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Podia Pricing

Podia Pricing 2023: How much Does it Cost?

One of the many wonderful aspects of Podia is that their pricing plans offer excellent value for money.

Podia is also less priced than competitor platforms, and it has greater functionality and storage space.

Another benefit of Podia’s price is that there are no extra or hidden transaction costs with this online course platform, so you only pay what you see.

The pricing and plan options are straightforward and will let you know in detail as to what you will get out of your purchases. 

But, before you take the leap and purchase either the Mover, Shaker, or Earthquaker plan, you should read through this guide to understand them in more detail. 

Podia Pricing Plans

All options offer limitless memberships and content, as well as additional tools for selling things such as ebooks, audio or video recordings, or digital downloads straight from your website.

Free Trial

Before you pick which plan to employ to create your online course, it’s worth investigating Podia’s free plan.

You are offered a 14-day trial period with Podia, which you may utilize to try out all you need to know.

The free trial is a great way to try out all Podia has to offer, but keep in mind that there is no free plan with Podia.

When your trial period ends, you’ll need to determine if you want to continue with a paid plan or if it’s a smart idea to try something new.

It’s worth mentioning that you may begin paying for Podia right now with no transaction fees to worry about.

Annual Plans

Importantly, if you intend to use Podia as your long-term online education option, you should investigate the yearly plans.

Annual plans allow you to save a substantial amount of money on your monthly bills since you get a discount for signing up for a longer period of time.

Podia will save you roughly $78 on your Mover plan or $158 on the Shaker plan if you choose yearly billing (paying everything all at once).

When you buy an annual plan from Podia, you receive two months free.

If you join from another platform, Podia’s experts will also assist you in transferring your online students and courses for free if you pick their yearly membership.

One thing to keep in mind is that even though you pay for your account on a yearly basis, you may cancel it whenever you want.

You may also adjust your plan if you desire to upgrade or downgrade.

Changing plans is straightforward, and you may switch between annual and monthly payments at any time.

Although Podia does not collect any fees, it is important to note that other solutions, such as PayPal, do.


The Mover plan, which costs roughly $29 per month, is the most affordable Podia package.

If you pick yearly billing, you may anticipate to pay $32.50 each month, which amounts to a $6.50 monthly savings. Over the course of a year, this adds up quickly.

The Mover plan is ideal for anybody considering developing and distributing courses or other digital material for the first time.

The Mover plan offers you access to all of the tools you’ll need to develop, sell, and advertise content, making it a terrific place to start and find your feet.

Make no mistake: the Mover is not just for online course newbies. This strategy is used by many seasoned creators.

If you’re not sure if you’re ready for a long-term commitment to online classes, that’s great, you can sign up for a month-to-month membership and quit at any time.

Once you’re satisfied with the long-term viability of your online enterprise, purchase a yearly membership.

You get the functionality of 5+ tools in one bundle, so you don’t have to deal with the headaches that come with attempting to connect a slew of various platforms and applications.


Your primary page serves as your showroom.

From here, you guide your audience and customers to specific courses, digital downloads, and items. In addition, you may incorporate sites like an about page.

Users may host their websites using either the free Podia subdomain or a custom domain.

Online Courses

Podia allows you to share and sort your course information, among other things.

One of its primary features is the sophisticated course creation tools.

As a course creator, you may incorporate images, videos, PDFs, audio files, and other sorts of content.

With the Mover plan, you can also generate learning modules from linked parts or follow-up courses.

Setting up delivery schedules enables you to automate the release of specific items over time.

Digital Downloads

Podia makes it simple to sell digital material such as E-books, presets, movies, and instructions.

Podia Pricing

They will assist you in creating secure checkout forms and downloaded links for consumers.


Admission to live-streamed webinars can be paid or given out for free.

New and returning clients may view webinar recordings on your Podia website, generating passive money.

Email Marketing

Podia’s email marketing toolkit provides several benefits to your company.

From email address capture, storage, and sorting to the ability to send newsletters, drip campaigns, and automated emails.

You’ll be able to monitor and track email data as well.


With Podia’s live chat service, you can respond to your clients more personally and swiftly.

Adding Co-contributors

It will cost you an extra $20 per month per person to add colleagues to your site.

Depending on their function, you may assign particular rights to each individual.

Zero Transaction Fees

This is a frequently asked question among e-commerce firm entrepreneurs.

Podia does not charge any additional transaction costs for its programs, whether you pick annual or monthly subscriptions.

You will, however, be required to pay transaction fees if you incorporate certain payment processors into your Podia landing page or website.

Before you begin working with Podia, you should investigate the costs of the payment processing service you are utilizing.

Unlimited Everything

There are no limits to the quantity of items, customers, emails received, sales, or files hosted with Podia’s “unlimited everything.”

Free Migration

If you pay on an annual basis, Podia will move your audience and content for free.

Migration ensures that no material is lost and that you maintain communication with your hard-earned following and clients.


The Shaker plan is designed for scalability and costs $79 per month, but if you choose yearly billing, you just pay $65.84 per month – a significant savings.

Although the Shaker has all of the functions of the Mover, it is designed for more experienced content creators.

The Shaker can help you improve your marketing and grow your internet reach.

This will only work if you have high-value material that is ready to be moved to the next level.

If you already have high-quality content and are undecided between the Mover and Shaker plans, know that you may move between them at any moment.

This allows you the opportunity to experiment with the more costly plan’s sophisticated marketing tools.


If you consistently provide material, you might be interested in providing your audience a membership subscription.

Podia’s Shaker plan allows you to provide your consumers with free or paid monthly and yearly memberships.


You may also have a blog on the Shaker plan. This can be a public blog that everyone can access, allowing you to publish information with all of your followers while also attracting new consumers.

You may also make it private for certain groups of people and use it to ask questions, share articles, publish updates, and more.

Offsite Buy Buttons

You may embed buy buttons for any of your Podia-hosted digital items on any other website, landing page, or blog on the internet.

It’s a highly optimized method for getting people to buy your stuff without ever leaving the website they’re on.

Affiliate Marketing

There’s probably just so much marketing you can afford or perform in a single day.

So you may leverage Podia’s affiliate marketing scheme to establish your own sales team.

You may provide your affiliates with unique codes to promote your course.

And you get to choose how much you want to pay them for each sale they bring to your website.

Third-party Code

Third-party code is required for any online vendor, but it is only accessible on the Shaker plan.

This is required to place Facebook pixel code snippers on your pages in order to track the effectiveness of your advertising, as well as to integrate countdown clocks and other functionality from third-party applications.

The Earthquaker Plan

The Earthquaker plan is the most recent addition to Podia’s pricing packages.

This new bundle was launched to assist high-growth organizations and corporations in creating more online content.

The system is designed to drive significant growth for organizations who invest extensively in webinars, digital downloads, and other instructional content.

Earthquaker, like the rest of Podia’s programs, is offered on a month-to-month basis, or you may purchase the bundle annually for a 17% savings.

The monthly pricing is $199 per month, whereas the yearly price is roughly $166 per month.

All of the features of the Shaker plan are included in the Earthquaker plan, including the option to develop a comprehensive website full of online courses.

You may also provide numerous digital downloads, webinars, and community experiences, as well as endless coaching choices.


Podia, being an all-in-one platform, provides a plethora of capabilities for a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Podia is also an excellent platform for designing courses, and it offers a wide range of tools, information, and services to assist users.

There are several plans to select from, each offering different features at different pricing points – and if you are unsure which plan is ideal for you, you can easily try the free trial.