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Does Pluralsight Have An App? [What You Need To Know]

Does Pluralsight Have An App? [What You Need To Know]

Whether you’re somebody who’s been a tech aficionado for years, or you’d like to brush up some basic skills, it’s always a good idea to consider taking a course for self-improvement.

In an increasingly technological age, these skills are perhaps some of the most valuable we may ever learn. 

Sometimes, it feels as though things are moving so fast that we can hardly keep up. These are the motivations that might have drawn you to an online course platform such as Pluralsight.

Chances are that if you’ve been researching tech classes online, this is one of the first ones you’ve come across. 

It can, however, be difficult to find information about the course, apart from some reviews left by their customers.

There are so many questions to ask before investing, such as how many courses they offer, whether I am suitable for the Pluralsight platform, what is their formatting system, and whether I can watch video courses on the Pluralsight app. 

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Below, we’ve compiled a handy guide that can help you find everything you need to know about Pluralsight’s mobile apps before investing. 

To find out more, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

What Is Pluralsight? 

Now, before we jump straight in and answer the titular question, first, it’s important that we talk about what Pluralsight actually is.

Pluralsight is essentially a software that you can download, and it offers tons of different tech-based courses. 

When we say there are a lot of courses on offer, we really mean it. In fact, the website now offers over seven thousand courses for its subscribers. It was founded almost two decades ago, by a classroom training company. 

They would send their students out after they’d passed the course to teach others. But, this eventually transformed into an online video training course. (See ‘How Do Pluralsight Coupon Codes Work?‘)

As the number of courses grew, the more lucrative the company became, and now it’s considered to be one of the most successful online tech training courses in the world. 

There are over 1,500 instructors, each of which offer their own unique courses and diverse skills. This means that you’ll be able to locate somebody who instructs on a topic that you’re interested in learning about. 

When it comes to the categories within the Pluralsight courses, these can be grouped into four key ones. They consist of data, cyber security, IT operations, and software development. 

Does Pluralsight Offer An App? 

Now that we’ve covered what Pluralsight consists of, we can move on to discuss some more specific questions about the online platform.

One of the most commonly asked questions that people have regarding Pluralsight is whether or not they provide an app as a part of the subscription. 

This is a good question to ask, as many people don’t have the time to sit at home in front of their monitors all day learning these skills.

They want to learn on the way to work, or whilst they’re doing their grocery shopping. 

The good news is that Pluralsight does indeed offer a mobile app so that you can take your learning on the go. You can download the app either via Google Play or from the Apple Store.

The Pluralsight app gives you the flexibility that you need to learn on your terms.

It has an offline viewing function, which allows you to download content that you can watch when the WiFi isn’t working, or you’ve got no signal. 

Your devices will all be connected to one another, so if you’ve been viewing a Pluralsight video on your phone, if you switch to an IPad, it will remember the point you were at and carry on from where you left off. 

You can also stream the Pluralsight app onto your TV, so if you want to watch your courses on the big screen, it’s super easy to do so. 

The Pluralsight app is constantly improving and has new features added all the time.

One of the most recent things that the app has launched is a game called ‘stack up’, which tells you how you stack up knowledge-wise, against thousands of other users. 

You can compete in tech-based quizzes and competitions, and put your knowledge to the test. You can select the particular categories that you’re interested in, then rule the leaderboard. 

How To Download The Pluralsight App

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at the Pluralsight app, and what it offers, we can move on to discuss how you can download the Pluralsight app yourself.

It’s a super simple process and can be done in a few easy steps. Just follow the instructions below to get started. 

Before we get started, we have to mention that you’ll need to have made an account with Pluralsight beforehand, as downloading the app requires a ‘sign-in’ function from a preexisting account. 

After you’ve created your account, you can go ahead and download the app, which can be found either on Google Play, or the Apple Store. This should be done in a few moments. 

You can then go ahead and launch the app on your device. This is the point at which it should prompt you to sign in.

Click on the button that says ‘use single sign on’, and make sure that you enter ‘acm’, when it asks you to enter the site name. 

After you’ve done this, it will ask for your ACM web account and password. Enter these in, and the app will log you into your account. (Check out ‘How To Change Your Pluralsight Login [Guide]‘)

That’s it! You’re all logged in to Pluralsight! You can then get started in the app, and you can personalize your experience by engaging with content that appeals to you.

You’ll be prompted to do this when you first start using the app, but you don’t have to bother with it right away. You’re able to come back to this step at a later time. 

Does Pluralsight Have An App? [What You Need To Know]

Who Is Pluralsight Suitable For? 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Pluralsight. Who is it suitable for? Will it cater to your specific needs and what you want from the course? 

This is an incredibly simple, yet difficult question to answer. The reason is that Pluralsight is suitable for almost everyone.

It offers courses that cover novices, and advanced learners, including everything in between. 

As we mentioned briefly above, there are over 7000 courses available on their website. Their core library has approximately 2500, and these cover all the fundamentals.

The categories are clearly labeled as ‘novice’, ‘proficient’, and ‘expert’, so that you can easily select your skill level, and be presented with hundreds of courses that meet your skill level. 

You’ll find courses that offer training on software development, cybersecurity and information, and general IT skill development.

Its goal is to give people the skills that they need to keep up with an ever-changing and increasingly complex, technological age. 

If you’re somebody who runs a business, you might also be able to benefit from using Pluralsight, as it’s also been designed with aiding businesses in mind.

So, if you want to run a computer tech skills course for your business, you’ll find hundreds of courses to choose from that can accommodate and build Pluralsight skills within your workforce. (Check out ‘Did Microsoft Buy Pluralsight? [Company Explained]‘)

Each video course is its own entity, and you’ll be awarded a certificate once you’ve completed a specific course and watched all the videos associated with it.

The best thing is that these certifications aren’t just for show. 

You can actually use them in a real-life setting, to demonstrate your proficiency in a particular topic.

Some of the most prestigious institutions that accept certificates received from Pluralsight include ISACA, CompTIA, and ISC2. 

Should I Get A Standard Or Free Account? 

When people first hear about Pluralsight and become engaged with the services they’re offering, they’ll often wonder whether it’s more beneficial to get a paid subscription rather than a free account. (See also ‘How To Cancel Your Pluralsight Free Trial [Guide]‘)

But, is the monthly subscription to the course really worth it, and does it offer a lot more than the free version does? 

This completely depends on what you want from the website, and how involved you want to be in the learning process.

When you choose a standard subscription fee on Pluralsight, you’ll be asked to choose from ‘novice’, ‘proficient’, and ‘expert’. The first-tier subscription offers online courses for each of these different skill levels. 

If you were to subscribe to a paid course on Pluralsight, you would be expected to pay a subscription fee of 29 dollars per month, this works out to 299 dollars on a yearly basis.

You’re not required to pay monthly, as you can make one single one-off payment too. 

The price above is for the most basic, standard subscription. It gives you access to 2,500 core courses on a range of different topics.

It gives you various skill assessments, and different paths to take. You will also receive a 10-day free trial when you first sign up to the website. 

If you want to get more out of the software and have unlimited access to more courses, then you can sign up for something called ‘Pluralsight Premium’. As you can imagine, this is much costlier than the former. 

When you sign up for Pluralsight premium, you’ll be expected to pay 45 dollars per month, which equates to 499 dollars per year.

Just like the standard subscription, you can opt to make one, single payment rather than paying on a monthly basis. 

If you sign up for the premium version, you’ll have access to the full library that they offer their customers. This includes 7000 courses that cover a diverse range of different tech subjects.

You will get a 10-day free trial when you first sign up to see whether you want to continue with your subscription. 

The premium version is a bit more hands-on than the standard subscription, and you can expect to take part in all manner of different things to boost your learning.

They have examinations, projects, and various tasks in order to make the course as engaging as possible. 

If you’re looking for a Pluralsight subscription for your business, then there are three different ones that you can choose from.

The first one is the starter package, which costs 399 per year and gives you the core library of 2500 courses. 

You also have the professional package, which gives you analytics on your team member’s usage of the program. 

Finally, there is the enterprise package, which is 779 per year, and gives more detailed and advanced analytics. 

Should I Subscribe To Pluralsight? 

The answer to the question above is completely up to you.

If you don’t want to subscribe right away but want to get a feel for the website, then you can create a free account that holds up to 50 different courses on different topics. 

If you’re interested, you can then go ahead and subscribe to their standard version. You’ll also be given a free 10-day trial of the premium version if you decide that you’d like to upgrade again. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, yes Pluralsight does offer its users an app. You can download this from the Apple Store, or Google Play, and it will allow you to stream all of your courses on the go. 

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