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Martin Barrett
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Skillshare Music Production

Skillshare Music Production

There are several programs out there that can help you record and produce your own music.

Knowing certain techniques for using the programs, as well as making the best music, can make a huge difference.

With a few Skillshare music production classes, you can transform your recordings. 

In this guide, we will look at a range of Skillshare music production courses that can set you up for success.

Ableton Live I: The First Steps Of Digital Music Production

Digital music production can look stupefying and Ableton Live software should be fully understood before you try to use it.

This is where this Skillshare music production class comes in as Brian Jackson (one of the initial Ableton Certified Trainers) will guide you on the fundamental aspects of the software and how to make it work for you in the introduction lesson.

Soon enough, you can learn the settings, and the interface, as well as be introduced to warping with this online course.

Ultimate Ableton Live 11, Part 1: The Interface & The Basics

With Jason Allen’s class, you can learn how to get around Ultimate Ableton Live 11 and the fundamental aspects of the software.

This could be as simple as the views that are available, to something truly fundamental like how to record audio, edit the audio, and deconstruct a full track.

Over 48 lessons and with a three-hour run-time throughout the entire course, this is a comprehensive Skillshare music production class for this one piece of audio mixing software.

Ultimate Ableton Live 11, Part 2: Recording & Warping

The second class in the Ultimate Ableton Live 11 series should show you how to record a track.

That sounds straightforward but you can learn to use elements of separate tracks in a single track, use samples, add MIDI notes, and use effects.

Ultimate Ableton Live 11, Part 3: Producing & Editing

Jason Allen can also show you how to produce and edit your own music. Part 3 of the Ultimate Ableton Live 11 series is focused on how to edit music and get the most out of the production.

From creating loops to producing beats, working with effects, and side-chaining. In under three hours, you should be able to use the software to create a fully-formed track with this Skillshare music production class.

Garageband IOS (iPhone/iPad): The Complete Beginners Guide

Mike Barnes is a music instructor and he knows his way around the creative powerhouse that is Garageband IOS.

This is an ideal program for anyone interested in music production and this class pairs up well with that incentive.

Learn how to use virtual instruments, record vocals, guitar, and bass, then how to mix music, and apply various effects. You will even learn a thing or two about songwriting and music composition.

Music Theory For Songwriters: From Beginner To Producer

Writing songs can feel like second nature yet to a lot of people, it can become confusing and complicated. With Mike Barnes, you find out which easy concepts you can use to make songwriting so much easier.

Skillshare Music Production (1)

You can learn the chords, scales, and melodies that can unlock your songwriting potential. (You can also check out ‘15 Best Skillshare Piano Classes You Can Try Today.’)

Learn How To Mix Music With Young Guru

Young Guru can count himself as Grammy-nominated and has worked with the likes of Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Eminem.

In this mixer lesson, he can teach you how to organize a mix, arrange the right levels, add basic effects, and reach tonal balance. You can even use your own music to create a mix you can truly call your own.

Learn How Young Guru Engineers For Jay Z: An Introduction To Audio Recording

As studios have full creative freedom to make more dazzling recording techniques, it can prove difficult to keep up. Young Guru has another class that shows how to use effects and work out the science of sound.

That means the basics of how to use a recording space, positioning microphones, monitoring levels, how many takes you need, and ultimately finishing.

At the end of the Skillshare music production class, you should have an audio file recording to be proud of.

Music Theory: Exploring Sound, Rhythm, And Melody On The MIDI Grid

A simple MIDI grid can become a vital tool in music production, even if you just create a 30-second piece of music. In that short space of time, you can include several chores and a melody, even a drum loop, and a bass line.

With Fernando Arruda’s music theory class, you can learn the core aspects of the MIDI grid, whether you are a DJ, producer, or musician. (See ‘15 Best Masterclass Music Courses You Can Try Today.’)

Final Thoughts

Once you have decided on the piece of music production software you want to use, take a class to fully understand it.

No matter what genre of music it is, finding the right levels and correctly applying effects can make a big difference.

Skillshare even has online courses to teach you the basics of creating your own music, whether that’s using a MIDI grid or songwriting.

If you have pieces of music that you want to work with then find the right class to mold it into something impressive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can music production ever be self-taught?

Music production can certainly be self-taught as so much information and so many tutorials are available on the internet.

It can be difficult to know where to start and a beginner’s class that teaches the fundamentals of music production can be ideal.

Even before you click record, you should know how to use various bits of equipment and know the techniques that you want to use.

With a class on Skillshare, you can find one dedicated to the software you use or find one that instructs you on the effects that you want to employ. Either way, you can always check the overview lesson to try to find what you need.

How many years can it take to truly master music production?

For most people, it should take around four to six years to truly master music production. This amount of time is vital to be confident enough to produce music at a professional level.

However, this period of time depends on how many hours you dedicate to music production, whether it is a full-time job or a sideline hobby where you watch free courses for practical tips.