s going to look like before confirming, and also pre-select if it’ll be used as a draft lesson or a free preview for students.

Thinkific Checkout Link

The Thinkific Checkout Link is another handy function that’s possible with the Uploader plugin. This allows you to promote a course on your WordPress website that operates through your Thinkific page, making it easier for your followers to access.

To use this feature, start a new WordPress page or post and then press the “Insert Thinkific Checkout Link” button. Make any changes you want for the course or bundle name and what the price is.

Just a few clicks on the link, they’ll be directed to the Thinkific checkout for the course or lesson you’re promoting without ever having to leave your website.

Cool Things You Can Do With A Thinkific WordPress Integration

Cool Things You Can Do With a Thinkific WordPress Integration

The ability to integrate WordPress and Thinkific is a fairly recent one, but in the short time it’s been a possibility, there have been a few cool things made possible.

These are just a few extra functions you’ll enjoy when the two are linked together:

  • Removing Thinkific branding: If you want to remove the Thinkific branding from your e-learning site so that it only features your own, you can do so. This enables a smoother transition between your website and course materials for WordPress users.
  • Automated triggers and actions: Several triggers and actions can be set up through WordPress that will activate when certain things happen. For example, if someone signs up for a course, you can activate a post or comment on your WordPress site that congratulates them automatically.
  • Creating seamless sales pages: Sales pages on your website will link automatically to the checkout page of your Thinkific account (see also ‘How To Link Thinkific To Your Current Website? [Ultimate Guide]‘) (see also ‘How To Link Thinkific To Your Current Website? [Ultimate Guide]‘). There’s no need for people to click multiple times or try searching for a list of courses as you’ve offered it all in one place.
  • Having a personalized URL for both: Personalizing your Thinkific URL costs a little more but it means you can link it to your existing website that’s run through WordPress. Having the two with identical domains makes your business appear more professional and makes for a more seamless experience for visitors to the site.
  • Free themes for matching designs: Look through a range of free themes that Thinkific offers to ensure that your coursework matches the content and layout of your WordPress site. By having these two matched in their design, the transition between the two of them will be effortless for the visitor.
  • More advanced integrations are possible: Enjoy other WordPress integrations that work with both Thinkific and WordPress through API key, making the operation of your e-learning institute even easier. Popular plugins and add-ons include Zapier, Stripe, and miniOrange.