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Best Skillshare Piano Classes You Can Try Today

15 Best Skillshare Piano Classes You Can Try Today

Learning to play an instrument is just a wonderfully relaxing pursuit. With online classes, you can work at your own pace and during a time that suits you.

Skillshare offers one of the largest choices when it comes to music courses, including piano classes.

If you want to learn how to play the piano, read piano sheet music or improve your piano-playing skills, then there are plenty of options.

But what Skillshare piano class to choose? We tried some Skillshare piano classes, and here is our list of the best piano learning courses on Skillshare.

The 15 Best Piano Classes On Skillshare

Here are some of the best Skillshare piano classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

Best Skillshare Piano Classes You Can Try Today

1. Piano Lessons For Beginners

These Skillshare piano lessons for beginners teach you the basics of how music works. You will learn to play the piano with different video classes.

This Skillshare piano class teaches you fundamental piano music concepts, like your first scale, and how to play. Plus, you can learn at your own pace with individual video lessons.

This class also has a strong focus on teaching beginner improvisation and how to play the piano with plenty of fun.

As you will only learn the basics with this course because it has lessons for beginners, it’s not suitable for intermediate or advanced players.

2. Piano Basics In 30 Minutes

This is a super fast Skillshare piano course for beginner piano players that takes you through all the basics, like the major scale, in just half an hour.

Jazz pianist John Kamel teaches you music theory in very simple terms without overcomplicated explanations.

This class is particularly fun and easy. We really enjoyed the tutorial and how easy it was to follow.

Plus, it’s just 30 minutes, so you don’t need to spend a lot of your time watching the video class.

3. Modern Piano 101 – Play Songs Today

This easy beginner lesson starts off with some basic piano concepts but you will learn with popular, contemporary songs.

This class helps you learn to play the piano with confidence. There is also a lesson about music competitions in this course video.

As you will only learn the basics with this course, it’s not ideal for intermediate or advanced players.

4. Blues Piano For Beginners

If you want to learn how to play the blues piano, then this course is a great first step. It takes you through different piano exercises and various songs.

The individual piano lessons are designed to lead you to the stage of improvising with your blues piano to fully express yourself in the future.

What we really liked about this Skillshare piano course is that you can see the note names at the top of the screen each time the instructor plays a key.

That really makes it easier to understand what note is played and you can then repeat it yourself.

This class guides you through the basics of how to play blues piano, including fingering, note names, and chords.

5. Build Piano Skills

Professional musician and composed Elijah Fox explains the fundamentals of playing the piano in simple steps, including bass lines, chord progression, left-hand patterns, and arpeggios.

A big advantage of this piano course is that it offers a mix of practice time and learning time.

This means that you will get to play and practice everything you have learned in specific exercises from these specially-designed practice videos.

Best Skillshare Piano Classes You Can Try Today

6. Introduction To Songwriting With The Piano

This songwriting course for the piano makes composing your own music surprisingly easy. The instructor guides you through the full process of how to write and play your own songs.

You’ll learn how the basics of song structure and how to brainstorm your whole song ideas. The class also discusses writer’s block and how to resolve it.

From writing the music to composing the lyrics, piano students will get a good understanding of music composition.

But what makes this piano class on the Skillshare app so valuable is that you also get a practical lesson that allows you to play your own composed song on the piano.

7. Gospel Piano Course

This easy piano course focuses on how to learn the gospel piano from a beginner level all the way through to an advanced skill set.

The class is efficient and it covers all the basics of the piano, from sheet music and notes to playing some basic tunes.

This being said, the beginner lessons of this course are fast, and it moves quickly into more advanced and intermediate concepts.

That’s why, if you are an absolute piano beginner, it’s easier to start with a beginner course and then jump onto this one for a more pleasant musical journey.

8. Play The Piano By Ear

Do you want to play the piano without sheet music? Then this piano course could be a great solution.

You will learn how to play the instrument just by listening carefully to the notes. The lessons guide you through recurring motives, and you even get an insight into improvisation in different musical situations.

The instructor starts with an example song and explains different techniques on how you can simply listen to the first sound and repeat it.

9. Fingering Concepts On The Piano

One of the things that can make playing the piano so difficult is learning where to place your fingers on the keyboard.

This specific class takes you through various fingering concepts on the piano and the keyboard.

The course demonstrates the basic fingering techniques of classical pieces but you can replicate this also on contemporary piano music.

This piano fingering class is designed for both beginners and advanced pianists who want to improve their piano-playing skills.

It’s ideal for getting your technique right, so you can play the instrument at speed and without aching fingers.

10. Beginners Course For Jazz Piano

Jazz piano isn’t usually the type of piano that you use as a beginner. However, there are a few courses that teach beginners the basic steps of playing the jazz piano (see also ‘6 Best Masterclass Piano Courses You Can Try Today‘).

This course doesn’t require any previous knowledge and you will be able to follow along right from the start.

We also found this jazz piano class useful for intermediate players because it solidified some of the piano fundamentals with a Jazz twist.

Saying this, these lessons only cover elements that aren’t usually taught in a traditional, classic piano class.

Best Skillshare Piano Classes You Can Try Today

11. The Ultimate Piano Chords Course

This easy piano course covers the piano chord fundamentals from a beginner level to a more advanced level.

This being said, it moves quickly into explaining the different types of chords and how they are made. This may be a little too fast-paced if you are a complete piano novice.

However, it’s worth working your way through it as you will also learn how to play certain patterns on the piano and the different rhythms.

We particularly liked this Skillshare piano class because of the different exercises.

We also learned to play a few famous songs that are related to the rhythm and chord patterns we learned.

12. 5 Tips To Improve Your Piano Practice

Practice makes perfect. This does especially apply to learning a new instrument like the piano.

But it’s not just about practicing as much as possible. You also need to know exactly how you can take your playing to the next level.

That’s where this short piano practice course comes in. Students learn five different techniques how to practice playing the piano more efficiently.

13. Fast Music Reading For Piano

One thing that you can’t get around when learning to play an instrument is reading sheet music.

Only when you know how to read music at a certain speed are you able to play along at a similar speed.

That’s why this fast music reading course is perfect for increasing the speed of your piano play.

14. Piano Lessons For Beatmakers And Music Producers

This is a specialist piano course for music producers and beatmakers. It has quite a lot of positive reviews, for good reasons.

The instructor is a beatmaker, so he makes it very easy to understand how to play the piano and produce your own music.

As beatmakers use the piano slightly differently from other classical pianists or Jazz pianists, this course focuses on two of the most important differences: catchy loops and improvisation.

This unusual piano class teaches you how to listen to the notes carefully and find catchy notes that you can use as a beatmaker.

It also guides you through creating melodies that are easy to play on the spot.

15. Piano For Singers

This piano class is specifically designed for singers and everyone who wants to accompany their singing with the piano.

What makes this course so unique is that it doesn’t just teach you how to play the piano but it takes you through some essential tips on how to play and sing at the same time.

It’s ideal for anyone who isn’t currently an instrumentalist but wants to add the piano to their repertoire to accompany vocals.

Final Thoughts

Working piano lessons can be difficult to start with, especially when you also want to learn music theory.

However, online learning platforms, such as Skillshare, make learning how to play the piano quick and easy. You can learn the basics within a few hours.

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