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Rosetta Stone Languages List

Rosetta Stone Languages List (25 Available Languages)

Rosetta Stone has been called the premium software for building your knowledge of a foreign language.

As an excellent source of information and knowledge for beginners to advanced learners, languages have become accessible to everyone. 

We have looked at the Rosetta Stone languages list to see what exactly they offer. Arguably the world’s most famous language learning program, it seeks to be well structured, well paced and easy to understand. 

Once you have gotten all you can from the program Rosetta Stone offers tutoring to improve your language skills and proficiency. 

Let’s look at some of the languages it offers and for more information click here.

Spanish (Latin America)

Latin American Spanish is taught in this set from Rosetta Stone and covers Level 1, 2 and 3. This allows you to build a foundation in the vocabulary and some of the essential language structure. 

The course will allow you to build your confidence in using the language in social situations like greetings, introductions, getting directions and shopping. 

You will learn how to accurately express your opinions and ideas as well as talk about everyday life. 

Rosetta Stone

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Spanish (Spain)

The Spanish language that is spoken in Spain is different to the Spanish that is spoken in Latin America. For this reason, Rosetta Stone offers courses in both types of language. 

There are five different levels as part of this course. It will teach you how to build up your vocabulary, as well as being able to read, write, speak and understand Spanish. 

With Rosetta Stone’s course you will be better able to retain what you have learned. 


There are five levels to the French course offered by Rosetta Stone allowing you to develop your command of this widely spoken language.

According to the company, by the end you will be able to read, write, speak and understand French. 

Through building your vocabulary you will learn how to share ideas and opinions as well as negotiating complex situations.

In order to master your new language you also get a year’s online access to apps and language enhancing games. 


When you purchase Rosetta Stone’s Italian language course you get access to a digital download. Once downloaded this is available for up to five members of your family. 

This course never expires, so you can learn at your own pace with no pressure. A proprietary speech recognition software compares your voice 100 times a second with that of a native speaker. 

With every purchase you get a free 3 month trial of online tutoring with a native Italian speaker. 


With your German language course from Rosetta Stone you will receive a pair of earbuds and a microphone in the box.

This allows you to practice your language skills with a native speaker in live online tutoring sessions which are included as a 3 month trial. 

You will also get 3 months access to their award winning mobile app which is available on Kindle Fire HD, iOS and Android. 

Learn at your own pace with this course that never expires. 

English (American)

For those wishing to learn English as it is spoken in America, Rosetta Stone offers this course in 5 levels. 

As a beginner, learning English as a second language can be difficult. This course allows you to learn through active participation and by building a strong base of grammar and vocabulary.

You will find sections that are solely dedicated to speaking, listening and pronunciation to help you learn more effectively. 

English (British)

To learn English as it is spoken in Britain you can take this 5 level course from Rosetta Stone. Throughout the course you will be taught to speak and think intuitively getting real time visual and aural feedback. 

The course contains 250 hours of interaction and expression content and focuses on pattern recognition instead of memorizing and repeating. It also balances the reading and writing aspects well. 

You will get a free trial of the TOTALe app included in the course. 


Using their Dynamic Immersion method Rosetta Stone say learning Arabic through their course is easy. It has contextual and interactive lessons blended with its Extended Learning features. 

With their mobile app you can use speaking-focused features and lessons including immediate pronunciation feedback. You can also have the desktop version as both come with your subscription. 

Highly structured lessons that focus on pattern recognition through all 5 levels help you to confidently develop your skills. 

Chinese (Mandarin)

One of the ways in which Rosetta Stone has been so successful is through its Dynamic Immersion method.

This replicates the way we learn our mother tongue as children, associating images with their corresponding sounds and complete immersion in the language. 

Learning a difficult new language as adults takes a similar approach with great results. You will build a fundamental vocabulary and learn essential language structure quickly gaining confidence in your ability. 


Learn Dutch with Rosetta Stone using their proprietary speech recognition technology.

This will compare your voice to that of a native speaker in order to correct your pronunciation, a process that happens 100 times per second. 

Paired with online live tutoring sessions you will quickly grasp the grammar and structure of this language. This is made easier by the inclusion of earbuds and a microphone with your purchase. 

Farsi (Persian)

Learn to speak, read and write Farsi with Rosetta Stone. Build a strong base of vocabulary, phrases and grammar to help you master this beautiful language. 

The course will move you forward at your own pace. You can practice with a native speaking tutor live online and get access to the online learning community. 

Don’t fall behind with your learning while you are out and about by downloading the app to your phone. 


With the great interactive way that Rosetta Stone teaches you will find yourself picking up the language quickly.

The fully immersive learning environment is conducive for long lasting learning even with tricky languages. 

The speech recognition software will help you perfect your pronunciation and regular contact with a native speaking tutor will fine tune your language skills. 

Even when you’re busy you can indulge in some bite-sized lessons, so you keep up with your learning. 


Discover the extraordinary Hebrew language with a Rosetta Stone course. It teaches you the same way you learned your mother tongue, by association between images and words as well as through immersion learning. 

Begin speaking Hebrew right from the start, and with innovative solutions you will grow in confidence. You will soon build a foundation of vocabulary, grammar and useful phrases. 

Use the mobile app to learn while you are out and about. 


There are three levels to the Rosetta Stone Hindi language course. As with other languages it has a voice recognition technology that helps to correct your pronunciation. 

You will start with basic conversational skills by using the image recall technique. With this you learn greetings, introductions, simple sentences and questions. 

Using everyday phrases and then progressing to more difficult content as the course continues increases your confidence until you finally reach the more advanced level. 


There has been a recent revitalization of the Irish language in Ireland with schools dedicated to teaching in an immersive way and Irish-only publications.

Rosetta Stone Languages List (1)

3To keep up with this new trend a Rosetta Stone course uses its 25 years of experience to help you learn Irish or more correctly, Gaeilge. 

With their trademark Dynamic Immersion learning and live tutoring you will grow in confidence every day. Speech recognition technology will help you with some of the trickier Irish pronunciations. 


Japanese may seem like an intimidating language to learn, but Rosetta Stone will help you gain confidence from day one.

As Japanese characters have only one correct pronunciation this can help to simplify the learning process for you. 

For this Rosetta Stone’s TruAccent speech recognition software is invaluable, providing you with instant feedback. Comparing your voice to native speakers allows you to fine tune your language skills. 


Learning Korean can be challenging. It has sounds that are unfamiliar to English speakers, but their alphabet only has 24 characters and is phonetic which can be intuitive. 

However, the grammatical structure is also quite different.  Rosetta Stone helps you to identify grammar markers to make learning easier and speeds up your learning. 

Practice is key and this is where the mobile app is so useful, learn wherever and whenever you want. 


Many languages such as French, Spanish and Portuguese are based on Latin so learning it is a double bonus. It is also widely used in the legal world and in Catholicism, so is far from a dead language. 

Using small bite-sized lessons means you won’t feel overwhelmed, and the immersive method will have you quid pro quoing before too long. 

Speech recognition will analyze your voice 100 times a second to make sure you are pronouncing words correctly. 


Learn Polish through Rosetta Stone’s proficiency based reading and listening activities. Practice your pronunciation with the speech recognition technology giving you instant feedback. 

Connect images with newly learned words and combine words and phrases into complete sentences. The course will teach you to write and spell accurately with language-specific keyboards. 

Grow in confidence every day by using their bite-sized lessons on your desktop or mobile.

Portuguese (Brazil)

The Portuguese language that is spoken in Brazil is slightly different from that spoken in Portugal. With this course that never expires you will have plenty of time to get to grips with the language. 

When you download the program you will gain access for up to five family members. And the great thing is you can all learn at your own pace. You will also have access to the mobile app for three months. 


Using interactive activities and contextual lessons is a more effective way of learning a language than trying to memorize vocabulary and grammar.

With Rosetta Stone you will pick up the intricacies of the Russian language very quickly. 

With the TruAccent speech recognition engine you will be able to correct and fine tune your pronunciation. Learn anytime and anywhere with both the mobile and desktop apps. 


Rosetta Stone teaches you Swedish through the use of proficiency based listening and reading exercises. It will help you to attain the correct pronunciation with the help of the speech recognition software. 

Use your new language knowledge to combine words and phrases to create complete sentences. Learn to write and spell Swedish words accurately with a language specific keyboard which builds your vocabulary and your confidence. 

Tagalog (Filipino)

Learn a new language naturally by thinking, living and breathing it, this is the immersive learning used by Rosetta Stone. This innovative way of acquiring language will get you using your new language right from the beginning. 

The course will allow you to learn at your own pace and build your confidence as you build your vocabulary. Some of the words in Tagalog come from English, so you may learn more quickly than you expected. 

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With multi-device capability for your Turkish language course you will be able to learn whenever and wherever you are.

Get instant feedback from the speech recognition technology to improve your pronunciation and gain confidence. 

Work with native Turkish speakers through online tutoring to practice your vocabulary and grow in confidence. The course provides Audio Companion lessons which you can download and learn while you’re offline. 


Build your capability and confidence in speaking Vietnamese with Rosetta Stone’s course available on desktops and mobile devices.

Work at your own pace to read, write, speak and listen, gaining confidence as you learn. 

Practice online with a native speaker and get access to the Rosetta Stone online community to work on your language skills. 

Final Thoughts

Rosetta Stone is perhaps the world’s most famous language learning program and certainly one of the most widely used. 

It uses innovative practices and new technologies to get results and to make learning a new language easier.

We hope you have found this guide useful.

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