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Martin Barrett
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ScreenFlow For Mac

Screenflow For Mac: Features & Pricing 2023

If you have a Mac OS and are looking for new software to edit your recorded videos and record your screen, then you should definitely look into ScreenFlow.

It’s a very handy piece of software with professional-grade functionality but no complicated UI. 

Content makers can simply create and share content using ScreenFlow by concurrently capturing camera, screen, and microphone recordings. The editor has a title library that may be customized, video filters, and multi-app recording.

Let’s read this complete guide about Screenflow for Mac OS.

What Is ScreenFlow?

The top screencasting application for Mac devices is called ScreenFlow. The application gives a variety of editing possibilities and records everything that appears on the screen.

The utility allows you to capture recorded audio garbled from the device’s speakers, microphone, and iSight camera. This enables you to add comprehensible and interesting commentary to the screencasts. The application guarantees hassle-free, user-friendly usage with a straightforward interface.

You may make high quality software demos, presentations, and other types of material by using ScreenFlow to effectively monitor mouse movements and keystrokes on the screen.

The software has a helpful zoom option that enables you to give video broadcasts a touch of class and professionalism. The recording quality with ScreenFlow is superb.

It employs a high frame rate and doesn’t lag or crash abruptly, in contrast to SopCast, Debut Free Video Recording, and Wirecast.

User Interface

The screencasting program has a basic interface and an overlay window that allows you to capture movies with a single mouse click. A red button can also be used to start recording the screen. You also have the option of recording the full screen or a select area.

Overall, ScreenFlow provides a simple method for broadcasting and recording the screen, allowing you to capture or produce entertaining video.

Waveforms of many sorts of the material may be efficiently visualized with Screenflow. This allows for quick and easy editing tasks such as deleting coughs, locating peak pitch, removing slip-ups and pauses, and so on.

The application also has a cutting-edge recording algorithm. It allows you to rapidly capture anything on your Mac’s screen in high-quality resolution.

You may also benefit from multi-threaded and 64-bit video compression technology, which allows you to capture high-definition films in less storage space.


What makes ScreenFlow such a popular choice among mac users to creatively edit videos and screen record is due to the many high-quality advanced features available. 

Screenflow Screencasting And Video Editing

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Timeline and Editing

ScreenFlow’s second main function is editing, and the options complement the emphasis on screen recording tools and screen capture. All of the editing capabilities are contained in a panel on the right side of the interface, making them simple to reach and utilize.

Video Enhancements

ScreenFlow features provide many video-enhancing tools into the standard video editing options to make your material more appealing.

You can add additional images to work on them and editing tools can be user-friendly for the user.

Color modifications, stylizations, and blur or sharpen effects are all available in the collection. Each effect alters the appearance of your video in a different way. However, when used effectively, they may make your material highly appealing.

ScreenFlow also lets you apply background removal effects without affecting optimal-quality videos. You may change the background with an image or blur it to make the speaker stand out more.

ScreenFlow effects are totally configurable, and you can even design your own filters and add them to your collection.

Stock Media Library

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing ScreenFlow is its world-class built-in stock media collection, which has over a million movies, photos, and audio for a variety of sectors.

ScreenFlow’s video editor provides access to the stock library, which contains many categories and types of material that you can easily drag and drop onto your timeline.

SD, HD, and 4K video images, audio, video clips may be found in the stock collection, added as a separate track to your video timeline, and customized with annotations and other editing tools in ScreenFlow.

Similarly, you may employ stock audio tracks in your movie backdrop to make it more effective and interesting.

Personally, I think the stock library is a major benefit for online course makers and digital product merchants since it allows you to quickly produce professional videos in your courses without having to create it yourself.

The stock library is not included in the standard membership plan and must be purchased individually, however many customers believe it is worthwhile.


The leftmost button, which is represented by a film icon, is used to change the general video clip parameters such as aspect ratio and cropping. You may also change the opacity and location of the clip.


You can adjust the settings on this page if you’ve added audio to your movie or captured a clip with audio. There are also volume, ducking, and simple mixing controls. If you want to add a little something extra to the audio, you can do so.

Screen Recording

ScreenFlow’s core function is a screen recording, and it’s particularly good at capturing video. When you select to create a new screen recording, a dialog box asking for capture parameters such as source and audio choices will appear.

For Apple lovers who might need to show a mobile function during their video, ScreenFlow includes the option to record your desktop or any iOS device connected to your PC through the lightning connector.

You might decide to record video using your video camera if you wish to present yourself as well. Although every Mac OS has a built-in camera, you may also choose to use a third-party recorder if you’d rather.

The same is true whether you’re recording with your own equipment or the built-in Mic recording.

This option allows you to add mouse click effects or modify the size and form of the pointer in the video, specifically for clips that were made using ScreenFlow. Additionally, you may add clicking sounds or have the video show the keys you touched while filming.

Video Motion

Video motion, represented by a little circle, allows you to change how your video moves or pans as it is playing.

This adds an action to the timeline that you can move about simply by using the drag and drop function, with options to change the length and kind of motion.


You may use the text tool to add text and titling to your video. It includes all of the fundamental Apple typefaces in a variety of styles and orientations. You may also drag to reposition the text over your video or create a backdrop.


If you want to mark, circle, or point to a specific area of your video, you may use the annotations tool to draw shapes on top of the video. The animation’s colors, typeface, and line weight may all be customized.


A callout will be added to your timeline and will allow you to emphasize a specific area of your video. This button offers several customization possibilities, ranging from the form and zooms to the drop shadow and callout border.

You’ll be able to create a clear callout that meets your concept.

Touch Callout

Touch callouts allow you to make an annotation that identifies what finger motions you did in order to generate an effect when working with or creating iPhone or iPad screen.

Exporting and Publishing

Exporting and Publishing

The name of your file is only one of many customization choices you have when exporting. By switching the “automatic” selection to “manual,” you may pick an alternative file type if you don’t like the one it chooses by default.

You may choose between WMV, MP4, MOV, or a number of other more sophisticated formats.

You may also choose your video’s resolution. You can add chapter markers to several file types for use in Quicktime players.

ScreenFlow also provides the option to simply post to your preferred video sharing website if you don’t require a shareable file.

The most popular video sharing websites are Vimeo and Youtube, but you could also choose to add the film using a cloud storage service like Dropbox.

Whatever option you pick, you’ll need to choose your settings just like for a standard export, and you’ll also need your login information for the application you’re uploading to.

ScreenFlow will only use these rights to submit your video; it won’t do anything else without your express consent. Furthermore, you always have the option to withdraw rights.


ScreenFlow starts at $129 per month. There are also two more expensive paid options: ScreenFlow with Super Pak costs $175 and includes the Stock Media Library, with Premium Support available for an additional $209.

Some of the higher-priced choices will be paid on a yearly basis.

For many users, the price of ScreenFlow is simply too exorbitant for the things it offers. You must consider if this is a reasonable price for both the program and your requirements.

The answer is very dependent on how many of ScreenFlow’s advanced capabilities you want to use.

ScreenFlow Pros 

Supports iOS Screen Recording Software

IOS screen recording ScreenFlow can record from several devices, including the iPhone and iPad. This means you can quickly and simply generate high-quality app reviews, tutorials, demo videos, and other content for your company.

Allows Multi App Recording

ScreenFlow recording multiple screens recording feature allows you to seamlessly record computer audio and video footage from numerous programs at the same time.

For example, you may have audio streaming from one app on your iPhone, another from an external audio device, and a third from a PC program.

Don’t worry, it won’t mix since each audio recording is saved in its own track, which you may modify and combine with the other tracks.


ScreenFlow is a remarkably lightweight tool that does not slow down your computer or interfere with any of your other programs despite processing massive files and producing films.

This also assures that your application window will never freeze, resulting in delays in recordings and other issues.

GIF and MP4 Support

You may save your ScreenFlow films as MP4 files, video file making them compatible with any platform. In addition, by selecting a shorter length, you may produce animated GIFs from your video files.

GIFs are extremely entertaining, particularly when used to create product tutorials or to illustrate step-by-step processes.

Multiple Publishing Options

You may upload your videos straight to YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Google Drive, and a variety of other video storage services. ScreenFlow also suggests a unique video setting for each device to ensure the greatest quality and performance.

ScreenFlow Cons

Looks Outdated

In comparison to other screen recorders, ScreenFlow has an archaic appearance and feel for such a sophisticated tool. The majority of its settings are accessible via menus or shortcuts. However, there aren’t many fast start symbols for common activities.

Stock Library Fees

One of my favorite aspects of ScreenFlow is its stock library. However, there is an extra cost, which is a major deterrent. When you factor in the expense of the stock library membership, ScreenFlow’s pricing is no longer as appealing as it once was.

Limited User Engagement Features

Many other popular screen recorders include elements such as clickable CTAs and quizzes to aid with content engagement. Unfortunately, ScreenFlow lacks such capabilities. It also lacks standard graphic new features like arrows and question marks.

Alternatives to ScreenFlow

If you feel that ScreenFlow is not the right fit for you but are looking for something similar, then have a look at these alternatives.